Adam and Eve

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Name Adam
Actor Alessandro Juliani (Adam)
Dates Creation
Location Santa Fe, New Mexico (Adam)
Occupation First Humans
Episode(s) 15.17 Unity


Adam and Eve were two of God's most prized creations, whom he gave refuge to in the Garden of Eden. After Lucifer's corruption of Lilith, God banished Adam, Eve, and all of humanity from the Garden. Some time after their banishment, Eve gave birth to Cain and later Abel, giving rise to a bloodline that would reach all the way to Sam and Dean Winchester.

After being kicked out of the Garden, Adam and Eve initially believed they deserved their punishment. However, when God moved on to toy with their sons, Cain and Abel, a rage grew in Adam and for 300,000 years, Adam with the help of the angel Serafina (who kept him alive) formulated a plan to kill God.

While Adam took the angel Serafina as his new lover at some point in the distant past, it is still unknown what became of Eve after their exile from the Garden.

Ultimately, his 300,000-year-long plan for revenge is completed after Jack Kline becomes the New God and Chuck is rendered human.


Adam and Eve by Lucas Cranach the Elder

5.13 The Song Remains The Same

Michael, possessing John's body, tells Dean that the Winchester bloodline stretches back to Cain and Abel, explaining how they are capable of withstanding possession by the archangels.

9.10 Road Trip

After learning Ezekiel's true identity as Gadreel, an angered Castiel reveals to Dean that it was Gadreel who let Lucifer into the Garden, leading to the corruption of mankind.

10.14 The Executioner's Song

After learning Cain plans to wipe out his entire bloodline, Castiel reminds him he is Adam and Eve's first born, and is undergoing a seemingly impossible task. Cain explains he would be culling one in ten of every living human.

11.23 Alpha and Omega

Drinking tea together in the Men of Letters Bunker library, Rowena regales Chuck with stories of when Crowley / Fergus was a child and would run around their village naked, reminding Chuck that Adam and Eve were the same way.

15.13 Destiny's Child

When Jack consumes the Occultum and finds himself in a strange wooded area, he is greeted by a young girl who tells him he is in the Garden. Asking if she means Eden, like Adam and Eve, the Girl tells him they were God's most prized creations before He banished them, and mankind, from the Garden.

15.17 Unity

Dean and Jack meet with Adam at a gem shop in Santa Fe, New Mexico, so Jack can complete the final element of his ritual to stop Chuck. Adam introduces Dean and Jack to Serafina, an angel who has been his partner and keeping him alive all these years, before he takes Jack to the back of the shop.

In the back room Adam gives Jack a small quiz to ensure he's the right person to hand over the "spark of the divine" to. Adam explains to Jack how he and Eve were God's first story, but when God began to focus His attention on their sons, it angered Adam and he has wanted revenge for the past 300,000 years. He tells Jack that his being a half-human, half-archangel is the final key to his plan, if Jack can pass his test. Adam opens a display case with an assortment of stones inside, and asks Jack to choose the one that has been touched by God and holds a spark of the divine. Jack picks one of the stones, which appears to disappoint Adam. But when Jack goes on to tell him he chooses them all, because God is in everything. Adam is pleased as sighs with relief and gives Jack a smile before noting "at least, He should be". Adam takes him back to the front where Dean and Serafina are waiting. When Dean asks what's next, Serafina embraces Adam and stabs him while they make out. Adam calms down the shocked Dean and tells Serafina to continue, she reaches into his wound and pulls out one of his ribs before healing his wound.

Adam explains that while everything has a spark of the divine, his rib has enough power to create life and, for their purposes, is powerful enough to destroy God. When Jack comes into contact with the rib, it will start an elemental chain reaction that will fuse Jack's soul and grace into a metaphysical supernova and turn him into a black hole for divine energy. He warns Jack not to use it until he is ready as once started, the chain reaction can not be stopped.

Adam and Eve in Lore

Adam and Eve were created by God in Genesis. When the serpent tempted them to eat forbidden fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, they were banished from the Garden of Eden by the archangel Chamael.