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Name Ajay
Actor Assaf Cohen
Dates 2013 (killed by Crowley)
Location Kansas City, Missouri
Occupation Rogue Reaper
Episode(s) 8.19 Taxi Driver


Ajay is a rogue reaper, he is one of presumably many rogue reapers who transport mortals and souls in and out of Heaven and Hell for a price.


On Earth he takes the form of a Middle Eastern taxi cab driver.

Powers and Abilities

  • Able to stop time.
  • Capable of altering human perception to make themselves appear any way they want.
  • Able to travel to Heaven, Hell and Purgatory at will.



Ajay, killed by Crowley.

8.19 Taxi Driver

Needing to sneak into Hell to rescue an innocent soul, Sam and Dean find out about rogue reapers from a crossroads demon and approach Ajay to take Sam to Hell. Ajay recognizes them and reveals that he is the reaper that took the soul of Bobby Singer to Hell on Crowley's orders when they burned his flask rather than Heaven where he belongs. Ajay agrees to transport Sam to Hell and him and Bobby back to Earth afterwards in exchange for the Winchesters owing him a favor in the future. Instead of taking Sam directly to Hell, he transports him to Purgatory where there is a backdoor into Hell as he finds it too risky to travel directly into Hell with a Winchester. Telling Sam to meet him in exactly 24 hours at the spot where he dropped him off and giving him directions to the portal, Ajay returns to Earth.

On Earth, Ajay heads to his taxi with pizza, but is met by a pissed off Crowley in the backseat. Crowley has learned of Ajay's deal with the Winchesters from one of his minions who was watching and demands to know why Ajay did it. Ajay defends himself, saying he freelances and Crowley tells him he's not supposed to with the Winchesters. Scared, Ajay tells Crowley how he took Sam to Hell, but doesn't know why he wanted to go there. When asked how much longer until he has to pick Sam up, Ajay tells Crowley 17 hours. Crowley then kills Ajay with an angel sword so he can't pick Sam up at that time.

After learning of the route Ajay used to get Sam to Hell, Dean checks on him to find him dead and must turn to Benny Lafitte to get Sam out of Purgatory a different way.