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Name Akobel
Actor Nils Hognestad
Dates Before humanity - 1901 (killed by Mirabel)
Location Orono, Maine
Occupation Angel (Seraph)
Episode(s) 12.10 Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets


Akobel was an angel and Seraph of the Sixth Choir, who formed a relationship with Lily Sunder after she sought his help in protecting her from the angel Ishim.


12.10 Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets

In 1901, Akobel was confronted by Ishim and his angel garrison at his home in Orono, Maine. Akobel told Lily to go back inside and take May and run. As Ishim berated Akobel for "taking up" with a human when his mission was to observe humanity, Akobel pointed to Ishim's hypocrisy and told the rest of the angels that humans aren't animals, and that if they saw what he saw in them, they would love them too. Akobel produced an angel blade, but before he could act he was stopped by Mirabel. Castiel read Akobel his crimes, and accused him of laying with a female human and producing a Nephilim. Before he could protest the accusation, he was swiftly quieted by Ishim while Castiel gave him the sentence – death – for his indiscretion and he was stabbed in the abdomen with an angel blade by Mirabel. His vessel was then taken away by the other angels to be disposed of.

In 2017, his death is avenged when Lily Sunder kills Mirabel and Castiel eventually kills Ishim.