Akrida Crystal

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Name N/A
Manufacturer Rowena
Powers Can kill the Akrida
Location/Owners Lawrence, Kansas
Episodes 1.12 The Tears of a Clown
1.13 Hey, That’s No Way to Say Goodbye


Appearing as a large amber crystal, once activated it begins to glow with a purple light, as a piece of the casters soul exits from their mouth and into the crystal, which creates a shockwave of purple light that can kill any Akrida possessing a human host.


1.12 The Tears of a Clown

Upon hearing Ada Monroe has trapped a demon in a plant at a witch's den, Rowena approaches Ada with a deal to trade magic powerful enough to kill the Akrida Queen. Initially telling Ada she would trade it in exchange for an old grimoire the Men of Letters stole from her, Rowena reveals that the book is not actually hers and was only a ruse to get her through the heavily warded doors, telling Ada she wants the demon she has trapped in a plant, as it has information on her son. After handing over the crystal, Rowena warns Ada that the final ingredient is a piece of her own soul.

1.13 Hey, That’s No Way to Say Goodbye

Ada reveals to the rest of the Monster Club the price of using the crystal and they agree to try to find another way first, leaving the crystal as a last resort. However, after Lata gets possessed, Ada uses the crystal to kill the possessing Akrida and save her friend, simply telling Lata afterwards to find the other solution as the crystal can only be used once.

Subsequently, Mary is able to kill Joan Hopkins, the Akrida Queen, by hitting her with the Impala which is able to harm Joan as it is not of this Earth. Following the destruction of the Akrida, Lata is able to help Ada with magic to regrow the missing part of her soul.


  • The magic used for the crystal, specifically how it requires a piece of the user's soul to be sacrificed, sounds like the Enochian magic used by Lily Sunder and Jack Kline in Supernatural.