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Alan and Jensen on set during the filming of 8.03 Heartache.

Alan Ackles is an actor and voice-over specialist. He is the father of Jensen Ackles. Alan played the father of Jensen's character in the film Devour. He became widely referred to in fandom as Papa Ackles, a name Jared Padalecki reportedly called him faninohio on TWOP during his attendance at A Few Good Men in 2007.

Alan Ackles voiced the newscaster in 6.04 Weekend at Bobby's - directed by Jensen. Jensen said the casting was easy:

"I saw ‘Newscaster’ in the script, and I knew, ‘Well, that’s easy. My dad can phone that in.’ And he literally did. He phoned it in from the studio in his house in Texas, sitting in his bathrobe, sipping his coffee."

In 8.03 Heartache, the second episode directed by Jensen, he appeared as Detective Pike.

Jensen's mother Donna Ackles also appeared as an extra in the episode pic here. Jensen's sister Mackenzie has also appeared in 2 episodes - 2.03 Bloodlust and 7.06 Slash Fiction.


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