Alan J. Corbett

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File:Alan Corbett.jpg
Screencap from 3.13 Ghostfacers of Alan J. Corbett

Alan J. Corbett is an intern with the Ghostfacers team (and also the cook), who has a crush on Ed Zeddmore. Corbett met Ed passing out flyers for the Ghostfacers and claims he got interested because he wondered where ghosts come from, but its indicated that its actually due to his crush on Ed. During the investigation of the Morton House, he is teamed with Ed and meets Sam and Dean. Corbett is shown to be very nervous and tended to panic when things got out of hand. Getting overexcited after meeting Death Echoes, Corbett goes off on his own trying to contact ghosts and is captured by the spirit of Freeman Daggett, who drags Corbett into his bomb shelter. There, Corbett is killed by a spike through the back of his neck by Daggett and his spirit becomes a Death Echo that appears near Ed, Harry and Maggie. Ed reaches out to Corbett by telling him he loves him and Corbett breaks out of his echo. Corbett then attacks Daggett and destroys him in a massive swirl of white light.

After his death, Corbett is frequently mentioned with sadness by the Ghostfacers, especially Ed. The team keep a memorial to him in their headquaters and always salute it on their way to a mission.