All Hell Breaks Loose Sydney 2009

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After a year of garnering support by the fan group OzChicksUnite (Clare (swiftvixen), Kaz (Lamington), Sarah (Deandreamin), Jenna (Jensen_Jenna), Maritza (ImNotAPrincess), Bex (Bexta89) and Jodie (Jensen_Jo)) for a Supernatural Convention in Australia, The Hub Productions announced in October 2008 that Jared and Jensen had been booked for the con to be held on 18-19 April, 2009 in Sydney. In early 2009, Misha Collins was confrimed as a guest.

The Con schedule released on 14 April at the Hub productions website.

Feel free to add reports and information. It's nice to leave some love for the posters of this wonderful material, and please respect their wishes regarding credits, and reposting pics or transcripts.

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Encounters outside the convention