Alvin Jenkins

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Name Alvin Jenkins
Actor Jon Cuthbert
Dates  ???? - 2006 (killed by Jared and Lee Bender)
Location Hibbing, Minnesota
Episode(s) 1.15 The Benders


Alvin Jenkins was kidnapped by the Bender family while taking out the trash. The only witness to the kidnapping was a young boy named Evan McKay.


1.15 The Benders

When Sam and Dean arrive in Hibbing, Minnesota to investigate Alvin's disappearance, they initially believe it to be the work of a phantom attacker. The truth is revealed when Sam is abducted by the Bender family and placed in a cage with Alvin, who had been locked inside their barn for days. When Alvin's cage mysteriously opens, he believes to be because of a short in the locking mechanism and decides to try and find some help, against the advice of Sam who believed Alvin getting out was too easy.

Outside Alvin finds a knife on the ground and picks it up and runs into the woods. Walking through the woods, he suddenly hears a noise and starts to run again but is wounded by a knife in the leg, he attempts to fight off Jared and Lee Bender, but has his knife knocked away by Lee. As he lies on the ground wounded the Benders allow Alivin to get up and run away, but he soon trips over a thin wire on the ground. The Benders catch up to him and raise their spears and kill him.