Amanda Walker

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Name Amanda Walker
Actor Jaime Ray Newman
Occupation Flight attendant
Episode(s) 1.04 Phantom Traveler


Amanda is a flight attendant for United Britannia Airlines, she was working aboard flight 2485 when the plane crashed, but she survived along with six others.


1.04 Phantom Traveler

Amanda greets George Phelps when he boards the plane, briefly seeing his demonic black eyes, but shakes it off as seeing things. Forty minutes into the flight the demon possessed Phelps opens the emergency exit causing the plane to crash, leaving only seven survivors -- Amanda being one of them.

When Sam and Dean learn that the demon is attempting to take out all the survivors of flight 2485, they learn Amanda is about to work on her first flight following the crash, flight 424. Dean attempts to stop her from boarding the plane by using Airport Services to place a call to her to tell her sister has been in a minor car accident, Amanda doesn't believe him as she had spoken to her sister five minutes prior, and assumes Dean is a friend of an ex and hangs up.

Sam and Dean then resort to sitting in on the flight in an attempt to find the demon, Dean is able to strike up a conversation with Amanda about being a nervous flier, and tests her to see if she is the demon by quietly saying "Christo," but get no reaction from her. When the Winchestes realzie the demon is possessing the co-pilot, they approach Amanda in the back of the plane and convince her to help them stop the demon. Amanda then goes to the cockpit, and knocks on the door and says something inaudible to the co-pilot, who follows her back. Dean knocks him down and Sam begins the exorcism while Amanda keeps an eye out. Once the plane lands Amanda is questioned by the FBI and covers for the Winchesters.