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Nhurst8455 made a fanfic about her and Chuck fucking
Nhurst8455 made a fanfic about her and Chuck fucking. if you want to see it click this [[Chuck Shurley]]
[[File:BabyAmara.png|thumb|left|350px|Baby Amara]]
[[File:BabyAmara.png|thumb|left|350px|Baby Amara]]

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Name Amara
Actor Emily Swallow (Adult Amara)
Gracyn Shinyei (Young Amara)
Yasmeene Lily-elle Ball (Tween Amara)
Samantha Isler (Teenage Amara)
Dates Before creation
Occupation Embodiment of the Darkness
Episode(s) 11.01 Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire
11.02 Form and Void
11.03 The Bad Seed
11.05 Thin Lizzie
11.06 Our Little World
11.09 O Brother Where Art Thou?
11.10 The Devil in the Details
11.13 Love Hurts (Qareen)
11.18 Hell's Angel
11.21 All in the Family
11.22 We Happy Few
11.23 Alpha and Omega

What you've made, it's beautiful. It took me a long time to see that. I know we can't go back to the way things were. I don't want to. But I wish, I wish we could just be family again.

– Amara, 11.23 Alpha and Omega


Nhurst8455 made a fanfic about her and Chuck fucking. if you want to see it click this Chuck Shurley


Baby Amara

11.01 Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire

As the Darkness barreled towards and engulfed the Impala, Dean sees the flash of a woman in a black dress in front of him before he disappears, and Sam is knocked unconscious.

As black smoke swirls around them, Dean tells the woman he knows what she is from Death's description of her. Amara is surprised Dean knows about the Darkness, but claims to know nothing of Death. When Dean questions her why she hasn't hurt him, Amara tells him that they are bound and will always help each other, revealing that she bears the Mark of Cain. Dean comes to more than a mile away from the Impala.

While at the hospital tending to Deputy Jenna Nickerson wounds, Sam and Dean come across Mike Schneider who was infected by one of the rabids, Before he begins to lose control of himself, he gives his baby daughter to Jenna, and tells her to save her while goes to lock himself away a eventually die. While Sam acts as a distraction to the rabids, Dean and Jenna make their escape from the hospital, Mike confronts them having fully succumbed to the Darkness, and begins asking for the baby. He names his daughter Amara before he begins choking and eventually dies. At a gas station 40 miles outside of Superior, Jenna takes baby Amara to have her diaper changed. As she is dressing the baby back up she notices a tiny birth mark on body -- the Mark of Cain.

Young Amara

11.02 Form and Void

At Jenna's grandmother's house, Amara begins exhibiting new abilities such as telekinesis. When Jenna and her grandmother Barb witness this, Barb intends to call a priest as she believes the Devil is in Amara. Jenna, however calls Dean prompting him to turn around and race back to the house. When he arrives he is shocked to see Crowley drinking tea in priest garb with Barb, while the two step outside to discuss Crowley's intentions, Jenna checks in on Amara and has her soul consumed. While Dean and Crowley deal with the now soulless Jenna, and each other. Amara suddenly ages into a prepubescent child, and makes her escape from the house.

The next day as Amara is walking down the street, she is confronted by Crowley who offers her some "candy" in the form of a tied up family in the back of a van, accepting the offer with a smile.

Amara consumes a demon.

11.03 The Bad Seed

Under the watchful eye of Crowley, Amara begins educating herself on the current state of the universe, through videos like Hitler's Nuremberg rally speeches, and reading Dante's Inferno. Only asking that Crowley protects her from God, who she says tricked her into imprisonment. While looking at images of nature on her laptop, Amara steps away to a mirror where a dark cloud transforms her reflection into the adult version of herself. When Amara infers doubt after learning how much God did after He locked her up, her older self tells her that it was all because of his ego, and she needs to stay focused on her purpose. But that as she grows and becomes stronger, her true purpose will become more clear.

12-year-old Amara

The next day, as Amara is playing a game of scrabble, Crowley arrives with gifts -- a blood stained dress and a children's book, which Amara rejects stating she prefers the book her nanny gave her, Dante's Inferno. When Amara tells Crowley she is hungry, he attempts to placate her with cupcakes, instead Amara walks to her nanny and consumes the demon smoke, much to Crowley's surprise. Crowley continues feeding demons to Amara, Amara relates to Crowley that every soul she consumes, she feels how much emptiness there is. And when Crowley attempts to spin that into them working together to make the whole world evil, Amara turns it around on Crowley asking if that is really what he wants, planting a seed of doubt in the king. When Crowley tries to understand what Amara means by the "big picture," she changes the subject by telling Crowley she is hungry, for which Crowley has another demon minion dragged into the throne room for Amara to eat.

Having grown concerned that he may not be able to control Amara, Crowley orders her new nanny to cutback on the Amara's feedings under threat of eternal torture. Later when Crowley notices the dead meatsuit of the nanny outside Amara's door, he enters it to find a now 12-year-old Amara, who gleefully tells Crowley she's hungry. When Crowley attempts to dissuade from eating and have a talk with him, her demeanor becomes more aggressive as she states once again that she is hungry.

11.05 Thin Lizzie

While questioning Len, Dean finds a drawing of the Mark of Cain on his coffee table and asks where he saw it. After threatening to take him to the police station, Len admits he saw it on a girl standing outside the Lizzie Borden B&B when he was there taking spirit photography a few nights prior. Amara and Len begin talking about Lizzie Borden, when Len says he believed her to be innocent, Amara tells him she can tell Lizzie "hacked them," due to the look in her eyes. As Len prepares to leave, Amara stops him, grabs his face and consumes his soul.

Sydney captures Sam and Dean, telling them they are going to be an offering, which Dean quickly surmises is for Amara. Surprised that Dean knows about her, Sydney tells the brothers how she met her a few nights ago. After leaving a bar, a drunk Sydeny comes across Amara, who tells her not drive, because she could put her head through a window. Sydney believed Amara was dumped in the parking lot by her parents, while they got drunk, much like her parents did to her when she was Amara's age. But Amara corrects her and tells her she found herself in the parking lot all on her own, saying she likes "dark places." Confused, Sydney tries to get Amara to come back inside the bar with her, but Amara stops her, and tells her she will help her. Amara grabs Sydney's hands and almost instantly Sydney is filled with a feeling of complete bliss, and calls Amara an angel. Amara takes offense to being compared to an angel, which she sees as nothing more than "whiny winged suck-ups," with he demeanor having taken a more hostile turn, Amara grabs on to Sydney's face and consumes her soul, before leaving.

As Sam and Dean take there leave after discussing how they are going to find Amara. Amara steps out from behind some trees and remarks, "Bye, Dean. I'll see you soon."

11.06 Our Little World

Amara confronts a teenage girl by the name of Goldie Schmidtlapp, telling her she wants to be like her and proceeds to consume Goldie's soul. A now teenage Amara arrives back at Crowley's Lair to find Crowley waiting for her in her room. Angry that Amara has been going out and feeding, leaving him to clean up after her, Crowley grounds Amara. Amara in defiance attempts to leave her room, only to be telekinetically thrown across the room by Crowley, who reminds her that while she is strong, he is stronger, eliciting the response "For now" from Amara, before he takes his leave.

Teenage Amara

The next day Crowley pays a visit to Amara, who has been looking at cat memes on the internet. In an attempt to regain Amara's trust once again, Crowley offers her a snack, having his demon minions bring in a mail man for her to feed on, only for Amara to reject Crowley's offer. As Crowley is about to leave, he makes one last plea to Amara, follow his rules and slow down on the feedings to allow him to teach her what he knows and protect her until she doesn't need him anymore, a deal Amara accepts.

Later that night Sam and Dean decide to attempt to kill Amara, Dean is able to make it to Amara's room, which Amara was expecting. As Dean and Amara stand face to face, Dean apologizes to her for what he is about to do. Just then, Crowley makes himself known and telekinetically throws Dean into a mirror, before pinning him to a pillar. As he is about to kill Dean, Amara whacks Crowley in the back of the head with her laptop and telekinetically forces Ruby's knife from his hand before snapping his arm at the wrist and sending him flying into the wall. Confused as to why Amara attacked him, she lets him know that she doesn't need his protection, but will let him live nonetheless under the condition that he give Dean safe passage to the outside, Crowley agrees and Amara allows him to teleport away. Alone once again, Amara questions Dean about what is going on between them, telling him she believes a part of their connection is due to Dean being the first thing she saw upon being released, remarking how fascinated she is by it. She tells Dean soon she will be strong enough to do what she came there to do -- settle an old score. When Dean is unable to go through with killing her, she simply tells him "Told you", however at that moment Sam comes crashing through the door, forcing Amara to telekinetically send him flying into the hall. This act prompts Dean to advance on her, much to Amara's surprise, she sends Dean flying into the wall, sharing a look with him before she leaves and Dean passes out.

Amara is then seen free and walking among a busy street, letting her freedom sink in.

11.09 O Brother Where Art Thou?

Amara stands in a crowd of followers listening to their leader speaking about God watching them. Amara turns to the preacher, and questions him if he really thinks God is watching, because she doesn't believe so. The preacher tells Amara to beg for forgiveness or she will feel God's wrath. She challenges his assertions, first by changing the water in a fountain into blood, seeing that -- the preacher looks at Amara in awe and questions if she is God and if she is testing him. Amara laughs at his question, telling him she is not God and raises both her arms skyward, compelling lightning bolts. One by one the members of the crowd are struck down; with the final lightning bolt hitting the preacher. With the crowd now dead, the blood in the fountain turns back to water. The thunderstorm ends. Amara surveys her work.

Amara and Dean

Inside a church a priest sees Amara sitting in a pew and approaches her. She questions the priest if he is in charge, telling him she is looking for God. The priest assures her she is the right place, as the church is God's house and through prayer she can reach him. Amara kneels and begins praying to her brother, but quickly becomes frustrated that she is not getting any answer from Him. The priest assures her that God heard her prayer, telling her he knows this because God promised. Amara questions why people would believe in God, when they can only see him when they die, the priest tells her it's the nature of faith and hands her a Bible. Amara tries to tell the priest that the Bible is just a manipulation, telling him humans don't know what God is like at all. The priest tells her he does, that "God is the Light, and it is the Light that vanquishes the Darkness." The priest hands Amara the Bible and walks away, which she looks at with disgust. Sometime later, the bloody bodies of parishioners lay strewn in the aisle of the church as Amara consumes the soul of the priest, and sends him flying to the altar, cracking his skull and killing him. She question God why He isn't answering her, even after all his chosen were killed, stretching her arms out and looking above, screaming with tears in her eyes for God to show himself.

When Dean goes to investigate the massacre at the church, he gets a weird feeling that leads him to a park. There he finds Amara, she touches Dean on the arm and they are transported to a clearing. There Amara tries to tell Dean her purpose on Earth isn't what he thinks it is, she never wanted to hurt anyone and only attacked the people in the church to try and get God's attention. When Dean tells her whatever their issues are, it is between them and that Amara can't be killing people or taking their souls. Amara tries to comfort Dean by telling him that the souls she consumed aren't gone, they are with her, and in that way they will live forever. She tells Dean she doesn't blame the mistrust in his eyes, owing it to how God's propaganda has endured. Telling Dean, there could be a different way; no rules, no pain, no prayer, only bliss -- the feeling Dean has when he is around her for everyone. Telling Dean, she was the beginning and she will be the end. When Dean questions her about what would be next after she takes over everything, she tells him he knows all he needs to for now. Dean turns quickly and plunges a blade into Amara. The blade shatters, as it doesn’t penetrate her body, as the broken shards fall to the ground, Dean looks stunned. Amara tells him that was pointless, but understands, as he is a warrior and it is his nature to resist.

Amara waits for the forces of Heaven to attack.

Amara moves closer to Dean. She cups his face in her hands and attempts to consume Dean’s soul. A confused look dawns on her face, either she cannot consume Dean's soul, or she decides against it. She leans in closer and kisses Dean. He doesn’t resist, and then returns her kiss. Once Dean breaks away from her kiss, he questions her about it. Amara tells him it was, "The inevitable result of our first meeting. What you’ve been feeling since that moment. What we both felt. That we’re bonded. You’re the one who set me free." Dean tells her it was an accident, but Amara tells him it was destiny as he bore the Mark of Cain. Just then, three angels, wielding blades appear in the clearing. The head angel orders Amara to surrender to the judgement of Heaven or every angel in the skies will unleash their power in a single unified blow. The head angel strides forward and Amara holds up her hand, as if to ward him off. His eyes go white and his grace explodes from his body as he dies. The angel Daniel steps forward but stops, as if he’s run into an invisible wall. Amara then compels him to stab himself through his chin with his own angel blade, the third angel makes a move as if he is about to flee, but Amara swishes her hand and he explodes in a cloud of dust. A horrified Dean asks Amara what has she done, knowing that the angels will smite them. As lightning flashes overhead and thunder claps, Dean and Amara look skyward, as the clouds darken and swirl. Amara looks at Dean with concern, she flicks her hand and he disappears. Amara raises her arms to the sky as a blaze of holy light envelops her and the ground explodes.

The Darkness returning to Amara's body.

11.10 The Devil in the Details

In the fallout of the angel smiting, Castiel and Ambriel are sent by Dean and Heaven, respectively, to search for any sign of Amara or her body. When Castiel arrives at ground zero, he only finds a large empty crater. When finds Ambriel, she tells him she has been searching for a while and hasn't found any sign of Amara, until Castiel points out it is the afternoon and it is completely dark. They continue their search together and when Ambriel splits away from Castiel, she comes across Amara's seemingly lifeless body laying on the ground. She walks up to it and touches it to see if Amara is still alive. Without warning, Amara's eyes open and she grabs Ambriel, who lets out a scream. When Castiel hears this, he rushes to her location to find Amara consuming Ambriel's grace and life force. Soon after, the dark skies dissipate as the surrounding Darkness returns to Amara's body. Amara acknowledges Castiel's presence and when Castiel brandishes his angel blade and tells her he is not afraid to die, she tells him how much he reeks of fear and self-loathing, when he attempts stab Amara, she easily stops him and sends him flying back into a tree. She approaches him questioning why God showed such special interest in him, Castiel tells her to "do it" and consume him, however Amara doesn't see the point to it, believing Castiel to be so beaten down. Instead Amara places her hand on his chest, and teleports him away. An act which appears to weaken her. When Castiel regroups with Crowley and Dean, he reveals Amara gave him a message, opening his shirt he reveals the words "I am coming" branded onto his chest.

11.13 Love Hurts

When Dean kisses Melissa Harper to pass her curse on to himself, he becomes the target of the qareen. Sam, Dean and Melissa head to the witch Sonja's salon to try and find a way to stop the qareen before it gets to Dean, while there Sam and Dean learn they must destroy its heart. While Sam searches upstairs for it, Dean remains in the basement. While looking for the heart, the qareen appears before Dean in the form of Amara. The qareen tells Dean it feels in the longing in his heart and feels the love he feels for Amara, commenting that it is also cloaked in shame. The qareen attempts to entice Dean, telling him to just "give in." Dean rejects the qareen's advances, telling it it's not the real Amara and attacks it. During the struggle, the qareen gets the upper hand and is about to rip Dean's heart out when it stops short and and screams in agony as it's disintegrates into a white light emanating from a hole in its chest after Sam destroys it's heart.

Amara is attacked with the Horn of Joshua.

11.18 Hell's Angel

Still reeling from the after effects of the angel smiting, Amara was at some point found by Rowena, who went on to use her abilities with magic to heal Amara. Amara goes on to question why Rowena is helping despite not having the capacity for kindness. Rowena explains she wants revenge on Lucifer and to be by Amara's side when she remakes the world, as well be a confidant. Amara then decides to test out how well Rowena has healed het, she stands and screams out "Hear me!" Which sends a powerful force of Darkness towards Heaven, while also causing disturbances on Earth.

Sometime later, as Lucifer is prepared to give the killing blow to the Winchesters, Amara bursts through the door of the church. Telling the three she was tracking Rowena since she left her side. She warns Lucifer that he should have stayed safety locked away, however Lucifer, with the Horn of Joshua in hand absorbs its power directs it towards Amara, engulfing her in a bright white light. Once the power is depleted, everyone is in shock to see Amara has not been harmed. She telekinetically draws Lucifer to her, telling him they need to have a chat. As Dean screams out to Castiel, Amara looks to him with a look of concern and releases Dean and Sam from the binding Lucifer put on them before she disappears with her nephew.

At an abandoned factory, Lucifer attempts to talk Amara into an alliance, telling her they both have their problems with God and he knows His weak spots. Amara reminds him the last time she trusted him, Lucifer and her brother tricked and tried seal her away for eons. But admits that Lucifer can be of use to her. Telling him that as God's first and favorite son, he may be the one thing to finally draw him out of hiding. Telling Lucifer she will confront God and make Him acknowledge the wrongs he has done to her and that He will watch as creation is destroyed before He is swept away. Lucifer mocks Amara for thinking God will come back, but Amara tells him they will just have to wait and see before she begins to violently torture Lucifer.

11.21 All in the Family

As Amara continues her torture of Lucifer, she tells him to "end his suffering" by calling out to God and beg Him to save him. But only receives mockery from Lucifer. Amara feels that something has changed in the world, when Lucifer suggests God finally picked up on her latest slaughter. Amara tells Lucifer how she needed solitude, and when she complained to God about His creation, He along with Lucifer's help, locked her away for eons. When Lucifer tells her to stop complaining, an annoyed Amara knocks him unconscious with a wave of her hand.

As Dean is sitting in the Bunker looking for any signs of Amara, she suddenly appears before him. She tells Dena how much she has missed before telling him she knows God has resurfaced and only asks that if he comes across God to tell Him Lucifer and Castiel are not doing so well, and by ignoring her he is allowing their suffering as well as her attacks on the world at large to happen. Amara once again appears to Dean while he and Sam are interviewing Donatello Redfield, the only survivor of Amara's fog attack. She tells Dean events are moving faster than expected and needs to speak with him in person and alone before disappearing once again.

As a way to keep Amara distracted while Sam, Metatron and Donatello Redfield try to rescue Lucifer, Dean reaches out to Amara and the two meet in the woods. There Amara tells Dean how she missed him and the sensations he arouses in her, telling him she knows he feels the same and questioning what they are going to do about it. When Dean tells her there can be no "us" and that they should just walk away, Amara immediately questions why Dean isn't doing that. Amara asks Dean to reconsider her offer, telling how the world has not been kind to him and tells him to give up his smallness and humanity to become boundless within her, as the end of the world is inevitable. Dean admits he is drawn to her, and how the lack of control bothers him. Amara questions as to why he fights it as she can be the end of his struggle. As Amara approaches Dean, she finds his thoughts are somewhere else, realizing he has spoken with God, she feels Dean has betrayed her and leaves him. Arriving back at the silo, Amara only finds Metatron, who attacks her with a blood sigil that consumes her in a white light, but is not effective in damaging her. Metatron pleads with Amara to spare the universe, but is promptly killed. As Sam is making his escape with Lucifer, Amara appears in the middle of the road and stops the Impala in its tracks, telling them they aren't worth sparing. But before she can destroy them, Sam, Lucifer and Donatello are teleported away.

11.22 We Happy Few

At the home of Donatello Redfield, Amara assaults the new prophet. As Donatello feigns he doesn't know anything, Amara tells him that he knows where God is located. Donatello defiantly refuses to tell Amara God's location. She tells him he won't have to before clasping her hands on his face and consuming Donatello's soul, which allows her learn that her brother is in Kansas.

Amara is attacked by demons.

At the Men of Letters Bunker, the warding sigils that adorn the walls begin to fade away as the earth begins to shake. Amara teleports in, appearing on top of the table in the command center, and angrily kicks Chuck's "World's Greatest Dad" mug to the ground. As Amara explores the Bunker, she comes to Dean's bedroom, entering it she finds a framed photo of a young Dean and Mary and looks at it fondly. As she places the photo down, she is met by an astral projection of Rowena, who communicates to Amara that she is with God as they speak. As Rowena steps outside of the abandoned power plant, Amara appears out of nowhere. Amara reveals that she knew Rowena's betrayal was a trap the moment she made contact with her, but doesn't care as all she has wanted was a face to face with her brother. Amara makes a veiled threat about how she can repay Rowena, which prompts her to attack Amara with a spell. The spell has no effect on Amara, who tells Rowena that it tickled, and mocks Rowena for thinking the power of one witch could hurt her. Rowena retorts, she isn't one witch and soon attacks again, this time with the pooled power of Clea and three other witches, which sends Amara to the ground. Amara soon stands up and deflects the magic back at Rowena, knocking her down and sending blow back to Clea and the other witches, killing them. As Amara approaches the prone Rowena, the second attack wave begins, as the angels in Heaven fire a blast of energy, sending Amara to her knees. Allowing for the third wave, demons, to attack. As pillars of demon smoke swirl around Amara, lifting her off the ground, Amara desperately attempts to fight back. She is then thrown threw the air by Crowley, who smokes out of his meatsuit and joins the assault.

Amara prepares to attack Chuck.
Weakened and damaged, Amara bursts through the doors of the power plant, telling her brother how he has cheated again. Before she can finish what she wants to say, she is stabbed in the back with a spear by Lucifer. As Lucifer is about to deliver a possibly killing blow, Chuck stops him. With Amara, prone on her hands and knees, Chuck apologizes to her for everything that has happened. She mocks His apology and asks what her crime was that caused him to lock her away for millions of years. When Chuck tells her the universe needed to be created, she doesn't believe Him. Telling Him He couldn't stand that they were equals, that He needed to be bigger and it was his ego that lead him to create lesser beings. As Amara stands, Chuck agrees with what she says, but adds that creation is bigger than He is, and was always there waiting to be born. Chuck tells Amara, he knows she has seen and felt the value of creation since being released, looking to Dean as he tells her. She tells Chuck that things "didn't have to be like this" and that she loved Him. And with a sigh, Amara admits defeat asking Chuck to kill her. Chuck apologizes as the Mark begins being transferred to Sam, Amara pleads with Chuck not to do it, but He only continues apologizing. Amara's survival instincts suddenly kick in, and she grabs Chuck by the throat telling Him "not ever again" as she telekinetically raises him in the air, stopping the transfer. Lucifer charges Amara, but is easily swiped away, and ripped out of his vessel and destroyed. As Dean attempts to stop Amara, she sends him flying back. With Chuck struggling in the air, Amara questions that if He won't change, why should she. Pillars of Darkness then come from Amara's body like tentacles and begin piercing Chuck, causing Him to become engulfed in white light before dropping to the ground. As Dean questions what Amara has done, Sam believes she has killed God. Amara corrects Sam and tells him that she didn't kill Him, but that He is dying. That he will dim and fade away into nothing, but not before He watches His creation turn to ash, and welcomes the Winchesters to the end before she disappears.
Amara heals Chuck.

11.23 Alpha and Omega

With Chuck slowly dying, Amara retreats to a park to reflect on what she has done. Touching a bed of roses as she walks, she looks up and notices the sun is dying before seeing the flowers she just touched have died, much to her shock.

As Amara sits at a bench staring blankly when she is joined by an elderly woman, who is feeding the pigeons. The woman compliments Amara's dress and asks Amara if she wants to feed the pigeons too, Amara, concerned what her touch may do to the old woman or pigeons declines. As the old woman continues feeding them telling Amara how she has been feeding them for 20 years and are almost like family to her. She tells Amara of her husbands death and how her son wants to send her to a retirement community, remarking where they send old folks to die. Amara questions if she hates her son, the woman says sometimes, but tells Amara with family even when you hate them, you still love them. Which appears to have a profound effect on Amara.
God and Amara stand reunited.

With Dean now a walking bomb, Chuck zaps him to Amara's location. She questions how Dean found her, only to have tell her he is there to give her what she wants, him. Surprised, Amara questions his change of heart. As Dean approaches, he tells if being a part of her will take away the pain of his friends, family and the world dying away, he is willing to join her. However, Amara is able to sense the power radiating from him and questions why he thinks now he would be able to hurt her. Dean tells her he has no choice, especially with what she is doing to the sun. Amara corrects him and tells Dean the sun dying is not her, but rather due to God's impending death tipping the cosmic balance scales. And that when the scales tip away from the light, everything in the universe will cease to exist, including herself. As Amara reiterates God's betrayal of her, and how he sent Dean to execute her. Dean tells her God doesn't want her dead or any of this. When Dean questions if this is what she wanted, Amara tells she only wished to hurt God, not kill him. Dean proceeds to make an impassioned speech to Amara about revenge not being satisfying in the end and how family, no matter how bad it gets, will always be there for you, telling her all she ever wanted was her brother. As Amara scoffs and tells Dean to "just stop," Dean continues telling her how she really doesn't want to be alone, and is probably why she wanted him, she was looking to fill the void left after God betrayed her. Finally asking her to put aside the rage and hate and tell him what she really wants.

The Darkness and the Light ascend to the Heavens together.

Back at the Lazy Shag bar, as Sam goes to get Chuck a glass of water, he is suddenly teleported to the park with Amara and Dean. When he questions why she brought him there, Amara begins to tell him of how in the beginning it was only them, and the love they shared for each other. And telling him of the jealousy and hate she had when He went on to create life, and His need for something besides her. Telling him of how all she thought about since being locked away was to make Him suffer, but found that her revenge did not make her happy and has come to realize that what He has created is truly beautiful. Telling Him she knows things can't go back to how they were, but wishes to just be a family again, a sentiment Chuck wishes for too. As Amara grabs His hand, light begins to emanate and the sun begins to shine brighter. As Amara returns Chuck to his full power, Chuck tells Dean that He and Amara are going to go away for a while, but before they leave he removes the souls from Dean's body and assures Dean the Earth will be fine as long as Sam and Dean are in it. Before they depart, Amara cryptically tells Dean that since he gave her what she needed most, she wanted to do the same for him before she fades away into black smoke, followed by Chuck, fades into white and the two ascend the Heavens and disappear.


  • The name Amara occurs in many cultures and is ascribed a variety of meanings: "eternal" (German), "unfading" (Greek), "immortal" (Sanskrit) and "bitter" (Latin). In Bahasa Indonesia and Bahasa Malaysia the word amarah means anger, in Ethiopian legends, Amara is the name for paradise.