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One of the most sensational and controversial cases of alleged evil presences. Perhaps the most famous haunting story in America, Amityville is a town in Suffolk County, New York. The town is well-known for the "Amityville Horror" - a story based on the mass murder of the DeFeo family in 1974 and the Lutz family who bought the house in 1975, only to flee a year later, claiming they had been terrorized for 28 days by ghostly spirits. Amityville horror became a self-titled best selling novel and motion picture.

Pad of Definitions (1.10 Asylum), Official Website

1.10 Asylum

Dean: So. Whaddaya think? Ghosts possessing people?
Sam: Maybe. Or maybe it's more like Amityville, or the Smurl hunting.

4.15 Death Takes a Holiday

Dean: Dude! You are so Amityville!

5.12 Swap Meat

Dean: What? No. That's weird. I'm just saying that she, you know, she – she's – she's doing good. You know, with her husband, her kid. This whole Amityville thing being thrown at them, and they're hanging tough.

Amityville in Lore

The Amityville horror might go back to 1644 and a land curse. Tackapausha, the chief of the Massapequa Indians, sold use of the land which is now Long Island to the Dutch for settlement. The Dutch wanted the land itself, so they hired Indian fighter Captain John Underhill, who in a massacre killed over 120 Indians and buried them in a mass grave in Fort Neck. Fort Neck is about a mile away from 112 Ocean Avenue - the street and house where the DeFeo family lived.

Butch DeFeo, who killed his siblings and parents, claimed he had been possessed by an Indian chief.BoM, p.27ff