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A famous Trickster (see above), Anansi begged his father to be named King of All Stories. His father the Sky God agreed, provided Anansi perform a series of Herculean tasks including catching the Jaguar with Teeth Like Daggers, The Hornets who Sting Like Fire, and The Fairy Whom Men Never See. Anansi uses his Trickster powers and a series of mind games to earn his title. He survives to this day, unfound due to his ability to assume the guise of a chameleon or spider.

Pad of Definitions (2.15 Tall Tales), Official Website

2.15 Tall Tales

Bobby: Well, more like demigods, really. There's Loki in Scandinavia. There's Anansi in West Africa. Dozens of them. They're immortal, and they can create things out of thin air. Things as real as you and me. Make them vanish just as quick.

Anansi in Lore

The trickster figure Anansi, under the name Mr. Nancy, features in the book American Gods by Neil Gaiman. A subsequent book, Anansi Boys, dealt with the sons of Anansi.

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