Angel Sword

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Name Angel Sword
Manufacturer Grigori
Powers Can kill angels and capable of inflicting unhealable wounds.
Location/Owners Grigori
Claire Novak
Men of Letters Bunker
Episodes 10.20 Angel Heart
11.12 Don't You Forget About Me
15.11 The Gamblers

Each of our names inscribed on our swords.

Tamiel, 10.20 Angel Heart

An angel sword is a variation of the angel blade. It was the preferred weapon of the Grigori -- some of the first angels that walked the Earth.

Weapon Properties

The weapon appears as a 3-foot-long sword version of the angel blade. Presumably, it can kill anything vulnerable to a standard angel blade such as angels, demons, hellhounds, and reapers. Grigori have their names inscribed on their swords along the base on all three sides of the blade. Any wounds made by the sword cannot be healed by regular angels. The triangular stab wounds caused by the sword are similar to those inflicted by an angel blade, only bigger with three puncture marks surrounding the wound site caused by the decorative features along the hilt. Unlike Tamiel, who summons the sword into his hand, Sariel and Kabaiel carry their swords in black rectangular suitcases.


10.20 Angel Heart

After discovering that Ronnie Cartwright has told a couple of hunters about him, Tamiel blinds Ronnie with his powers and then stabs him through the back with his angel sword, killing him. While examining the body, Castiel tells Dean and Claire Novak that the wound is like that of an angel blade but larger, and he is unable to identify the marks the hilt of the sword made around the wound. Dean later realizes that they are dealing with an angel sword instead of an angel blade and it allows him and Claire to identify Tamiel as a Grigori.

Tamiel wields his sword.

When Claire fails to kill him with a gun, Tamiel pulls out his sword and tries to kill her with it, but her mother sacrifices herself to save her. When Sam, Dean, and Castiel engage him in battle, Tamiel loses the sword, though he still proves too strong for the three even without it. Before Tamiel can kill them, Claire grabs his sword and stabs him through the back with it, killing him. She then drops the sword to embrace her mother's body.

The next day, Dean reveals that he is aware that Claire kept Tamiel's angel sword to become a hunter herself. He warns her against that path, but gives her a lore book on angels so she'll know what she's doing if she chooses that path.

11.12 Don't You Forget About Me

Claire still possesses Tamiel's angel sword and uses it to threaten a boy she suspects of being a monster. It's later displayed on a stand in her room when Sam talks to her about hunting.

15.11 The Gamblers

While investigating a murder committed by a resurrected Jack, Castiel discovers that the victim has an angel sword and remembers Tamiel, revealing the victim to be a Grigori. Jack is captured by another Grigori Kabaiel and tortured as retribution for the young Nephilim killing off the rest of his kind. He threatens him with his own angel sword when Jack tells him how he and Sariel have been feeding from their victims. When Castiel arrives, he attacks Castiel with the sword, but is quickly disarmed and killed by Castiel with his angel blade, leaving the Grigori extinct. Castiel then drops the sword to untie and hug Jack.

It's unknown what happened to Sariel and Kabaiel's swords, but Castiel may have taken possession of them and brought them back to the Men of Letters Bunker.

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