Ansem "Weber" Weems

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Name Ansem "Weber" Weems
Actor Elias Toufexis
Dates 1983 - 2006 (killed by Andy Gallagher)
Power Mind control
Nursery fire No
Episodes 2.05 Simon Said


Ansem is one of the Special Children. Ansem Weems and his twin brother Andy Gallagher were born to Holly Beckett (now deceased) on June 30, 1983. She gave them up for adoption to different families, and they never met until they were adults. At some undetermined point, Weber was visited by Azazel in his dreams, who told him he had a twin brother and that he (the Demon) had "big plans" for him. Ansem (like his twin) has the power of mind control; unlike his twin, he used this power to kill at least two people. He also has a finer control over his power than Andy. He is able to manipulate others' actions without giving verbal commands. Ansem is shot and killed by Andy in 2.05 Simon Said in order to prevent him committing another murder.

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