Audrey Elmer

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Name Audrey Elmer
Actor Nicole Leduc
Location Concrete, Washington
Episode(s) 4.08 Wishful Thinking


Audrey's teddy bear.

Audrey meets Sam and Dean they track reported Big Foot fooprints, in a town where strange things are happening. Audrey Elmer, drops off a box full of alcohol and porn, along with a "Sorry" note. While passing by Winchesters, Busty Asian Beauties magazine falls to Dean's feet from the girl's box. Sam and Dean follow her home, and are surprised when she tells them that her teddy bear is responsible for the damage. The girl's teddy is big, real and can talk -- and it's in the midst of an existential crisis, holed up in Audrey's bedroom room crying at news reports. Audrey tells Sam and Dean that she wished for him at the wishing well at Lucky Chin's. In the end, Audrey is reunited with her parents, back sun-burned from Bali and Teddy who returns to being a toy bear (albeit with some stuffing missing from where he tried to shoot himself).