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The Demon

  • The Demon attacks families on the night the baby is exactly 6 months old. (Jess is the exception to this rule - Sam is 22 & 6 months old.)
  • A week prior to the attack, the geographical area has cattle deaths, electrical storms and temperature fluctuations.
  • It makes clocks stop, and electical devices go haywire.
  • Following what appears to be a surge of activity around the time Mary died (Max's mother was also killed around this time), the Demon was dormant until late 2005.
  • It has yellow eyes (iris and pupil).
  • It possesses human hosts, but can exist in a disembodied form also.

The Demon's Children

  • Possesses human hosts, is able to animate the human body it is possessing even if the body sustains mortal injury.
  • Eyes turn entirely black during possession, though this can seemingly be turned on and off.
  • They are impervious to hallowed ground ("that may work in the minor league, but not with me" - Meg, Salvation), but not to Holy Water.
  • They can be exorcised and thus destroyed.

Etymology of the "Celine Demon" nickname

The term Celine Demon has been coined on the TWOP boards on September 14th, 2005, in a discussion after the airing of the 1.01 Pilot (episode) and means the demon, who killed the Winchester brothers' mother Mary Winchester.

It derived from a misreading of the words Ceiling Demon as Celine Dion (Canadian popsinger) by TWOP-user thinkcwik. The singer's name and the nickname for the demon were meshed and the new term stuck.