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Name Bartholomew
Actor Adam J. Harrington
Dates Before Humanity-2014 (killed by Castiel)
Occupation Angel
Episode(s) 9.03 I'm No Angel
9.09 Holy Terror (mentioned)
9.14 Captives


Bartholomew was an angel who has been consolidating power on Earth by finding proper vessels to contain angels, through the televangelist Reverend Buddy Boyle. In Heaven, he was in the same garrison as Castiel and was a friend and subordinate to him. Bartholomew was in awe of Castiel as with a small number of angels, he won an apparently unwinnable battle, but Bartholomew later tortured and killed their captives afterwards, something he claimed he was ordered to do.


9.03 I'm No Angel

Bartholomew congratulates Reverend Buddy Boyle on his latest televised sermon, telling him he's doing God's work helping him bring Heaven to Earth. At that point a young woman enters the office, and proclaims to be ready to become a "vessel for the divine." As the angel takes possession of the young woman, her body explodes, shocking Buddy Boyle and leaving Bartholomew to reply that not all that are willing are meant to serve as vessels.

Some time later Bartholomew is given an update on the whereabouts of Castiel by his subordinates, wherein he learns Castiel has killed an operative tracking him and found a way to ward himself from angels. This leads to Bartholomew hiring the services of the rogue reaper Maurice as a means of finding the location of Castiel, through tracking the Winchesters.

9.09 Holy Terror

Bartholomew was to meet with Malachi, during a summit to discuss taking back Heaven together. However according to one of Bartholomew's lieutenants he is too busy having amassed a large following, which requires enormous responsibility on his part. The angel also remarks that Bartholomew will not lower himself by dealing with "street thugs."

9.14 Captives