Beth Roberts

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Name Beth Roberts
Actor Aliza Vellani
Location Mason City, Iowa
Occupation Child Protective Services
Episode(s) 12.04 American Nightmare


Beth Roberts is a worker for Child Protective Services, who after the sudden death of Olivia Sanchez, took over her position. Beth is also a practicing Wiccan.


12.04 American Nightmare

After meeting with Beth to learn more about Olivia Sanchez, Dean believes her to be a witch and responsible for the death of Olivia, while Sam is less convinced that she is a witch.

Dean, against Sam's protests, pays a visit to Beth's office at Child Protective Services with the intention of killing her with witch-killing bullets. Questioning her about her new job, he is surprised to learn that Beth is unhappy, she goes on to tell Dean that nobody wanted Olivia's job. Realizing she is not behind Olivia's death, Dean tucks the gun in the back of his pants as Beth questions what he wants from her.

After the deaths of the Peterson's, Beth arrives at the scene and helps Magda Peterson get in touch with an aunt in California. Before Sam and Dean leave, Beth asks to speak with Dean alone, where she goes on to give him her personal number leaving Sam amazed as Dean had tried to kill her.