Binding Spell

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A Binding Spell can be used by a Person to Control a Supernatural Entity

  • 1.12 Faith: Sue-Ann Le Grange uses a binding spell to control a Reaper.
  • 5.10 Abandon All Hope: Lucifer frees Death and binds Death to him, so he will do his biding in bringing the Apocalypse. Death agrees to help Dean and Sam end the Apocalypse as once Lucifer is again back in his cage, the binding spell will be broken.
  • 7.01 Meet The New Boss: The Winchesters and Bobby obtain a binding spell from Crowley and use it to bind Death. One of the ingredients of the spell is fulgerite an object formed when lightening fuses the silica in sand together. While Death is bound to them, Castiel cannot kill Sam and Dean. It is Castiel who frees Death.

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