Bobby's Numbers

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When Bobby is captured by the Leviathans and taken to Dick Roman's office, he gets a chance to examine the files in Roman's briefcase which relate to the Leviathan's grand plan. There appear to be a number of schematics, and maps relating to the location of infrastructure such as dams and power plants. As he examines a map, with red markers in Wisconsin and Ohio, he seems to have an epiphany as to what the Leviathans intend to do.

As Bobby is escaping from the Leviathans, he is shot in the head by Dick as he gets in the van with Sam and Dean. As he lapses into a coma, Bobby's subconscious is insistent that he remember something of importance that he must tell the boys. He writes down the numbers 454895. As his brain starts shutting down, Bobby struggles to confront his worst memory in order to regain consciousness. He manages to long enough to write the numbers on Sam's hand, although it appears he may only write the first five numbers. With a final affectionate "Idjits", Bobby dies.

Bobby examines Roman's files in 7.09 How to Win Friends And Influence Monsters
Bobby's subconscious makes an effort to remember the numbers in 7.10 Death's Door
Bobby write the numbers on Sam's palm in 7.10 Death's Door

Fan theories on the meaning of the numbers

Fan immediately started speculating on the significance of the numbers. Feel free to add your theories here:

  • The latitude 45.4 and longitude -89.5 are the coordinates for Beaver Lake, in Lincoln County in Wisconsin. source
  • 454895 is the number of a chimpanzee gene sequence. The Latin name for chimpanzees is Pan troglodytes, and the day the episode aired Jared posted a video of himself smashing his phone called "Trog Break Phone".
  • If you replace the numbers with their corresponding letters it becomes DEDHIE which is an anagram for He Died