Bobby Singer

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File:Devilstrap bobby01.jpg
Screencap from 1.22 Devil's Trap (episode). Jim Beaver as Bobby Singer.

Screencap from 1.22 Devil's Trap (episode). Sign says "Singer Auto Salvage."
  • Bobby owns Singer Salvage Yard (also seen written as Singer Auto Self Service Salvage Yard, on a sign in Everybody Loves a Clown,) and lives in a house on the premises. His exact location is not given.
  • Owns a blue Ford tow-truck with South Dakota plates : 9NO3L1.
  • Gathering from the wealth of books in his house and his dialogue and role in Devil's Trap, is somewhat of a demonology expert.
  • His dog is called Rumsfeld, a reference to the US Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld.
  • John Winchester and Bobby are not necessarily on good terms (Dean comments that the last time Bobby saw John he nearly "filled him with buckshot").
  • The name 'Bobby Singer' is a reference to Supernatural's executive producer, Robert Singer.