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Bonham Walker, is the father of Cordell Walker, and Liam Walker. He is married to Abeline Walker. He has two grandchildren, Stella Walker, and August Walker. He takes great pride in raising and training horses on the family ranch.

Walker Season One

Bonham and Abby are having difficulties which have lead to her having an affair, which is now over. They eventually reconcile, and then Bonham is diagnosed with prostate cancer, which he tries to keep secret from the family. He eventually tells them, and undergoes successful treatment.

Walker Season Two

Tensions rise when the Davidson family returns to the neighboring ranch. Things come to a head when Liam Walker discovers an old map suggesting that the Walker ranch may be on Davidson land. Bonham reveals he has known of this for many years, and he and Marv Davidson were going to settle who owned the land by having a horse race, but Marv died in a barn fire soon after the agreement was made. The race is run between Cordell and Dan Walker, with Cordell losing, possibly due to sabotage. The Walkers must move out of their ranch and find a house in the suburbs.

Bonham and Abby celebrate their 40th anniversary, at which Bonham sings Abby a song.