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Name Brady
Actor Eric Johnson
Dates  ???? – April 2010 (killed by Sam Winchester)
Occupation Demon
VP of Distribution at Niveus Pharmaceuticals[1]
Episode(s) 5.20 The Devil You Know

Remember when I came back from break all messed up -- Dropped out of pre-med, the drugs, the bitches? That was the new Brady. That was me. Remember how much time you spent trying to get me back on the right track? You really were a good friend. But ol' Yellow Eyes didn't send me back to be your friend. No, we could tell we were starting to lose you. You were becoming a mild-mannered, worthless sack of piss. Now, come on. We couldn't have that. You were our favorite. So I hooked you up with a pure, sweet, innocent piece of tail. And then I toasted her on the ceiling. That's right -- Azazel might have put the hit out on Jessica, but, man, I got to have all the fun!

– Brady, 5.20 The Devil You Know


Brady was a college friend of Sam's from Stanford. In his sophomore year, during Thanksgiving break, he was possessed by a demon sent by Azazel. When he came back to school, he "went off the rails," partying and dropping out of pre-med. Sam, not realizing that his friend had become possessed, worried over him and worked to get him back on the academic track. Due to Azazel's concerns that Sam was losing his potential, Brady introduced Sam to Jess, planning for them to fall in love so that he could kill Jess and her death would drive Sam back to hunting.[2] Azazel ordered Brady to kill Jess[2] in the exact same way he himself had killed Mary Winchester, twenty-two years to the day.[3] Their plan worked perfectly, without Sam (or anyone else) realizing what Brady had done and instead blaming Azazel for it.[4]

After Sam returned to hunting, Brady got a job at Niveus Pharmaceuticals, where he worked on perfecting and spreading the Croatoan virus. He also acted as the "stable boy" for the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse once they were freed, handling their personal needs as well as arranging for where they would go next. In order to find the Horsemen, Crowley captured and questioned Brady. After Crowley framed Brady as another traitor to Lucifer, Brady was forced to give up the Horsemen's locations for fear of Lucifer punishing him with his supposed treachery with eternal torture. He was then killed by Sam with Ruby's knife.[2]


1.01 Pilot

Brady does not appear, but he makes his presence known through Jessica's murder; pinning her to the ceiling with telekinesis, slitting her abdomen open, and finally burning her to death when Sam returns home. Although Sam does not know the identity of Jessica's killer, he immediately sets out to find and kill him, just as Brady had planned.

A devil's trap on the bag over Brady's head.

5.20 The Devil You Know

Brady is working as an executive for Niveus Pharmaceuticals, the drug company which is part of a scheme by Pestilence to spread the Croatoan virus. He has a meeting with his employees in which he orders them to rush nation-wide distribution of an untested vaccine for swine flu and yells at an employee, Mitchell, for trying to talk him out of it. He later has Mitchell sent in and slits his throat in order to communicate with his own boss, Pestilence, through a goblet of blood. Brady happily reports the grotesque results of the vaccine trials, but Pestilence is impatient with him and how long it's taking the vaccine to be released. When Crowley sends Dean in to capture him, Brady vents his frustrations on Dean by beating him in retribution for his hand in defeating War and Famine, only to be captured by Crowley as he chases Dean; Crowley surprises him by covering his head with a bag marked with a devil's trap and beats his head in with a crowbar, knocking him unconscious. In the car, he also carves a binding link into his chest so he can't vacate his meatsuit or teleport away. Crowley tries to keep Brady from Sam so that Sam won't find out about Brady being Jessica's murderer, but is forced to reveal the truth to Dean, who insists that they take Brady to Sam.

Brady is killed by Sam.

Brady is tied to a chair placed over a devil's trap to interrogate him. He wakes up and recognizes Sam, who is enraged when he finds out that the man he thought was a friend was really a demon who killed Jess. During their conversation, Brady scoffs at Crowley's argument that Lucifer will kill all demons and still refuses to betray his masters. Sam, who locks Dean in the bathroom, confronts Brady about Jessica's death. However, despite Brady's goading, Sam doesn't kill Brady, as they need him to find Pestilence. To get him to talk, Crowley massacres a "nest" of demons. He allows one to live to spread the rumor that he and Brady are "lovers in league against Satan." Faced with eternal torment over this suspected betrayal, and fearing a hellhound sent by demons, Brady reveals Pestilence's whereabouts. Sam then kills him using Ruby's knife and finally avenges Jessica, despite Brady's attempts to unbalance him with taunts and make his escape.

5.21 Two Minutes to Midnight

Crowley mentions Brady, referring to him as Sam's "demon lover." He reveals that Brady had been vice president of distribution and that he had been preparing to ship out "vaccine" for swine flu that is actually loaded with a mutated version of the Croatoan virus as part of Pestilence's plan. Other demons are about to ship out the "vaccine," but are stopped through the combined efforts of Sam, Bobby, and Castiel, who blow up the warehouse.


  • The official fifth season companion guide gives Brady the first name of "Tyson," though he is not referred to by this name on-screen. The employee he murders call him "Mr. Brady," which may lend support that it is indeed a surname and that Sam called him by it instead of "Tyson" for an unknown reason.
  • Crowley says, "Evening, Uncle," to Brady after beating him unconscious, which he likely used as slang. (Pay particular attention to the second link's explanation of "uncle" as slang for "pawnbroker," and remember what Crowley started out as.) It is also possible (though unlikely, as it is otherwise never stated or implied by any of the characters) that Brady and Crowley had a familial relationship of sorts, similar to Azazel as Meg's "father" and she his "daughter."