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Bustyasianbeauties.com is Dean's favorite porn site. There is an associated magazine called Busty Asian Beauties, which may have originated in the 1940s/50s under the name Voluptuous Asian Lovelies.


A vintage issue of Voluptuous Asian Lovelies.
  • 2.15 Tall Tales: Sam is not happy when his laptop freezes on the site's homepage after Dean had been using it.
  • 3.14 Long-Distance Call: Stewie Meyers is surfing the site when Sam and Dean, posing as telephone company officials, interrogate him. Dean recommends the platinum membership.
  • 4.01 Lazarus Rising: After being saved from Hell and crawling from his grave, Dean picks up a copy of Busty Asian Beauties magazine along with other vital supplies at a gas station.
  • 4.08 Wishful Thinking: Audrey Elmer drops a copy of the magazine when she is returning her teddy bear's stash of porn and booze to the store he had stolen it from.
  • 5.12 Swap Meat: Sam finds a copy of Busty Asian Beauties magazine in a box in Gary's bedroom and figures him to be a virgin and later a frustrated virgin.
  • 8.10 Torn and Frayed: When Castiel asks Dean for help, Dean open his laptop and it displays bustyasianbeauties.com. Embarrassed, he covers it from Cas while he shuts it down.
  • 8.17 Goodbye Stranger: Dean finds a copy of Voluptuous Asian Lovelies in the Men of Letters bunker. It's a first edition which Dean lets slip to Sam he knows would sell for a large amount on eBay.
  • 8.22 Clip Show: At a convenience store, Castiel buys things he knows Dean likes: beef jerky, beer, a copy of Busty Asian Beauties, toilet paper. This issue of Busty Asian Beauties contains "Pillow Book Love Secrets." Cas tries to buy pie, but to no avail, continuing the running gag in which Dean almost never gets his pie.
  • 9.04 Slumber Party: While searching for the key to Oz in Dean's bedroom, Charlie remarks how Dean has his vintage porn (Voluptuous Asian Lovelies) meticulously organized.
  • 9.06 Heaven Can't Wait: Copies of Busty Asian Beauties with the headline "Boys' Night Out" can be seen in the Gas-N-Sip where Castiel works.
  • 9.16 Blade Runners: After being taken back to the bunker, a frustrated Crowley demands to be moved out of the dungeon in exchange for his helping Sam and Dean. While sitting in the library with a glass of scotch, Crowley begins flipping through a copy of Busty Asian Beauties.
  • 10.01 Black: Dean is reading a copy of Busty Asian Beauties at a Gas-N-Sip, when a demon tries to kill him. After killing the demon, he takes his magazine and leaves.
  • 10.03 Soul Survivor: In between giving demon!Dean purified blood injections, Sam goes to Dean's bedroom where he spots a couple of issues of Busty Asian Beauties on a couch.
  • 12.18 The Memory Remains: While the British Men of Letters are cataloging everything in the bunker, Mr. Ketch finds Dean's meticulously organized copies of Busty Asian Beauties in a drawer.
  • 14.10 Nihilism: In the office in Rocky's Bar, which is a space within Dean's subconscious, there is a Busty Asian Beauties calendar on the wall.


  • Busty Asian Beauties is a fictional porn brand invented for the show. The actual domain was registered in December 2006, three months before the first mention on the show. As of December 2023, "bustyasianbeauties.com" redirects to the official Warner Bros. website.
  • The model on the front of the magazine on the left is Mimi Miyagi. Mimi is both an actress in both porn and mainstream movies, and also the publisher of Oriental Dolls, an erotic American Asian magazine, later called Asian Hotties. The cover of the Busty Asian Beauties magazine is a still from her movie Happy Ending.

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