Casey Miles

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Name Casey Miles
Actor Ali Webb
Dates  ???? – 2014 (killed by Roger/Thinman)
Location Springdale, Washington
Episode(s) 9.15 #thinman


Casey Miles was one of the victims of the Thinman murders in Springdale, Washington.


9.15 #thinman

While taking selfies in her bedroom, Casey notices a strange figure standing behind her in one of her photos. She turns around and briefly sees Thinman standing behind her before the lights go out in her home. Frightened, she runs and hides in her closet. She is able to dial 911, but is only able to get out that there is someone in her room. As the 911 operator begins tracing her call, a knife appears behind her and she is killed by Thinman.

When Sam and Dean find out that Thinman is actually a busboy named Roger and Deputy Tom Norwood, Roger reveals he killed Casey because she would not go out with him.