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*Castiel is the [[Angel]] who rescued Dean from Hell, according to Castiel on a command from God. His handprint is burnt into Dean's right shoulder.
*Castiel is the [[Angel]] who rescued Dean from Hell, according to Castiel on a command from God. His handprint is burnt into Dean's right shoulder.
*According to occult lore, Castiel is the angel of Thursday.(Source: 'A Dictionary of Angels' by Gustav Davidson, pp.82)
* In [[4.20 The Rapture]], Castiel uses [[Electronic Voice Phenomenon]] to speak to [[Jimmy Novak]], through an air vent of some kind. He later uses a radio and a TV to communicate with Dean in [[Heaven]]. <sup>[[5.16 Dark Side Of The Moon]]</sup>   
* In [[4.20 The Rapture]], Castiel uses [[Electronic Voice Phenomenon]] to speak to [[Jimmy Novak]], through an air vent of some kind. He later uses a radio and a TV to communicate with Dean in [[Heaven]]. <sup>[[5.16 Dark Side Of The Moon]]</sup>   

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Name Castiel
Actor Misha Collins
Location no fixed address
Occupation Angel
Episode(s) 4.01 Lazarus Rising
4.02 Are You There God? It's Me, Dean Winchester
4.03 In The Beginning
4.07 It's The Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester
4.09 I Know What You Did Last Summer
4.10 Heaven And Hell
4.15 Death Takes A Holiday
4.16 On The Head Of A Pin
4.18 The Monster At The End Of This Book
4.20 The Rapture
4.21 When The Levee Breaks
4.22 Lucifer Rising
5.01 Sympathy For The Devil
5.02 Good God Y'All
5.03 Free To Be You And Me
5.04 The End
5.06 I Believe The Children Are Our Future
5.08 Changing Channels
5.10 Abandon All Hope
5.13 The Song Remains The Same
5.14 My Bloody Valentine
5.16 Dark Side Of The Moon
5.17 99 Problems
5.18 Point of No Return

I'm the one who gripped you tight and raised you from perdition.

– Castiel to Dean, 4.01 Lazarus Rising

  • Castiel was the first Angel to appear in the Supernatural Canon
  • Castiel is the Angel who rescued Dean from Hell, according to Castiel on a command from God. His handprint is burnt into Dean's right shoulder.
  • His true voice is piercing to the human ear and only certain people can hear him properly this way or so he claims, and looking on his true visage will burn a human's eyes from their head, as Pamela Barnes found when she tried to summon him in a seance. It will also burn the eyes of humans possessed by demons as shown in the diner scene when Sam is attacked by a blind demon.
  • Castiel has the ability to teleport himself and on some cases groups of people. This leads to constipation in the humans concerned.5.03 Free To Be You And Me
Dean: Last time you zapped me someplace, I didn't poop for a week. We're driving.

Uriel appears to be junior to him, until he is promoted when Castiel's superiors become concerned about his empathy for Dean 4.16 On The Head Of A Pin. In the past Anna Milton, in her angelic state, was his superior in their Angel Garrison. See also Angel Garrison

Castiel trvia

  • Misha Collins reports that "Kripke wanted to base the look of the character on the comic book character ‘Constantine’" Source.
  • There was great secrecy around the introduction of the character. When the role was being cast it was advertised as being for a demon. It was only at the audition that Misha found out Castiel was an Angel. Read the casting sides for Castiel.
  • Mark Pellegrino who plays Lucifer, also auditioned for the role of Castiel.
  • Dean first refers to Castiel as "Cas" in 4.04 Metamorphosis. The nickname is subsequently used by Sam and Anna as well. Uriel also calls him Cas when trying to convince him to aid in the freeing of Lucifer.
  • On the Season 4 DVD the english subtitles call him "Cass" and other times it's "Cas".
  • The shows' writers spell the nickname "Cass" (Source). In fandom, and particularly in Fanfiction it is usually spelled "Cas".
  • According to "A Dictionary of Angels: Including the Fallen Angels"(ISBN-13: 978-0029070529), Castiel is an Angel Of Thursday in the occult lore. This may be a reference to the fact that Supernatural airs on a Thursday night on The CW.
  • There is a municipality in Switzerland called Castiel. Its coat of arms is the archangel Michael killing a dragon. This image has appeared in paintings in 2.13 Houses of the Holy and 4.22 Lucifer Rising.

4.01 Lazarus Rising

Castiel's first appearance to Dean.

Castiel tries to 'speak' to Dean after his resurrection, but all Dean hears is a piercing sound. When Pamela Barnes conducts a seance to reveal the being who saved Dean, Castiel warns her off, but she persists and is blinded when she encounters him. Again, while Dean is alone in the hotel room in Pontiac, Castiel tries to speak to Dean, but his 'voice' shatters all the glass in the room and makes Dean's ears bleed.

Dean is intent on summoning Castiel, and so he and Bobby prepare an empty warehouse with protective sigils and symbols, and Bobby performs a summoning ritual. When Castiel appears, Bobby and Dean shoot him with rock salt to no effect. Dean stabs Castiel with Ruby's Knife, also to no avail. Castiel causes Bobby to pass out. Castiel tells Dean he is inside the body of a man he says "prayed for it" and then reveals to Dean that he is an angel, who saved him from Hell on God's command. "I gripped you tight and raised you from perdition." He tells Dean that God "has work for him."

4.02 Are You There, God? It's Me, Dean Winchester

Castiel appears to Dean in Bobby's kitchen, and confirms that the spirits who attacked them were Witnesses. He tells Dean that their summoning by Lilith broke the first of The 66 Seals and that, when the last one is broken, Lucifer will be freed.

4.03 In The Beginning

Castiel sends Dean back 1973 to meet his parents when they were young. The purpose of this was to find out the truth of what happened with Mary Winchester and Azazel, but still have no idea what Azazel's endgame is. He then tells Dean that Sam is headed down a dangerous road and that if Dean doesn't stop him, the angels will.

4.07 It's The Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester

Dean and Sam return to their motel room to find Castiel and Uriel waiting. Sam is thrilled to meet Castiel. Castiel's response is to acknowledge Sam as the the 'boy with the demon blood' and say that he is glad Sam is no longer using his powers. Castiel reveals they found a hex bag, which would've killed the boys, secreted in the room and that the raising of Samhain by the witch will break another of The 66 Seals. He advises Sam and Dean to leave town, because he and Uriel are going to destroy it. Sam and Dean argue that they can find and kill the witch and stop the summoning of Samhain. Later Uriel expresses his contempt for humans and tries to persuade Castiel that they should destroy the town anyway. Castiel reminds him that Dean was saved because he has 'potential', and reminds Uriel that they must follow their 'true orders'. After Sam has sued his powers to send Samhain to Hell, Castiel appears to dean. He reveals that their true orders were to follow whatever Dean decided to do, as a test under battlefield conditions. Dean, thinking he's failed, asserts that he'd make the same decisions all over again if he had to, because of what he and Sam have saved. Castiel confides that he was praying Dean would choose as he did, and also that he has questions and doubts about the plan from Heaven. He warns that in the coming months, there will be more hard decisions for Dean -- and the angel does not envy him that.

4.09 I Know What You Did Last Summer

Castiel & Uriel arrive to kill Anna

Castiel appears with Uriel to kill Anna at the end of the episode.

4.10 Heaven And Hell

Castiel and Uriel appear and demand that Sam and Dean hand over Anna, with Castiel announcing, "We're here for Anna...she has to die." Uriel states that Anna is not as innocent as she appears. The boys protest but the angels attack. Suddenly a bright light engulfs them and the angels are repelled and disappear. The boys go to the room where Anna was hiding, and find that she has used her blood to draw sigils on a mirror and use some spell against the angels.

Uriel and Castiel reappear from being banished later to take Anna. Dean's choice is revealed: either Anna dies - or Sam. As the angels are about to take her, an injured Ruby appears with Alastair. The demons and angels confront each other and another fight ensues. During the confrontation Castiel faces off with Alastair, landing several blows and tries to cast the demon back into the Pit. It proves ineffective and Alastair pins Castiel to the ground, strangles him and starts a demonic chant. Castiel is saved from Alastair's grip when Dean hits the demon across the back with a tire iron and distracts him from Castiel.

During the fight Anna steals her Grace from Uriel and becomes an angel again. During the process, Alastair disappears. Uriel and Castiel leave, and we find out that it was Sam's plan all along to bring the demons and angels together to get them to fight each other.

4.15 Death Takes A Holiday

Castiel, pretending to be Bobby Singer tells Sam how it is described in a version of Revelations:

And he bloodied death under the newborn sky
Sweet to taste
But bitter once devoured

This is one of The 66 Seals which will be broken if two reapers are killed under a solstice moon. Castiel needs Sam and Dean as the demons are holed up in a refuge protected by sigils that keep angels out. The boys are successful in stopping the seal being broken and in the process Castiel captures Alastair. Dean questions Castiel why, if death is part of the natural order, he was rescued from Hell. Castiel replies "You're different."

4.16 On The Head Of A Pin

In the first scene, Castiel finds an angel from his garrison dead.

Castiel and Uriel then appear in the Winchester's home, explaining to Dean that the torturing abilities he learned in Hell were required on Alastair to find out which demon was killing the angels. Both Uriel and Castiel, after hearing that Dean did not want to go, took Dean to the place they were keeping Alastair.

Castiel tells Dean about how his emotions were impairing his judgment, resulting in Uriel being placed in charge. He then tells him how the angels need, rather then want, Dean to do this.

Anna attempts to tell Castiel that forcing Dean into torturing again is morally wrong but Castiel is convinced his 'superiors' are correct.

After Alastair is freed from the devils trap and beats Dean, Castiel tries to fight him. Alastair attempts to chant a demonic spell to send Castiel back to Heaven, but Sam interrupts him using his demonic powers, saving Castiel.

Alastair vs Castiel

Castiel confronts Sam at the hospital Dean is being kept in. Sam assures Castiel that the Alastair was not lying.

Uriel and Castiel meet at a playground to talk about how 'something is wrong'. Castiel calls Anna and tells her that he is considering disobedience; however, he does not believe it is 'good'.

Castiel finds out that a leaky pipe enabled Alastair to escape from his devils trap. Uriel confronts him and informs him that he was responsible for the death of the 7 angels, and that he wishes Lucifer to rise and humanity to be destroyed. After Uriel's failed recruitment, Castiel attacks him; however, Uriel is too strong. Anna kills Uriel just before he tries to kill Castiel.

Castiel visits Dean in hospital and confirms that Dean's actions in Hell resulted in the breaking of the first seal.

4.18 The Monster At The End Of This Book

Castiel reveals Chuck Shirley is a Prophet of God and that his books will one day be known as the Winchester Gospels.

Dean returns to the motel, to find Sam has burned the hex bags, so that Lilith will find him. Frustrated Dean threatens to leave, but changes his mind and just storms out into the parking lot. Desperate, Dean starts to pray and Castiel appears. Castiel gives Dean information on how to stop Lilith, revealing that Chuck is protected by an archangel who will intervene if Chuck is threatened. By putting Chuck in the same room with Lilith, the archangel appears and Lilith flees.

4.20 The Rapture

Cass' vessel- Jimmy Novak

Castiel is about to reveal information to Dean when he is forcibly taken back to Heaven. His vessel Jimmy Novak was able to be an angelic vessel due to something "is in his blood". Jimmy describes being possessed by Castiel as like being "chained to a comet".

Jimmy returns to his family, but he is pursued by demons who shoot him. Castiel possess Jimmy's daughter Claire Novak, but as he lies dying Jimmy begs Castiel to use him as a vessel instead.

As Castiel leaves, Dean asks him what it was he wanted to tell him, but Castiel rebuffs him, saying he doesn't serve man...or Dean, only Heaven.

4.21 When The Levee Breaks

Dean calls on Castiel, who tells Dean that Sam could kill Lilith but consuming that much Demon Blood would make him inhuman. Castiel says dean can be the one to stop the apocalypse, rather than Sam, and asks if Dean will do it. Dean agrees and swears fealty and obedience to God and the angels.

Later Castiel comes and uses his powers to release Sam's bonds and open the door Bobby's Panic Room. Anna visits Castiel, and confronts him over his actions, but he says he is acting on orders, and she is taken captive by other angels.

4.22 Lucifer Rising

Castiel and Zachariah hold Dean captive, waiting for the apocalypse approaches. Dean pleads with Castiel to let him see Sam but Castiel refuses.

Later Castiel returns and apologises to Dean for deceiving him. Dean is angry, and argues with Castiel, trying to convince him to help them stop the apocalypse. He initially refuses but then returns, and cutting himself draws a sigil on the wall. Zachariah arrives to stop him, Castiel places a bloody hand on it and Zachariah is sent away. Castiel says he will take Dean to Sam to stop him killing Lilith - because her death IS the final seal.

Castiel and Dean visit Chuck Shirley who has forseen that Sam is at the Convent. An archangel arrives, and Castiel says he will hold it off and sends Dean directly to the Convent.

5.01 Sympathy For The Devil

File:Spn501 607.jpg
Castiel kills one of his brothers with the angel knife.

As Zachariah tries to coerce Dean to being a vessel for the Archangel Michael, Castiel appears. He attacks the angels with his angel knife and orders Zachariah to make Sam and Dean better, and then leave.

Castiel is elusive about how he has been bought back from death, but before he leaves he touches Sam and Dean, burning an Enochian sigil into their ribs, that will hide them from the angels.

5.02 Good God Y'All

Castiel calls Sam to find out where the boys are - the Enochian Sigils he etched into their ribs, hides them from all angels including Castiel. He is angry, that he has killed his brethren and is cut off from Heaven. He tells Bobby this means he can't heal him. He then says in order to defeat Lucifer he plans to find God. He asks Dean for his amulet which he says will burn hot in God's presence.

5.03 Free To Be You And Me

Castiel visits Dean in a hotel room to ask for help. He wants Dean to help him find the archangel who killed Castiel, the archangel Raphael. Cas hopes to interrogate Raphael into divulging the location of God. Dean agrees to help but only if they drive. Cas and Dean find Raphael's vessel (after a amusingly awkward conversation with the town sherriff)and Cas decides to trap Raphael using a very dangerous ritual. He confesses to Dean that even though Dean will be fine during this ritual, he may not make it.

Dean decides to make Cas's last night on Earth a good one, and on finding out that Cas is a virgin, he takes him to a brothel.

5.04 The End

Castiel phones Dean, eager to catch up, but dean begs that he wait til morning. Castiel agrees and continues standing, rather forlornly, on the side of a highway.

Zachariah hwoever zaps Dean five years into the future. In 2012, Lucifer's minions re-released the Croatoan demon virus - in this post-apocalyptic world, most humans have been reduced to murderous zombies. Castiel is at Camp Chitaqua with Future!Dean, Future!Chuck and other survivors.

Future!Castiel informs Dean, that sometime after the Croatoan virus was released, the Angels left, and so did most of his angelic powers so that Cas is now effectively human. He can however detect that Dean from 2009 is different from Future!Dean. He is embittered at his situation and has immersed himself in "women and decadence". When Dean first encounters him, he is organsing an orgy, and when Dean asks if he is stoned he says "Generally - yeah".

Future!Castiel is presumably killed during the attack Future!Dean leads on Lucifer.

When Zachariah brings Dean back to the rpesent, he asks him again to be [{Michael]]'s vessel. When Dean refuses, he is about to take him prisoner, when Castiel transports him to safety.

5.06 I Believe The Children Are Our Future

Sam and Dean ask Castiel for help when they discover that Jesse Turner is a Cambion, the son of Julia Wright and a demon. Castiel insists Jesse must be killed as Julia Wright as he is incredibly powerful and capable of "killing the Host of Heaven with one word", and that because he can transport himself anywhere he cannot be held prisoner. However when he attempts to kill the boy, Jesse turn him into a small action figure. Castiel is restored when Jesse finally leaves.

5.08 Changing Channels

When the Trickster traps Sam and Dean in an unending series of TV shows, Castiel tries to rescue them but is banished. When he reappears, Castiel is bloodied and bruised, and says he thinks it may be something more powerful than the Trickster - who appears and again banishes him. Finally, after the Trickster is revealed to be Gabriel, Dean gets him to bring Castiel back.

5.10 Abandon All Hope

Castiel doing shots with Ellen and Jo

After finding where the the demon Crowley lives - a house protected from Angels by Enochian symbols - who hands over the Colt to Sam and Dean, Castiel does shots with Ellen and Jo (after 5 he declares that he's "starting to feel something"), as the hunters prepare to take on Lucifer. As Bobby takes a photo of them all Castiel observes "this could be our last night on earth".

When the team arrives in Missouri, Castiel sees Reapers everywhere. He tries to find out why they are there and is captured by Lucifer in a ring of flaming Holy Oil. He tries to convince Castiel to join him. Having sent Hellhounds after the hunters, Meg watches over Castiel. Castiel manages to free himself from his trap, and arrives in time to save Sam and Dean from Lucifer.

5.13 The Song Remains The Same

Anna comes to Dean in a dream, telling him that she has been held prisoner in heaven after being turned in by Castiel but has escaped. She wants him to meet him, but Castiel is suspicious and goes to the arranged location instead. There he learns that Anna plans to kill Sam so that Lucifer cannot take him as a vessel. She fails to convince Castiel, who maintains that if she attempts to harm Sam, he will kill her.

Later, Castiel discovers that Anna has gone back in time to kill Sam's parents. Sam and Dean insist that he bring them along, despite Castiel's protests that time travel is extremely difficult without heaven's support and it will weaken him. However, he gives in, and when they arrive in the year 1978, Sam and Dean find Castiel slumped against a car, bleeding and breathing heavily. When he passes out, they book him into a hotel to regain his strength.

After Sam and Dean are returned to their time, Castiel appears, in better shape than last time but still very much weakened.

5.14 My Bloody Valentine

Sam and Dean go out to investigate a Valentine's Day related crisis. To be more specific, they investigate cases involving people who abruptly start killing themselves in odd ways. After having biopsies done on most of the victims, they find out that angels are some how involved; Sam notices an inscribed angel sigil on one of the bodies of one of the victim’s, it was inscribed on the victim's heart. After this bizarre discovery they then go and seek out Castiel for angelic assistance. Cas tells them that this was inscribed by a Cherub named Cupid. Castiel, Sam, and Dean then go to a restaurant in order to draw Cupid to this love-filled environment. Cupid arrives at the restaurant as wind, which makes many of the couples in the restaurant start to get lovey-dovey. Castiel traps Cupid in the back room of the restaurant and forces him to show himself.

Cupid reveals himself to be a naked man and goes around giving Dean, Castiel and Sam big hugs, which include lifting them up off the floor. Castiel adds that this is the Cupid's way of shaking hands.

Castiel tells them this bit of info, shortly after they arrive at a hotel for the night; he said that Famine is coming to town, and will be riding on his Black Steed, he also told them that once strengthened Famine then will be able to march across the lands with authority.

5.16 Dark Side Of The Moon

After Sam and Dean are killed and sent to Heaven, Dean wakes up inside his Impala. Young Sam is there, and Dean realizes he's reliving a happy memory of his. When Dean remembers that he and Sam were shot, the memory disappears, and Dean hears Castiel's voice coming from the Impala's radio. Castiel tells Dean that he is dead and is in Heaven. Urging a confused Dean that he must follow the asphalt road in front of him if he is to find Sam, the connection between Castiel and Dean, made possible by a spell, fades, and Dean is on his own again.

When Dean and Sam are reunited in a Thanksgiving memory of Sam's, a bright light floods through the windows and shakes the ground, forcing Sam and Dean to duck for cover. When the light has passed, the TV turns on, and Castiel is again connected to the boys. Castiel's face appears on screen, and his mouth is sequentially zoomed in on from the TV. Though the message is full of static, Castiel warns them "Don't go into the light," revealing that the light is actually Zachariah searching for them. His goal: to send Sam and Dean back to Earth and convince them to say yes to Lucifer and Michael. Castiel sends them on a mission to find an angel named Joshua, who resides in the center of Heaven, Heaven's garden. Joshua, according to Castiel, is the rumored angel that God speaks to, and their only chance of finding God on Earth, is to seek Joshua's help. To find Joshua, the brothers must follow the "road", for the Road will lead them to Heaven's garden, and to Joshua. The Road in this case, is a two-lane asphalt street, which Sam and Dean must find and follow--hidden in their memories.

When Sam and Dean finally speak to Joshua, the message he has for the Winchesters is that, though God was the one who saved them from Lucifer and resurrected Castiel, God will not intervene to destroy Lucifer and stop the Apocalypse. Their last resort gone, Sam and Dean are returned to Earth, and when they are again conscious, the brothers relay the devastating news to Castiel.

At first, unwilling to believe, Castiel clings to the hope that maybe Joshua was lying. When Sam regretfully assures Castiel that he doesn't believe Joshua was, Castiel simmers silently. Slowly walking towards the door, his faith broken, Castiel stops and looks up, uttering,

"You son-of-a-bitch...I believed in..."

Stopping, he pauses a moment before turning to Dean and returning his amulet, saying, "It's worthless," before disappearing.

And as Sam tries to encourage Dean that they will find a way to stop Lucifer, Dean pauses a moment as he leaves to throw the amulet away.

5.17 99 Problems

After being called by Sam, Castiel turns up drunk. He helps the boys identify that they are dealing with the Whore Of Babylon and supplies them with a stake of cypress from Babylon to kill her with. Castiel is injured when the Whore Of Babylon attacks him.

Sigil in Castiel's chest

5.18 Point of No Return

Castiel helps Sam bring Dean back to Bobby's, after Dean leaves in order to prepare to say yes to Michael, obviously angry at Dean. As they argue over what to do, Castiel is struck with a sudden pain and vanishes. He finds a place where the trees are flattened by angelic power - the angels have resurrected someone. As Castiel tries to help him from his grave, angels attack, but Castiel kills them. He returns to Bobby with the man - Adam Milligan. Castiel suggests that the angels have decided Dean will not say yes, and so are turning to Adam as a back-up as he is also John Winchester's son.

While Sam, Bobby, and Castiel try to plan their course of action, they keep an eye on Adam, while Dean is locked in the panic room. When Castiel goes to check on him, Dean puts his hand to an Angel Banishing Sigil, sending Castiel away and giving Dean time to escape.

Castiel tracks Dean down when he approaches a preacher and asks him to call the angels so he can assent to Michael. Castiel beats him severely, enraged at Dean after all he has sacrificed to avoid the Apocalyptic battle between Michael and Lucifer. He finally ceases and takes Dean back to Bobby's, where they find the angels have taken Adam.

Castiel finds out that Adam is being held in the Green Room, and that it is heavily guarded. Castiel takes Sam and Dean to an abandoned warehouse where he says they can access the Green Room. Castiel says he can get them in there, although it may be suicidal. He says that is preferable to watching Dean fail, and that he doesn't have the faith in dean that Sam does. He then takes a box cutter from his pocket.

Inside the warehouse, Castiel is attacked by angels. As they close in on him, he rips open his shirt, revealing he has carved an Angel Banishing Sigil into his chest. As he slaps his hand on it, it disperses all the angels including himself. The effects of the sigil on him are unknown, but it is confirmed that Castiel is still alive.

Castiel in Fandom

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