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  • January 11, 2015: Season 11 renewal announced
  • May 9: Jensen confirms he will direct episode 3 of season 11.
  • May 18: Writers return to start on season 11.
  • July 7: Cast and crew start filming season 11, starting with episode "Bad Seed."
  • October 1: A special extended trailer is released by the production team.
  • Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Robert Singer revealed season 11 involved the only script in the show's history to be abandoned.
“There was one last year that we actually tried to do and that was putting [Sam and Dean] in a game, Jumanji-style,” Singer says. “We just couldn’t make it work. I think that was the only script in 11 years that we ever abandoned. It was just too hard to do and we just couldn’t nail it.”

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