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Welcome to the Walker section of the SuperWiki which will cover Jared Padalecki's series for the CW "Walker".

You will find detailed episode entries for Season 1 and Summaries for Season 2, with a full entry for the Jensen directed episode 2.14 No Such Thing As Fair Play. There are entries for the main characters. There are episode summaries for Seasons 3 and 4.

See also Walker: Independence for the prequel series.

Walker: Independence

Announced on 8 December 2021, this series is a Walker prequel set in the 1800s. The series to be called Walker: Independence. The series is from Walker creator/executive producer/showrunner Anna Fricke and executive producers Seamus Fahey, Dan Lin and Lindsey Liberatore. The show is described as follows:

Abby Walker, is an affluent Bostonian whose husband is murdered before her eyes while on their journey out West. On her quest for revenge, Abby crosses paths with Hoyt Rawlins, a lovable rogue in search of purpose. Abby and Hoyt’s journey takes them to Independence, Texas, where they encounter diverse, eclectic residents running from their own troubled pasts and chasing their dreams. Our newfound family will struggle with the changing world around them, while becoming agents of change themselves in a town where nothing is what it seems.

Of course, Abby Walker and Hoyt Rawlins are also the names of characters in Walker.

  • Larry Teng has been named to direct the Pilot, and will also act as EP on the show. Filming began in February in New Mexico and finished on April 12.

Walker Socials

Name Twitter Instagram
Official CW @TheCWWalker @TheCWWalker
Jared Padalecki - Cordell Walker @jarpad @jaredpadaclecki
Lindsey Morgan - Micki Ramirez @linzzmorgan @linzzmorgan
Keegan Allen - Liam Walker @KeeganAllen @keeone
Violet Brinson - Stella Walker @violet_brinson
Kale Culley - August Walker @kaleculleyofficial
Molly Hagan - Abeline Walker @mollyhagan @molly7hagan
Coby Bell - Captain Larry James @imcobybell @cobybellagram
Odette Annable - Geri Broussard @odetteannable @odetteannable
Jeff Pierre - Trey Barnett @jefflpierre @jlpierre
Genevieve Padalecki - Emily Walker @genpadalecki @genpadalecki

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