Chuck Shirley

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Chuck Shirley is the author of a series of books called "Supernatural", which he writes under the pen name Carver Edlund. The contents of the books are actually Sam and Dean's lives, the details of which come to him in his dreams.

Sam and Dean find Chuck and he reveals his latest dream is of Sma and Lilith having "a night of fiery demonic passion." Sam asks Chuck if he knows about him drinking Demon Blood, which he does, and he confronts Sam about why he is doing it. Later Dean accuses Chuck of withholding information and attacks him, but is stopped by Castiel who reveals Chuck is a prohpet of God, who is protected by an archangel.

Later Castiel gives Dean information on how to stop Lilith, revealing that Chuck is protected by an archangel who will intervene if Chuck is threatened. By putting Chuck in the same room with Lilith, the archangel appears and Lilith flees.

Following the confrontation with Lilith, Zachariah appears to Chuck Shirley after he has another vision. While it is not revealed what Chuck saw, he wants to warn Sma adn Dean, but Zachariah tells him not to. Chuck threatens to kill himself, but Zachariah says they will only bring him back to life. In despair, Chuck asks what he should do. Zachariah replies "Do what you always do. Write".

Chuck Shirley lives in Kripke's Hollow.