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Name Cole Trenton
Actor Travis Aaron Wade
Colten Carpentier (Young Cole in 10.02)
Occupation Marine (retired)
Episode(s) 10.01 Black
10.02 Reichenbach
10.07 Girls, Girls, Girls
10.15 The Things They Carried

I did two tours in Iraq. Special ops. Darfur. The Congo. I've seen suicide bombers and child soldiers so hopped up on speed that they could barely talk, but they could sure as hell shoot an AK... Don’t tell me about monsters, cause I've met my share.

– Cole Trenton, 10.02 Reichenbach


Cole is a former marine with a vendetta against Dean Winchester for the murder of his father, Ed Trenton on June 21st, 2003. He was a military brat and close friends with Kit Verson growing up.


10.01 Black

Cole is shown to be working out in his home, when his young son hands him a fax that arrived. The fax is of a screen capture from a surveillance camera showing Dean Winchester with the word "Yup" written next to him. When Cole's wife asks him if it's "him," he confirms it, which sends her from the room in tears. Cole then goes to his weapon's locker and begins packing a bag with guns and ammunition. Later, when Sam is on his way to Beulah, North Dakota, his car suddenly breaks down. Not long after that happens, Cole arrives and helps Sam pop the hood to see what is wrong, pointing out the problem with the car is the kill switch under the hood, and shows him the remote to it. Before Sam can react, Cole quickly knocks him out with two punches to the head. He then leads a hooded and restrained Sam to an abandoned barn, where he places a call to Dean with Sam's phone, telling him if he wants his brother he'll needs to show up where he tells him or else he will kill Sam. However, Dean refuses a meet-up, telling him that Sam is on his own, but promising to one day find and kill Cole.

A young Cole, stumbles across his murdered father.

10.02 Reichenbach

Cole relates to Sam the reasoning for his pursuit of Dean, who in 2003 killed Cole's father in their home. He tries to convince Sam to help him get Dean, as Dean had given Sam up to Cole to kill. Sam still refuses, and tries to convince Cole that Dean did what he did for a reason, by telling him that monsters are real. Thinking Sam is crazy, Cole turns to torture to try and get Sam to comply. Before Cole is about to take a hammer to Sam's knee, he gets a phone call from his son. He takes the call outside, and the distraction allows Sam to escape. However, the phone call had been a ruse by Cole, who planned to let Sam go so that he could follow him to Dean. Cole follows Sam to Killdeer, North Dakota. Cole throws teargas into the bar the brothers are in, forcing them outside. There, he finally confronts Dean; Cole attempts to engage in hand-to-hand combat with Dean, but proves to be no match for the hunter-turned-Knight. When he is finally able to catch Dean off guard and slice his cheek with a knife, he is shocked to see the wound heal instantly. At that point Dean reveals to Cole that he is a demon. After Cole tells him to follow through on his threat and kill him, Dean simply decides to knock him out; Sam takes this as a sign that Dean spared Cole's life out of mercy because Dean is not wholly evil, but Dean explains that he did it only to further torment Cole by making him live with the knowledge that he had gotten the opportunity to avenge his father, and failed. After regaining consciousness, a bloodied and beaten Cole is seen at a library asking the librarian for any and all books they have on demons.

10.07 Girls, Girls, Girls

Having captured a demon, Cole tortures him for information on Dean, still intent on getting his revenge.

As Dean captures Rowena, Cole confronts him for his revenge and forces Dean to let Rowena go. He throws holy water on Dean who tells him he's not a demon anymore and wasn't when he killed his father. Cole and Dean fight again and once again Dean overpowers Cole, getting his gun back and preventing Cole from getting his own. However, rather than kill Cole, Dean asks for five minutes to explain himself and then Cole can kill him if he wants. Dean even gives Cole his gun as proof of this and Cole hears him out. Dean explains that Cole's father was an unknown type of monster that was killing people to consume their livers. When he came home the night he died, he may have been planning to eat Cole or his mother. Cole refuses to believe him at first, pointing out that his father called out to him but Dean believes it was a trick and the man his father was was long dead. A tearful Cole has a hard time believing it, but Dean tells him that he knows what he's going through and that Dean is doomed to a terrible death at some point. Dean prevents Sam from interfering and Cole finally accepts the truth. Sam and Dean remind Cole of his family and convince him to give up his vendetta and hunting lifestyle and go home to the people who need him.

10.15 The Things They Carried

Sam and Dean investigate a murder-suicide where an Special Forces vet, Rick Willis, killed fellow vet Private Jackie Prescott and drank her blood before consuming a gallon of gasoline and lighting himself on fire. His widow reports he had an insatiable thirst for water before he died, having drunk out of the garden hose and a tub of bath water. The Winchesters discover another member of the same squad, Kit Verson, is experiencing similar symptoms. They visit his wife Jemma, and she confirms his behavior mirroring Rick's before reporting him missing. As they leave her house, Cole is waiting for them by the Impala, having been contacted by Jemma. Cole is a friend of Kit's and wants to help find the war hero, and ensure Sam and Dean don't kill Kit.

Cole vomiting up his Khan worm.

Cole finds out from a Military Intelligence contact that Rick and Kit were on a mission to rescue Major Matt Jones, a POW held at the Najaf Cemetery in Iraq. Footage from the mission shows that Matt was crazed, attacking both Rick and Kit before he was killed and likely infecting them.

Cole and the Winchesters find that Kit has killed a man at a convenience store and fed on his blood. Cole finds out from Jemma that Kit may have gone to his father's cabin, and takes off alone to find him. At the cabin, Kit attacks Cole and a Khan Worm leaves his body before entering Cole through his mouth. Sam and Dean arrive, having tailed Cole. As a second Khan Worm tries to infect Cole, they knock it out of his mouth and kill it, but Kit narrowly escapes.

Sam takes off after Kit, and Dean attempts to expel the worm from Cole using electrocution, which had worked previously. Despite repeated efforts, it has no effects and almost kills him. Once they deduce that consuming fluids like blood and water drives the worm to infect its victims, Cole and Dean come up with the plan to rapidly dehydrate Cole to drive it out, so they light the fireplace and turn the cabin into a virtual sauna. While Cole attacks Dean twice, it eventually works, and the worm leaves Cole long enough for Dean to stomp it dead.

Meanwhile, Kit has returned home and attacks his wife, crazed with thirst and attempting to infect her as well, but Sam arrives and saves her. He ties up Kit, planning to take him to the cabin with Cole as he explains what happened on his last mission with Jemma. However, he escapes and chokes Sam, forcing the younger Winchester to kill him. Later when Sam apologizes, Cole says he already confirmed what happened with Jenna, and chooses not to hold it against him. The official story is that Kit tried killing his wife and Jemma shoots him in self-defense. Cole decides that he wants to go home to his family and they depart each other amicably, though the war vet hopes he doesn't see the Winchesters anymore, which they don't take personally before he drives off.


  • Cole is depicted as being younger than Dean. In real life, actor Travis Aaron Wade is three years older than Jensen Ackles.
  • The photo briefly seen of Cole dressed in a marine uniform in 10.01 Black is an actual photo of actor Travis Aaron Wade from his time in the United States Marine Corps.
  • The green Jeep Wrangler YJ Cole is seen driving is the same model Jeep that was used by Dean in 5.04 The End, though with a tan hardtop.

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