Constance Welch

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Constance Welch.png
Name Constance Welch
Actor Sarah Shahi
Dates 1957-1981 (suicide)
1981-2005 (dispatched when she is forced to confront her children, in the home where she killed them)
Location Jericho, California
Occupation Woman in White
Episode(s) 1.01 Pilot


Woman in White.png

In 1981, twenty-four year old Constance Welch drowned after she jumped off Sylvania Bridge near the Centennial Highway in Jericho, California. An hour previously, she had called 911 and reported that her two children drowned in the bath after she briefly left them unattended. In reality, she went insane and drowned her children after finding out her husband had been unfaithful.

Since her death, she haunted the highway, appearing as a hitchhiker to young men. Constance would beg to be "taken home," but then protest that "she could never go home." She would then kill the young men after she tempted them into being unfaithful. Ten men died on the same five mile stretch of highway before Dean and Sam stopped her.

On the voice mail message John leaves Dean, there is EVP of Constance saying "I can never go home."

When Dean and Sam forced her to enter her old home, the ghosts of her two children appeared, and her spirit was destroyed.

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