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So, this is a big 'ol list of Supernatural crack, y'know, all the standard multi-fandom crack plots, kinks and cliches, with the more Supernatural-specific ones, such as Succubi Made Us Do It. Why? It just grew out of two earlier LJ lists, so here's what we've got so far...

WARNINGS AND DISCLAIMER: This is some dangerous crack here. I am not responsible for your brain dribbling out your ears after reading this. I've mostly tagged if it *isn't* wincest.

Notes on contributing: This is open for editing and additions, just:

  • follow the existing format
  • sort by first posted date, i.e. the date of first posting for the first chapter of a serial
  • link to the posters journal or website if possible, rather than a comm
  • you can add 'by author' - it just hasn't been done to the existing links because it's a biggish job


Body Swap

2006-02-20 / unnamed snippet by slytherinblack

2006-03-01 / Turn It Over and by monkiedude Rec

2006-02-20 / porny outtake from 'Turn It Over And' by monkiedude

2006-03-01 / Flip It Back Over by ethrosdemon

2006-03-06 / This Bloody Road by trollprincess (character death, gen)

2006-04-27 / a little superstitious now by estrella30

2006-04-30 / give or take the subject or the verb by joyfulgirl41

2006-06-06 / porny 'Turn It Over And' snippet/outtake by monkiedude

2006-08-15 / There's gotta be a punch line in here somewhere by lyra_wing

Gender Switch

2005-11-27 / Man, I Feel Like A Woman by lyra_wing

2005-11-29 / That Old Slippery Slope by scribblinlenore

2005-12-06 / Opportunistic Lover by joyfulgirl41

2006-01-13 / unfinished snippets of The Venus Way by goddessleila

2006-01-27 / porn scene from The Venus Way by goddessleila

2006-01-17 / Wayward Son (1/?) by slytherinblack (WIP)

2006-02-05 / The City of Angels (and Demons and Lawyers) by joyfulgirl41 (Angel/SPN crossover, with priestiform cameo)

2006-02-26 / Ecce Crucem Domini by unautremonde

2006-03-08 / But Wind Enough, and Time by moveablehistory

2006-03-07 / How Am I Gonna Keep Myself Away From Me by ethrosdemon

2006-03-10 / Lost in Subtle Metaphor by princess-bunny (gen)

2006-03-19 / This Would Be A Good Time For Plan B by omgwtf42

2006-03-22 / Dancing Backward by janissa11 (WIP)

2006-04-04 / This One Time, In a Michelle Pfeiffer Movie... by trollprincess

2006-04-10 / ...And the Horse You Rode In On (interlude for 'This One Time...') by trollprincess

2006-04-10 / Sew Buttons on Ice Cream (See If They Stick) (interlude for 'This One Time...') by trollprincess

2006-04-17 / Keep Your Voice Down, Stupid (interlude for 'This One Time...') by trollprincess

2006-04-20 / The Road to Hell by SerenityChaos (WIP)

2006-05-08 / An Unexpected Twist by marie72

2006-05-14 / Boobs and Haircurlers by thisissirius

2006-05-31 / Cliches are True Though by princess-bunny

2006-06-12 / bind but till sleep by olivia-notebook

2006-06-13 / The D Word by hopeful-fiction (Dean/fc's, crossover with The L Word - Rec!)

2006-06-13 / Ashes Ashes/We All Fall Down by spinnyroses

2006-06-17 / Couldn't Put Together Again by spinnyroses


Thank god it's all demon babies.
Our fandom is all growed up. Or something...
There's a comm. o_O *abdicates*

2005-12-26 / unnamed snippet by ponderosa121

2006-02-12 / deliberately cracky snippet by ginalin

2006-02-21 / expecting by cathybites

2006-03-08 / But Wind Enough, and Time by moveablehistory

2006-06-11 / Seeds of Vengeance by isolde13

2006-07-26 / Boy, One Day You’ll Be A Man by laminy

2006-07-26 / Look What Love Has Done by laminy (WIP)

Cross Dressing

2005-12-26 / unnamed snippet by ponderosa121

2006-03-26 / go the other way by sevenfists

2006-05-01 / Good Girls Wear Hose by dodger_winslow (gen)

2006-05-30 / Losing a Bet by aracale

2006-05-11 / Halloween by hopeful-fiction

Amnesia Fic

2006-03-20 / Tabula rasa by lyra-wing

2006-04-30 / Memories of Me by Gillian Middleton

2006-05-07 / Of Bastard Saints by nilchance (gen)

2006-08-15 / A Fine and Private Place by ellipsisblack

Time Travel

2006-01-18 / comment snippet by cathybites

2006-08-08 / Annus Mirabilis by ellipsisblack

2006-08-13 / Sentio Aquilos Togatos Contra Me Conspirare by ellipsisblack


2006-02-26 / Balance of Power part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6 by mayatawi (WIP)

2006-04-01 / Under a Haystack by janissa11 (gen)

2006-04-14 / Innocent by mona1347 (gen, mental de-age)

2006-04-22 / do-over by olivia-notebook (gen)


2006-03-01 / Becoming by Miss Meehan

2006-04-14 / Crystal Blue Persuasion by wrenscribbles (also curse!fic)

2006-04-15 / That Which Abides: After All of This by Maygra

2006-04-29 / In Miles, In Laughter, In Strife by lyra-wing (minor)

2006-05-24 / And we are here as on a darkling plain by lyra-wing

2006-06-25 / On What Wings by groaty

Werewolf fic

2006-05-18 / On the banks of the Tiber by hopeful-fiction (gen-ish S/D)

2006-05-22 / Three Ways the Winchesters Were Never Werewolves by hopeful-fiction (gen)

2006-06-29 / Field of Mars sequel to 'On the banks of the Tiber' by hopeful-fiction (gen)

Vampire fic

In progress, and - of extremely varying quality

2005-12-20 / Story 1, Five Things That Never Happened To Dean Winchester by lyra-wing

2006-04-12 / The Kindest Cut by guede_mazaka (long, good)

2006-04-18 / Sweetest Perfection by la-folle-allure (f-locked?)

Post-Dead Mans Blood

2006-04-21 / Last Rites by trollprincess

2006-04-23 / For Life by ashlesha17

2006-04-14 / Badlands sequel to 'The Kindest Cut' by guede_mazaka (AU for DMB)

2006-04-25 / One Step Ahead by pixel-0 (gen)

2006-04-27 / Blood Brothers 1, part 2 by deviant_dev (WIP)

2006-04-24 / Bring Me to Life by acostilow (WIP)

2006-05-08 / The Road Less Travelled sequel to 'Badlands by guede_mazaka

2006-08-03 / devil tips his hat by wheebubbles

2006-09-06 / Count the Months by albydarned

[Incomplete liek woah!]

Speshul Crack Category?

2005-01-05 / When Siblings E-attack by eighth-horizon (gen)

Yak Fucking

2006-07-18 / Public Service Announcement by gekizetsu (fanart)

2006-07-23 / Untitled Fic?by gekizetsu

2006-07-25 / Animal Loversby ignipes

2006-07-25 / Of Noble Pursuitsby drvsilla

Crack Cliches (sex)

Sex Pollen!

2006-01-18 / unnamed sex pollen ficlet by ficbyzee

2006-03-05 / Tempt not a desperate man by lmo_loves_me

2006-05-17 / And All These Twisted Thoughts I See by poisontaster

Succubi Made Us Do It

2005-10-08 / Shell of Shotgun, Pint of Gin [Edit: Corrected name, was 'hippogryff fic'] by nilchance Rec

2005-10-27 / Night Out by acostilow (Sam/Dean/MS)

2005-11-10 / Such Sweet Ruin by scribblinlenore (Temptation Goddess, close enough?)

2005-12-17 / The Secret Life of Demons (Dean/OMC, no wincest) (Page Error?)

2006-01-29 / The Rules Remain a Mystery by joyfulgirl41

2006-03-09 / You let me complicate you by trollprincess

2006-02-12 / Take It All Away by mona1347 (part 2 in a series)

2006-04-03 / A Succubus' Kiss (f-locked?)

2006-04-21 / Come On Now, Bring It On by trollprincess


(Made Us Do It)

2006-03-15 / Devil Driven by writings-from (curse!fic)

2006-04-06 / Curses Foiled by vodou-blue (curse!fic)

2006-04-14 / Crystal Blue Persuasion by wrenscribbles (also wing!fic)

2006-07-04 / Be Good by sanyin (curse!fic)


2005-02-24 / I'm Not Touching You (And Other Annoying Games Little Brothers Play) by trollprincess

2006-06-20 / Open Secrets 1 2 3 by meadowmines by meadowmines

2006-07-31 / There the Crevasse by monkiedude

Mystical Forces Made Us Do It

2005-10-30 / Factum Amoris by scribblinlenore

2005-12-01 / Mask of the Hart by olivia-notebook

2005-12-17 / Jericho, Inner Spaces, Taking Over Me by Aklani (angst, Dean/Sam-as-proxy-for-OMC)

2006-05-04 / Sacrifice by beren



2006-01-29 / The Rules Remain a Mystery by joyfulgirl41

2006-02-13 / Deep, Dark Sekrits by teh-no (gen)

2006-02-26 / Three First Times by anne-higgins

2006-04-07 / The Sorta-Virgin Sacrifice by anne-higgins

2006-04-18 / Virginity by neviditelny


2006-02-03 / Maybe by raconter

2006-05-04 / Sacrifice by beren



Kyrie Eleison by ethrosdemon

2005-12-19 / rituale romanum I, rituale romanum II, the cure of souls, vespers, vade retro satana by traveller (AU)

Post-Nightmares (because they actually *did* it. The power of prayer, maybe?)

2006-02-08 / Keep Saying It, It Might Come True by trollprincess

2006-02-09 / Bless me, Father by castalie

2006-02-09 / Sin Deep by la-folle-allure (part 1)

2006-02-14 / Sleeping In Sodom by la-folle-allure (part 2)

2006-02-24 / Hey Jealousy by la-folle-allure (part 3)

2006-02-10 / Confessions in a Cheap Motel by dopplegl

[incomplete liek woah]

Rent Boy / Prostitution / Hustling

2005-10-17 / Story 3, in 5 Things that never happened to Dean Winchester by cccarioca (AU)

2005-12-01 / Shouldn't Ever Have to Be This Hard by strone-princess (only minor)

2005-12-09 / Room & Board by Maygra

2006-01-18 / Room & Board Interlude (part 1) 2) by la-folle-allure

2005-12-12 / Don't ask, Don't tell by winterlive

2005-12-22 / and they're turning us into monsters turning us into fire by theyscreamofyou

2006-01-15 / Turn to Face the Strange Changes by Paperbkryter

2006-01-31 / Halo (In Reverse) by poisontaster Rec

2006-03-30 / In The Water, I Am Beautiful by la-folle-allure

2006-04-05 / Illumination and Other Things That Go Bump In the Night by la-folle-allure

2006-04-05 / Born Every Minute by apetslife

2006-04-09 / When the Lights are Dim by lyssiebaby

2006-04-25 / This Apparatus Must Be Unearthed by la-folle-allure

2006-06-01 / Easy Money by wilwarin1

2006-07-22 / No Virtue Like It by derryderrydown

2006-08-06 / And Roads are Endless by laytoncolt

[incomplete liek woah]

AU Alternate Universe

General AU's

2005-12-19 / rituale romanum I, rituale romanum II, the cure of souls, vespers, vade retro satana by traveller (Priest AU)

2006-01-04 / Rule of Threes by glockgal (Gen, Batmanverse comment fic)

2006-02-18 / Soldiers by monkeycrackmary (Batmanverse AU)

2006-05-17 / These Are Words That Go Together Well by sanyin (girl!Dean AU)

5 Things type AU's

2005-10-17 / 5 Things that never happened to Dean Winchester by cccarioca

2005-12-20 / Five Things That Never Happened To Dean Winchester by lyra-wing

2006-03-12 / Game of Life by monkeycrackmary (Jess-centric, gen)

2006-04-21 / Fistful of Rain by marinarusalka (Dean-centric, gen)


Some might argue whether crossovers are necessarily crack. *blows raspberry*

A better point may be that there's no chance I could index them all, so here's some less known/more cracky crossovers. See say, for more.

RealPerson/SPN crossovers (ie Dean/Jared)

2006-02-18 / Substitutes by kennedy-bowman

2006-02-20 / He's apropos of nothin' by magickly (Sam/Sheryl Crow)

2006-03-02 / LA story by kennedy-bowman

2006-04-04 / Not You But Him by lyra-wing

2006-04-15 / There are no sign-posts part 2 by lalejandra (Dean/Christian Kane)

2006-07-09 / How to get rid of a poltergeist and sucked off by a boybander in less than 10 minutes by stellamira (Dean/Lance Bass)

2006-08-05 / Crackalicious Adventures in the Land of OTP by keeperofthecheez (S/D, JA/JP)

Angel, Buffy 'Verse

2005-02-05 / Slither by fryadvocate


Kansas by ethrosdemon

Boondock Saints

2006-01-29 / Compels You Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4


2006-01-04 / Rule of Threes (Gen, Batmanverse comment fic)

2006-02-18 / Soldiers (Batmanverse AU)

2006-04-07 / Brotherly Love

Hell Blazer (ie John Constantine)

Finding Hell (Dean/Constantine)

Demons (Dean/Constantine)

Xena/Hercules 'Verse

2006-03-18 / Gods have bad days, too


2006-03-29 / Ticket to Anywhere (simon/sam)