Craig Thursten

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Name Craig Thursten
Actor Shane Meier
Location Richardson, Texas
Occupation Record store employee
Episode(s) 1.17 Hell House


Craig accidentally created the tulpa Mordechai Murdoch with his cousin Dana, creating the legend of Hell House.


1.17 Hell House

Craig leads a group of teenagers to a reputedly haunted house, but the thrills turn tragic when they find the body of a girl hanging in the cellar. However, by the time the police arrive, the body is missing. Two months later Sam and Dean arrive in Richarason to investigate what happened. While interviewing the teenagers who saw the dead body, the teens point Sam and Dean to Craig Thurston as the one who took them to Hell House.

Sam and Dean arrive at the record shop that Craig works at posing as reporters, inquiring about the legend of Hell House. Craig tells them the story Mordechai Murdoch, and how killed his daughters during the Depression. Later when Dean recognizes a symbol associate with Blue Öyster Cult, which causes Craig to admit that he and his cousin Dana made up the legend of Mordechai Murdoch when they were bored and thought it would be fun to make an abandoned house look haunted by painting various symbols found on album covers and theology textbooks, and made up the story of Mordechai Murdoch to go with it, which spread and took on a life of its own.