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Name Creedy
Actor Jon Van Ness
Occupation Hunter
Episode(s) 3.03 Bad Day at Black Rock

You just went all spastic, and knocked yourself out. It was like watching Jerry Lewis trying to stack chairs.

– Creedy, 3.03 Bad Day at Black Rock


Creedy is a hunter and a friend of Kubrick.


3.03 Bad Day at Black Rock

Kubrick recruits Creedy to help him take down Sam Winchester. Creedy questions Kubrick if he is doing the right thing, since he doesn't have any actual hard evidence on Sam, and is only going on Gordon Walker's "instincts," but in the end agrees to help him out. After they go through their hunter contacts to try and track down Sam, finding no new leads, Creedy suggests they eat at a Biggerson's. While looking at their online menu Creedy comes across a photo of Sam and Dean winning free Biggerson's meals for a year. Creedy and Kubrick track down the Biggerson's the Winchesters were photographed at, but the brothers are long gone.

Later Kubrick and Creedy stumble on Sam, who has been feeling the effects of the rabbit's foot and accidentally knocks himself out in his hotel in front of the window, where Creedy and Kubrick were walking by. Creedy restrains Sam in a chair and Kubrick proceeds to smack him around, accusing him of being a part of the demon army plan and trying to get information out of him. When Sam offers no information, Kubrick prepares to shoot him, which Creedy tries to stop him from doing. Kubrick tries to explain to Creedy that it was God's hand that lead them to finding Sam. Suddenly Dean arrives and with the power of the rabbit's foot is able to lodge a pen in the barrel of Kubrick's gun, as well as side-step Creedy who lunges at Dean with a punch, causing Creedy to run straight into the wall, falling backwards and hitting the floor, knocking himself out.