Curtain Fic

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Curtain!Fic is a term for stories that focus on a (usually) romantic domesticity – as in "they moved in together and started picking out curtains".

In Supernatural fic, these stories - predominately Wincest or Destiel- cover any pairing, and often focus on a time after the characters have retired from hunting and settle down together or on interludes when they stay in one place, often due to someone being injured. There are also stories which are Gen (any combination of characters including Team Free Will) or even Sam and Dean settling down with a female partner.

As with all fanfic, stories may be in any genre, although the adjustment to life outside of hunting is a dominant theme. Stories may also overlap with other genres such as Kid Fic or Post-Apocalypse.

J2 stories in this genre have always been around, although when Jared and Jensen started sharing a house in Vancouver in mid-2008 the number of non_AU stories written in the genre increased markedly.


  • Fluff and Fold, a community for both Supernatural and RPS domestic fic created in October 2007.[[Category:Vernacular]!