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Name Cyrus Dorian
Actor Dee Jay Jackson
Dates  ???? - 1963 (murdered)
2006 (dispatched when his bones are burned and the truck is lured to consecrated ground)
Location Cape Girardeau, Missouri
Occupation Vengeful Spirit
Episode(s) 1.13 Route 666


Cyrus Dorian's truck.

Cyrus Dorian dated Cassie Robinson's mother before she left him for Martin Robinson. Enraged Cyrus burnt down the church they were to be married in, killing the children's choir. Cyrus then attacked Martin but two of his friends, Clayton Solmes and Jimmy Anderson helped him and Cyrus was killed. They disposed of his body and truck in a swamp. Harold Todd, a young deputy at the time, knew of the crime, but covered it up because he knew Cyrus was responsible for the death of the children.

Recently, Harold Todd, now Mayor of Cape Girardeau, Missouri has purchased the old Dorian home and bulldozed it. The following day, Clayton was killed, and within three weeks, Cassie's father is also killed by the 'phantom' truck.

After Sam and Dean arrive, Jimmy, now the newspaper editor and Cassie's boss, is run off the road to his death by the "ghost truck." Todd is run down and killed, and Cassie and her mother threatened. The boys drag the truck from the swamp and salt and burn Cyrus' body, but to no avail. As the truck pursues Dean in the Impala, Sam directs Dean to lure it over the consecrated ground where the church was, and Cyrus is dispatched.

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