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Danneel Harris from the Hottest 100 girls in 2007 on maxim.com


Full name: Elta Danneel Harris

Born: March 18, 1979, in Lafayette, Louisiana

Since early 2007, Danneel and Jensen have appeared at a number of public events together including the Madden Launch and the premier of Spiderman 3 in Japan. This has lead to speculation that they are in a relationship.


Danneel Harris was born and raised in Louisiana before moving to Los Angeles to study acting. She did some modeling work and in 2004 landed a role in the small independent film The Plight of Clownana, a film was co-produced by Jensen Ackles. Danneel had guest roles in a number of TV series, and now has a recurring role as Rachel on the CW’s One Tree Hill.

Danneel co-starred with Jensen in Ten Inch Hero. Her next film is Harold and Kumar 2 to be released in 2008


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