Daphne Allen

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Name Daphne Allen
Actor Johanna Marlowe
Location Colorado
Episode(s) 7.17 The Born-Again Identity


One day while out hiking, Daphne finds Castiel wet and naked coming out of the river with no memory of who he is. She claims that God led her to him and takes him home. Using the site bouncingbabynames.com, she helps him choose the name Emmanuel. They later marry, and she supports his work as a healer.


7.17 The Born-Again Identity

Demons have become interested in Emmanuel, and one invades his home, taking Daphne captive. When Dean arrives looking for the healer called Emmanuel, he kills the demon freeing Daphne just as "Emmanuel"/Castiel returns home. While he does not remember his real identity, he agrees to go with Dean and see if he can help Sam. Daphne stays at home.


  • If you visited the site in 2012, you would be met with a game titled 'How many times can you make Baby Emanuel Bounce?'. The game involved making a picture of Misha Collins bounce. Attempting to access the website a while later would give you a 403 error from the Web Server at GISHWHES, suggesting that Misha had bought the domain name. Sometime before 2014, the domain name expired and — as of October 2023 — an unknown fan has clearly bought it and it now redirects you to a Supernatural Review and Commentary thread in InterstellarMessages messageboards by user 'Chatwoman' for some reason. The domain was registered in July 2023 despite the thread not having been updated since 2022.