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* [[13.18 Bring 'em Back Alive]]
* [[13.18 Bring 'em Back Alive]]
* [[13.22 Exodus]]
* [[13.22 Exodus]]
==David in Fandom==
===[[:Category:Conventions|Convention]] Appearances===

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David as Mr. Ketch during season 12 of Supernatural.

David Haydn-Jones plays Arthur Ketch.



April: Darklight Con 3 Paris 2019
May: Purgatory 2019
June: Cross Roads 2019
August 23-25: Salute to Supernatural Vancouver 2019
October 11-13: Salute to Supernatural Toronto 2019
October 19-20: The Giving Back Tour Burbank 2019
November 1-3: Salute to Supernatural Washington D.C. 2019



Fandom-Inspired Projects


Sketch Comedy

David's acting career began in sketch comedy. He and writing/performing partner Adam Sternbergh formed the comedy duo Jokeboy.


When not portraying an assassin, David is often found in the role of "Christmas Dad" in Hallmark films.

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