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This is Dean's other, other cell so, you must know what to do.

Dean's voicemail, 5.12 Swap Meat

In Phantom Traveler, Dean's cell phone number is given: 1-866-907-3235. It is currently not active. If you phoned the number early in the season, the following messages (spoken by Jensen Ackles) would play:

Message 1:

"This is Dean Winchester. If this is an emergency, leave a message. If you're calling about 11-2-83, please page me with your coordinates."

Message 2:

"Dad, we really need to hear from you. Leave me a message, text me, check your jwinchester1246 gmail. Anything. We have new info."

Side note: In real life, Jared has twice tweeted the number (778) 237-3022. He eventually stated that it is the number to a prop phone that was used by Jensen on set.

In 2.13 Houses of the Holy Dean's phone is the 2006 Verizon Chocolate.

In 5.03 Free to Be You and Me, Dean's number in Sam's phone is (212) 555-0113.

Dean has owned a Motorola i850, an LG slide phone, and an unidentified flip phone (which could possibly be a LG VX8700). As of 6.14 Mannequin 3: The Reckoning, Dean owned a Nokia N78. The display image seems to be of his legs up on a table. In 7.17 The Born-Again Identity Dean's phone number is 785-555-0128.

In 9.02 Devil May Care Kevin answers what is supposedly Dean's previous phone, which he retrieves from a box of spare phones. It looks to be a Blackberry slider, like the BlackBerry Torch 9800.

As of Season 11 Dean has upgraded to an Apple iPhone.

Dean's Nokia N78 in 6.14 Mannequin 3: The Reckoning.
Dean's phone screen in 6.14 Mannequin 3: The Reckoning.
Dean's Cell Phone in 9.02 Devil May Care.

Dean's Cell Phone in use

Season One

1.01 Pilot

The first appearance of Dean's phone. He calls Sam to warn him about the police in 1.01 Pilot.
  • As Dean is leaving to get food, the police see him and start approaching. He uses his phone to call Sam and warn him that the police are on to them.

1.04 Phantom Traveler

  • Dean gets a call from Jerry Panowski asking for help. He tells him he was helped by him and his dad a couple years back when he had a Poltergeist. Later he calls Dean again to let him know about Chuck Lambert. As the boys are leaving he explains he got Dean's number from his dad's voicemail. Dean calls his dad's phone and they listen to the new message.

1.08 Bugs

  • Dean calls Larry Pike and pretends to be Travis Weaver with Oklahoma Gas and Power to try to get him to leave his home. Larry realizes it's not Travis and asks who's calling, so Dean hangs up.

1.09 Home

  • Dean lies to Sam, saying he needs to go to the bathroom in order to try to call their dad again. He gets his voicemail and leaves him a message to call him back, because they're at their old house.

1.10 Asylum

  • Deans phone starts ringing in the motel room and he has trouble locating it. When he finds it in the pile of clothes on the bed, it's a text message of coordinates from an unavailable number.

1.11 Scarecrow

  • Dean discusses the events occurring in Burkittsville with Sam while driving the to the local community college.

1.12 Faith

  • When Dean can't stop Layla from going up on stage, he yells "fire" to clear the tent and calls Sam to tell him he stopped Roy.

1.13 Route 666

  • Dean gets a call from Cassie while stopped at a gas station and tells Sam they're heading to Missouri for a case.
  • Dean gets a call from Sam while researching with Cassie regarding the case.
  • Dean calls Sam for help to lose the ghost truck. Sam says he needs a minute and hangs up. Seconds later Sam calls back and gives Dean driving directions to a specific church.

1.16 Shadow

  • Dean calls Sam, who's sitting outside Meg's place watching her, to give him the news that her background checks out after a little research. Then they discuss the case.

1.17 Hell House

Dean takes a photo of his prank on Sam with his phone in 1.17 Hell House.
  • Dean sticks a spoon in Sam's mouth, who is sleeping shotgun in the Impala at the time, and then pulls out his phone to photograph the prank while driving.

1.18 Something Wicked

  • Dean is at the hospital with Asher and his mom as he gets a call from Sam about leads on the case.

1.19 Provenance

  • While settling into their motel room, Dean takes out his phone, dials a couple numbers, and holds it out to Sam telling him to, "Call her", meaning Sarah Blake at the auction house.
  • Dean gets a call from Sam after he and Sarah are locked into Evelyn's house. Sam tells Dean the ghost is actually Melanie Merchant and they quickly form a plan save him and Sarah. Dean waits on hold as Sam puts the phone down to search for iron and the ghost attacks. When Sam picks it back up, Dean asks if they are okay. Sarah tells Sam to explain to Dean about the antique dolls at the auction and Dean heads to the mausoleum.
  • Dean calls Sam back to make sure they are okay after visiting the mausoleum.

1.21 Salvation

  • When the boys return to their motel room after saving the Holt family, Dean's tries to contact their dad, with no success. After talking to Sam, Dean tries him again, but Meg answers John's phone.

Season Two

2.02 Everybody Loves a Clown

  • Dean gets a call from Sam while working the carnival. They discuss the possibility that the spirit they're hunting may be attached to its remains instead of a cursed object. Dean tells Sam they should check it out and that he's on his way, then hangs up abruptly.

2.05 Simon Said

Dean's on the phone with Sam next to Andy's van in 2.05 Simon Said.
  • After Sam sees Andy drive by in the Impala, we cut to Dean who is on his phone with a frantic Sam. Dean lets Sam know Andy is using some kind of mind control.

2.06 No Exit

  • While the boys and Jo are settling into the apartment, Ellen calls Dean, because she doesn't believe Jo went to Vegas. Dean and Jo whisper an argument, and Dean caves, telling Ellen he hasn't seen Jo.
  • Right after Jo disappears, Ellen calls Dean saying she knows Jo is there because Ash told her everything. She demands to speak to Jo and Dean tries to lie and say she's busy. When that doesn't work, he tells Ellen he'll get her back, and Ellen says she'll be on the first flight out, and hangs up.

2.09 Croatoan

  • Shortly after arriving in River Grove, the boys decide to get help from Bobby or Ellen. Dean takes out his phone to call them, but realizes he has no service.

2.10 Hunted

  • After he is shot at, Sam calls Dean for help after finding shell casings. Dean has been captured by Gordon, so Gordon holds the phone up for Dean to answer. Dean gives Sam the address and uses the code word "funky town" to let Sam know he's in trouble.
  • After Sam saves Dean and Gordon is arrested, Dean calls Ellen to confront her for telling him about Sam. Ellen denies letting word out about Sam and explains that any hunter passing through the roadhouse could have found out.

2.13 Houses of the Holy

Dean's phone while he listens to Zeppelin in 2.13 Houses of the Holy.
  • When Sam returns from interviewing the woman in a psychiatric facility, Dean is enjoying the Magic Fingers hooked up to his hotel bed and listening to Led Zeppelin's "Kashmir" on his LG phone.

2.14 Born Under a Bad Sign

  • The episode opens with Dean alone, leaning on the Impala, talking to Ellen. He asks her if she's seen Sam and explains he won't answer his phone and isn't responding to voicemails. Suddenly, he gets another call through call waiting. It's a frantic Sam asking Dean for help. Dean asks where he is and tell him he'll be right there. He hangs up on both Sam and Ellen and drives off.
  • Later, Jo calls Dean's cellphone in order to locate him. It keeps going to voicemail, because he is unconscious and unable to answer it. Luckily, she keeps redialing and she finds him by following the sound of his classic rock ringtone.

2.17 Heart

  • As he leaves the body shop, Dean calls Sam and hassles him for doing, well, exactly what he was doing. Dean says he has a lead on Kurt and then asks Sam, "What's she wearing?" To which, Sam says, "Bye, Dean." and hangs up on him.

2.20 What Is and What Should Never Be

  • The episode opens with Dean driving the Impala at night. His phone rings; it's Sam. He informs Dean there is a police car outside their hotel room. Sam is unsure they're looking for them, but then it pulls away. They discuss the case. Dean tells Sam he's going to go check out a location he passed a couple miles back, but Sam tries to insist he come pick him up first. Dean disagrees and says it will be fine. They hang up.

Season Three

3.01 The Magnificent Seven

  • After leaving with Tamara and Isaac, Dean is seen on the phone in another room. After a minute, he comes into the room where Sam and Bobby are examining Tamara and Isaac's hunting equipment. He finishes up, presumably, making a date with Jenny the coroner and then tells the group that the bodies they found were dehydrated and starved.

3.03 Bad Day at Black Rock

Dean talks to Bobby about Bela as Sam loses his shoe in 3.03 Bad Day at Black Rock.
  • When the boys leave after confronting Grossman, Dean gets a call back from Bobby. He tells Dean that he's found a heavyweight cleansing ritual for the foot. Dean has to explain that Sam lost the foot and he and Bobby discuss Bela, as Sam loses his shoe in a storm drain while trying to remove gum from it. Bobby tells Dean to look after his brother, calling him an idjit, and then hangs up.
  • As the boys pull up to their motel, Dean is ending another call with Bobby, who this time has given them a location for Bela.

3.04 Sin City

  • The day after the shooting in the bar, after Richie leaves with Casey, Dean is back at the bar with Sam trying to call Richie. His phone rings out without an answer.
  • Later, Dean is driving and calls to check Sam's progress on the case. Sam whispers to Dean that he can't talk right then and tells him to meet at the bar later, before hanging up on Dean.

3.07 Fresh Blood

  • Bela sells the location of the boys to Gordon in exchange for a century-old hex bag. She phones Dean, whom we don't see or hear, and says, "Hello Dean? Hey, where are you?"
  • After being attacked by Gordon, Sam and Dean realize Bela sold them out. Dean immediately gets out his phone and calls her to confront her about it. Bela plays it cool and uncaring as usual, as Dean yells at her. He then threatens to kill her and hangs up.
  • While Sam and Dean are at their hotel room preparing to fight Gordon, Dean's phone rings. It's Bela, claiming she doesn't want a grudge against her. She tells Dean she'd rather he not kill her either, so she's calling to disclose Gordon's location, which she obtained by contacting a spirit. She directs them to a warehouse, tells them the warning message the spirit said to pass on, and hangs up.

3.09 Malleus Maleficarum

  • Dean calls the police to report the dead body of Amanda Burns. When asked for his name, he promptly hangs up.

3.10 Dream a Little Dream of Me

  • After the boys wake Bobby and are driving to find Jeremy, Bobby calls Dean with an update. Dean answers while driving, very irritable from over-caffeination. With no good news to report, Dean yells and tells him he's going to go blow his brains out, then hangs up on Bobby.

3.14 Long-Distance Call

Dean's phone says SHA33 when he gets mysterious calls from his father in 3.14 Long-Distance Call.
  • Dean is sitting on a bench outside, talking on the phone through mouthfuls of food. As Sam approaches, he hangs up. A brief discussion between the boys regarding the current case (Dean's demon deal), reveals Dean was talking to Bobby. He tells Sam what Bobby said and to head out. They have a new case.
  • Dean calls Sam while he is walking back to the Impala. They discuss the case and hang up. Immediately Dean's phone rings again; he pulls a face when checking the caller ID. Expecting Sam, Dean is stunned to hear John's voice. We don't hear any of their conversation other than John saying Dean's name. Later at the motel, Dean tells Sam the call cut out.
  • Later while Sam is asleep, Dean's phone rings again. The caller ID says SHA33; it's the Crocotta pretending to be John again. In disbelief Dean asks if it is really their father. The Crocotta claims it is truly John and scolds Dean about the demon deal. It tells him he knows a way out for both of them. It says the demon holding Dean's contract is where they are now. The call cuts out.
  • The next day Dean is back in the motel room sitting at a table, phone in front of him, waiting for the call. As it rings he checks the caller ID. He immediately answers, "Dad? Where's the demon?" We don't hear any further parts of their conversation, but the Crocotta must give Dean an address, as we next see him at someone's house, preparing for a demon.

3.15 Time Is on My Side

  • While the boys are researching in their motel room, Dean's phone rings. It's Bobby calling with a lead on Bela. He tells them a has-been hunter named Rufus Turner called him, saying a woman with a British accent called Mina Chandler phoned him regarding items he has for sale. Dean recognizes the name she used and Bobby gives them Rufus' location. They hang up.
  • Dean calls Sam while driving back from trying to retrieve the Colt from Bela. They discuss Dean's demon deal and Sam tells him he has the book where Doc Benton kept all his notes on his research on immortally. As he explains it's not witchcraft and just really weird science, Sam is attacked and drops the phone. Dean calls out to him to no avail.
  • After burying Doc Benton the boys set up their motel room for Bela and leave town. Bela visits their room and finds the blow up dolls. The motel room phone rings; it's Dean calling from the Impala. He tells Bela he felt her steal his motel receipt and saw the Devil's Shoestring above her door at her motel room. He says he knows her demon deal has come due. Bela tells him she knows about his deal too. She explains Lilith holds all the contracts and they need to kill her. Dean refuses to help Bela, tells her, "I'll see you in Hell," and hangs up.

Season Four

4.01 Lazarus Rising

  • As Dean and Bobby are driving to a location to summon whatever pulled Dean from hell, Dean calls Sam, who left the motel while he was sleeping. He tells Sam off for taking the Impala and they both lie about what they are doing. Without much else to say, they hang up.

4.02 Are You There, God? It's Me, Dean Winchester

  • After finding Olivia Lowry dead, the boys and Bobby start calling other hunters to check in on them. We hear Dean leave a voicemail for Jed, whom we see is already dead.
  • Later, as Sam and Dean leave Jed's house, Dean is on the phone with Bobby. They both report all the hunters they've checked on are dead. Bobby tells the boys to meet him back at his place, and they hang up.
  • After Sam is attacked by Victor Henriksen at the gas station, Dean tries to call Bobby from the car while driving to Bobby's house. Bobby doesn't answer and has no voicemail.

4.03 In the Beginning

Dean searches for cell reception in 4.03 In the Beginning.
  • After Castiel touches Dean's forehead, he wakes up on a bench. He pulls his phone out of his pocket and sees he has no signal. He holds it up in the air and moves it side to side before giving up and putting it away.
  • After sitting down in the diner shortly after, he asks a young John if he knows where he can get reception and shows him his phone. He tells Dean, "The USS Enterprise?"

4.06 Yellow Fever

  • Secluded to the motel room from fear, Dean is watching cartoons when his phone rings. He still has the same classic rock ring tone. It's Sam calling to tell him he and Bobby have come up with a plan. Dean asks for more information, but Sam won't divulge and tells Dean to, "hang in there", before hanging up.

4.07 It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester

  • While stuffing his face with candy on a stakeout outside Luke Wallace's home, Dean's phone rings -- classic rock ringtone, still going strong. It's Sam, calling to check on how the stakeout is progressing. Dean complains nothing has happened, but then Tracy Davis shows up. Presumably they hang up, as next, Dean is back at the motel with Sam.

4.14 Sex and Violence

  • We don't see Dean make the call, but he tries to contact Sam when Sam is with Dr. Cara Roberts. Sam ignored his call.
  • Dean tries to call Sam again after leaving the strip club. Sam answers and Dean tells him off for not answering before. He explains to Sam about the flowers and they argue about whether Dr Cara could be the siren. After learning Sam slept with Dr Cara, Dean thinks Sam could be infected and refuses to meet up with him. He hangs up.
  • After hanging up on Sam, Dean tries to call Bobby. He leaves a voicemail, informing Bobby that Sam may be infected and requesting a call back.
  • When Bobby doesn't answer, Dean phones the other FBI agent, Nick Munroe, and asks for his help to locate some one.

4.21 When the Levee Breaks

  • Dean is in the Impala on his way to find Sam. He's already on the phone with Bobby who is telling him there is a lot of demon sign in a nearby town. They discuss Sam's condition and Bobby reminds Dean that he's supposed to be getting Sam back, not driving him away. Dean hangs up.

4.22 Lucifer Rising

Castiel tells Dean he won't get through to Sam on a cell phone again from the Angel's greenroom in 4.22 Lucifer Rising.
  • After being transported to the Angels' Green Room and talking with Castiel and Zachariah, Dean decides to call Sam. He gets Sam's voicemail and leaves him a message to apologize. Just as he says sorry, the recording stops. Dean, frustrated, hangs up.
  • After Zachariah tells Dean the real plan and leaves, Dean tries to call Sam again. However, Castiel appears and tells him, "You can't reach him, Dean. You're outside your coverage zone." Dean hangs up.

Season Five

5.04 The End

  • We don't see the call being made, but it appears that Castiel called Dean to talk about finding the Colt. He suggests that if Dean wants to kill Lucifer, the gun may be the way. Dean agrees that they should search for it. Eager to begin looking, Castiel asks Dean's location and announces that he will be there immediately. Dean begs him to wait until morning so that he can have a few hours of sleep, then hangs up.
  • Shortly after Dean tries to go to sleep his phone rings again. He answers it aggressively, thinking it's Castiel, but it's Sam. They discuss that Sam is Lucifer's vessel. Sam thinks Dean isn't showing enough concern and he explains he wants to fight and stop the Angels from using them. Dean disagrees and says he doesn't want to get back together, saying they will use them against each other. Sam begs him not to do it, but Dean's tells him bye and hangs up.
  • Once in 2014, Dean hot wires a car. While on the road he takes out his phone and checks for a signal. Finding none, he snaps it shut in frustration and puts it away.
  • After returning to 2009 and being rescued from Zachariah by Castiel, Dean takes out his phone to make a call. We don't hear any of it, but next we see him, he's meeting up with Sam.

5.05 Fallen Idols

  • Dean is at a bar while Sam is off researching. As he's hitting on the bartender, his phone rings. It's Sam with an update on the case. Sam gives him crap for being in a bar while he works his ass off, then explains the car is not the real deal. The scene cuts.
  • Later, Sam walks in on Dean on his phone, mid-conversation. He's discussing the case with someone. Sam asks who it was and Dean replies Bobby. Sam feels betrayed and they have a small argument. Dean dodges Sam's questions and leaves, telling him they should get back on the case.
  • Sam and Dean are in the middle of a conversation to repair their relationship when Dean's phone rings. He doesn't say who it is, but he confirms some things and then hangs up. He tells Sam he was right: it's not ghosts and they aren't leaving after all.
  • As the boys are walking back to the Impala, packed up to leave, Dean is on his phone with Sheriff Rick Carnegie. He confirms the girl they rescued will be okay and they hang up.

5.07 The Curious Case of Dean Winchester

  • After finding the missing husband and learning about the magic poker chips, Dean calls Bobby to discuss the case. Bobby fills them in on the lore and asks if they found him yet. When Dean says there are a lot of bars and they'll need to split up, Bobby asks, "Why are you still talking to me?" They hang up.
  • Next we see Dean on the phone with Sam; neither one has found anything yet. Dean tells Sam to circle back to the motel and bring dinner -- extra bacon -- then hangs up.
  • While Dean is searching for DNA in Patrick's apartment, he's on the phone with Bobby. As his time runs out, he falls to the floor and becomes unresponsive. Bobby keeps calling out to him, but Dean doesn't respond. Instead he comes back downstairs, back to his normal age. Bobby calls him an idjit and hangs up.

5.08 Changing Channels

  • After the boys think they've killed the trickster, Dean is transported back to the motel room. When he can't find Sam because he's been fused with the Impala, Dean gets out his phone and tries to call him. Sam's phone goes to voicemail and Dean leaves him a message asking for a call back, then hangs up.

5.10 Abandon All Hope...

Sam and Dean check for cell reception in 5.10 Abandon All Hope...
  • Dean is on the phone to Castiel, who is spying on the demon Crowley. They found out that Bela may have sold the Colt to Crowley, and want to retrieve it. Dean and Castiel hang up, and Castiel continues spying on Crowley.
  • Later, Castiel calls Dean again to tell him he can't get into the building where Crowley went because it's covered in Enochian warding. Dean tells him good job, and that he and Sam will take it from here. Castiel must give them the location before they hang up, as next we see the boys heading out.
  • As the boys pull into to Carthage, Missouri, they have their cell phones out the windows, searching for signal. Sam asks Dean if he has a signal, and Dean replies, "No, nice and spooky." They close their phones and put them away.

5.12 Swap Meat

  • After splitting up so Sam can check the town records, Dean and Sam are on the phone, but we don't see Dean. Dean asks Sam if he found anything, but he hasn't. They agree to meet up at the motel and turn in for the night. They hang up.
  • After Sam is swapped with Gary and doesn't return, it appears Dean leaves the motel to look for him. When Dean arrives back at the motel he has his phone in his hand and waves it at Gary, (who is in Sam's body), telling him, "Where the hell you been man? I've been trying to call you for hours."

5.14 My Bloody Valentine

Castiel and Dean on the phone in in 5.14 My Bloody Valentine.
  • After finding Enochian on the hearts of the deceased couples, Dean calls Castiel. He immediately tells Castiel where they are and Castiel appears in front him, still on the phone. Awkwardly, he tells Dean he's going to hang up and they do.
  • Sam and Dean split up and after Dean is done checking with the police, Sam calls to discuss the case. They agree something more is going on than just the cupid's targets. They agree to meet and hang up.

5.21 Two Minutes to Midnight

  • As Sam and Bobby discuss Sam's plan to overpower Lucifer and jump into the cage with Dean, Dean's phone rings. It's Castiel, calling from a hospital room phone. Dean tells him they thought he was dead and asks where he is. Castiel explains he appeared, bloody and unconscious, on a shrimping boat and ended up in the hospital where he woke up. Dean tells him about the plan and explains they are going after pestilence. He asks Castiel to "pop" over, but Castiel tells him he can't go anywhere without an airplane and explains symptoms of him being human. Dean tells him Bobby will wire him money, to Bobby's disapproval. Castiel gives Dean a very awkward compliment for not saying yes to Michael, and they hang up.

Season 6

6.02 Two and a Half Men

  • Dean is still trying to make life work with Lisa and Ben, when Sam calls late at night. Sam tells him he's 30 minutes away and threatens to drive directly to Dean and Lisa's place if he doesn't meet him. They hang up and Dean heads out.
  • Dean stays at the motel while Sam goes to interview the baby's mother's husband. As he's relaxing with the Magic Fingers, the baby changes. Sam calls when he goes to pick the baby up, and they both now know the baby's dad is a shifter.

6.03 The Third Man

  • As Dean is leaving to get back on the road with lunch, he calls Sam. He tells him he's still 8 hours from Samuel's Bunker, but Sam tells him to come meet him in Easter, Pennsylvania, instead. Sam is short and cuts the call off, telling Dean to call him when he gets to town before hanging up.
  • When Dean arrives to meet Sam, he's on the phone to Ben. He tells him he knows he's lying, to admit to Lisa he broke something and man up. They hang up.

6.04 Weekend at Bobby's

  • While on a case, Dean calls Bobby on the landline for help. He tells him they are in Wisconsin and sends him a picture of a claw. Bobby tries to tell him he's too busy, but Dean won't hear it, so Bobby tells him he will get back to him. They hang up.
  • Dean is eating when Bobby calls him back a little later and tells him they are hunting a Lamia. As soon as Bobby tells him how to kill it, Dean hangs up without hearing everything or thanking him.
  • Later Dean phones Bobby on the landline again. They've hit a snag and can't kill the Lamia with a silver knife blessed by a priest. Bobby quickly gives Dean a recipe to use to kill it, while Sam is being thrown around the room in the meantime. Bobby hangs up on Dean ASAP, because the police are at his house.
  • Dean calls Bobby again after they finish the Lamia. He wants to talk about the changes in Sam, but Bobby asks him to hold on, because Rufus is calling him on the other line. Bobby tries again to tell Dean he's busy, but Dean tells him off. Bobby tells him to get Sam and has Dean put him on speakerphone. He starts by telling them he loves them, but then he rips them a new one regarding all the things he does for them. He ends by asking them to help him for once. The boys agree. We don't see them hang up.
  • While in Scotland, Dean is driving and on the phone with Bobby again. They confirm Dean made the plane ride and let Bobby know they'll be back soon.

6.05 Live Free or Twihard

  • As he's packing the trunk of the Impala to leave, Dean tries to call Lisa. It goes to her voicemail. Dean considers leaving a message, but then changes his mind and hangs up instead.

6.06 You Can't Handle the Truth

Dean finds out Bobby is a huge Tori Spelling fan when he becomes cursed in 6.06 You Can't Handle the Truth.
  • We join Dean's conversation with Bobby, who is on his landline phone. Dean is trying to urge Bobby to take action regarding Sam not being himself. Bobby asks if Dean called Castiel; Dean says Castiel isn't answering. We don't know if they mean on the phone, or by prayer. Bobby tells Dean not to take drastic action with Sam, instead to get in the car and take a case with him till they can figure it out. Dean regretfully agrees and they hang up just as Sam arrives.
  • Seemingly because he is uncomfortable around Sam, Dean suggests they work the case separately. After Sam goes to interview the dentist, he calls Dean, who is back at their hotel. They discuss how the dentist killed himself in holding before Sam got there and that people can't seem to stop telling the truth. They consider a curse as a possibility. Sam tells Dean he's going to hit the morgue and suggests Dean go to the dentist's office. They hang up.
  • While he's sitting in a bar, Dean gets a call from Sam who reports all the bodies are missing from the morgue. He also tells Dean he found a new lead in a girl who died a week before everyone else. He explains he's at her place and they hang up.
  • After enacting the curse on himself, Dean exits the bar and calls Bobby on the landline. He fishes for replies from him, to try to get the truth and see if the curse works over the phone. It does and Bobby admits he likes Tori Spelling and gets pedicures. Dean also learns he's Bobby's favorite. Dean explains the curse, and Bobby tells him off. Dean realizes he can get the truth from Sam finally, and Bobby questions what he's about to do. Dean says he has to go, and Bobby starts to relate a story about his first girlfriend... Dean hangs up on him quickly.
  • Dean then tries to call Sam, but Sam doesn't answer. He leaves a message saying he's on his way to Sam's location, but to call him if he gets the message first.
  • As Dean arrives at the girl's place to meet Sam, he gets a call. He debates a while before answering. It's Lisa calling him back. He tries to end the call, because he knows she can't lie, but she won't have it. Lisa isn't really as harsh as she probably could have been, but it gets worse. She basically tells him to ditch Sam in order to be happy, and she knows now their relationship won't work. Lisa tells him she and Ben need out, and she hangs up on Dean.
  • Later, after Dean returns, he and Sam split up. He's researching in the motel room, on the phone with Sam who seems to have gone to the local library. They discuss their findings for the case. Dean tells Sam to keep digging and hangs up.

6.08 All Dogs Go to Heaven

  • We open on Dean talking to Bobby about Crowley on his phone. We don't see or hear Bobby, and at the mention of Crowley's name, he appears. This causes Dean to hang up.
  • Dean is at the motel, staring at his phone, debating calling Lisa. Instead, Sam calls after seeing Lucky transform. He tells Dean they have a Skinwalker. Dean is surprised and says they haven't seen one in years, but Sam remembers all the facts. They seem to hang up and meet at the pound to pick the dog up.

6.09 Clap Your Hands If You Believe

  • As Dean is checking out the crop circles, his classic rock tone starts playing when his phone rings. It's Sam, who seems bored and tells him he wants to go talk to Mr Brennan, but Dean tells him to shush as the Impala's headlights go out and the corn rustles. Dean sees a bright light, runs, and yells to Sam, "UFO! UFO!" and "Close encounter! Close encounter!" As Dean runs, yelling, "They're after me!" Soulless Sam inquires about what type of encounter: first, second, or third, then jokes about the fourth. As Dean reminds him, "Empathy," Sam orders another drink and asks if they're still after Dean. Dean drops the phone as he is "abducted", and Sam calls out to him, asking, "What happened?" before hanging up.
  • Dean's phone is laying on the ground in the cornfield, ringing. Sam appears, calling Dean's phone to try to locate him. He follows the classic rock ring tone to Dean's phone, picks it up and declines his call.

6.12 Like A Virgin

  • After Sam tells Dean they might be dealing with dragons, Dean calls Bobby on his landline. He asks if Bobby knows anything about dragons, and Bobby says they aren't real and jokes about calling Hogwarts for more information. Bobby tries to ask how Dean is doing with not telling Sam about the last year and a half, but Dean blows him off, saying things are fine and Sam says hi, before hanging up on Bobby.
  • A little while later, Bobby calls Dean back from his landline. He sends the boys to Dr. Eleanor Visyak. As soon as Dean has the info he needs, he says bye, and abruptly hangs up on Bobby again.

6.13 Unforgiven

  • After checking out the crime scene, Dean tries to call Sam. He gets his voicemail though, and leaves him a message warning him that the disappearances are a trap meant for Sam.

6.14 Mannequin 3: The Reckoning

  • While Sam and Dean and investigating the crime scene, Dean's phone rings. It's a normal ring tone, no longer the classic rock. He takes it out of his pocket, but when he sees Lisa, he's hesitates. He ends up rejecting the call and Sam heckles him.
  • A little later, Dean is waiting in the car for Sam when he's phone chimes. He sees he has a message, but Sam hops into the car, so he ignores it and puts his phone away.
  • Just as the boys are about to start interviews, Dean's phone rings again. Sam insists he answer Lisa's call. Dean is surprised to find it's actually Ben. He says his mom is acting really strange and wants Dean to come help. Sam pushes Dean to go find out what's going on, and Dean leaves.
  • Dean leaves for Lisa's place and as he's getting a coffee, Sam calls to update him on the case. Sam explains he found out the janitor worked at the factory too. He tells Dean he's going to head to the factory and get the whole scoop on Rose Brown. They hang up.

6.16 ...And Then There Were None

  • After Dean is infected and kills Gwen Campbell, Sam calls him to try to find him. When Dean's phone rings, it gives away his position to Rufus, who yells out and attracts the others.

6.17 My Heart Will Go On

  • After leaving the lawyer's office, Dean calls Sam and they discuss the case. The agree they haven't found much information regarding the connections between the new victims. Dean gets into his Mustang and we assume they hang up.
  • When they find yet another gold thread at the new crime scene, Dean calls Bobby and Ellen's place. They discuss the case and Ellen says Jo is working it in California. They also talk about how Bobby is doing, and Ellen says she's kicking his ass back to health and happiness. Dean checks on Ellen's well being as well. Ellen tells him about the Titanic, which ends up being their biggest clue. They brush it off though, and hang up.
  • After the boys summon Balthazar Dean calls Bobby and puts him on speakerphone. They explain that Balthazar un-sunk the Titanic and Bobby matches up the clues to figure out they are up against Fate. They discuss how to fix things, and Bobby suggests they get the angel to sink the boat again... but Dean ends up telling him that Ellen and Jo will die if they do. Booby does a complete 180, and insists they find another way. Once the boys agree, Bobby hangs up on them.

6.21 Let It Bleed

Dean gets a distressing call from Ben in 6.21 Let It Bleed.
  • As Sam, Dean, and Bobby discuss H.P. Lovecraft, Dean's phone rings. It's Ben calling, because demons have broken into their house and taken Lisa and Matt. He's locked himself in his room, but the demons are coming for him too. Dean tries to get him to get the shotgun in his mom's closet, but Ben refuses. Then Dean tells him to jump out the window, because the broken bones will be less than what the demons do to him. Ben can't do it and the demons get him, causing him to drop the phone. Dean calls out to him, but Crowley answers and threatens Dean: stop pursuing him, or he'll kill them. Crowley hangs up on Dean.

Season Seven

7.02 Hello, Cruel World

  • After arriving at Bobby's to find it burnt down, Dean tries to call him when he and Sam fail to locate him. Dean gets his voicemail and leaves a message telling Bobby that he can't be in the crater that is his house now. If he's gone, he's going to strap Sam into the car and drive off the pier. He responds to an earlier question from Bobby about how he's doing with, "not good". He pleads with the voicemail, "You said you'd be here. Where are you?" Then he hangs up.

7.03 The Girl Next Door

  • After finding Sam's note that he's left for a few days, Dean calls Bobby. He explains Sam ran off and took his car. Bobby tells Dean to calm down and wait till he gets his cast off to go looking for Sam. They hang up and Dean sets to work cutting off his cast.
  • After speaking with the coroner and realizing Sam is hunting a Kitsune, Dean calls Bobby to fill him in. When Bobby asks what Dean is going to do when he catches up, Dean only responds that he has a few ideas, and hangs up.
  • Dean is on the phone as Sam approaches from a Biggerson's with food. He hangs up and tells Sam it was Bobby on the line. They're going to hole up in Spokane until Bobby meets them.

7.04 Defending Your Life

  • As Dean is waiting outside the bar to meet the bartender, his phone rings. He answers, but before he can say anything, he is abducted by a shadowy figure. The phone on the ground is open and shows it's connected to Sammy at 604-555-0165.
  • Upon meeting up with the bartender, Sam goes through Dean's phone. He asks exactly where she found it, and puts it away as he investigates.

7.05 Shut Up, Dr. Phil

  • As Dean leaves the beauty salon, he calls Sam. They discuss the Magical Coin Dean found, and consider it could be a hex talisman, before Sam asks him to come pick him up. Dean heckles him again about running and they hang up.
  • As they leave Don Stark's house, Dean calls Bobby. He tells Bobby they need "our kind of Terminex" for a witch, but doesn't get specific in what he wants Bobby to do. Bobby seems to understand though, as Dean goes quiet for a moment, then seems like he's been told off. He hangs up.
  • While staking out the Starks with Sam, Dean's phone rings. It's Bobby calling back with a way to take out their witch. Dean tells him to go ahead and explain, that he doesn't need to write it down. As Bobby explains, Dean's realizes he's in over his head and asks Sam to get something to write using gestures. When Bobby seems to ask if Dean got it all, Dean lies and says, "Yeah, I'll remember, it's fine", as he scribbles it down.
  • After Don stuns the Leviathan Chet and saves the boys, Dean calls Bobby once Chet is secured in the back of the Impala. They discuss disposing of him briefly and hang up.

7.06 Slash Fiction

  • When Sam and Dean spot their Leviathan look-a-likes, Dean calls Bobby looking for a way to kill them. As Bobby is telling them to just lay low, the police show up and arrest the real Sam and Dean. Dean is instructed to drop his phone and put his hands up, which he does, leaving Bobby on the line calling out to him.

7.07 The Mentalists

  • While at the latest crime scene, Dean's phone rings. It's Melanie Golden calling to see if he still has an open mind. It seems she invites him and Sam over, as we don't see them hang up and next we do see them, they're at her house.
  • As Sam and Dean are leaving town, Dean's phone rings. It's Melanie again, calling because the ghost is still there. Sam takes the phone and tells Dean to drive as he explains to Melanie what to do. She throws the salt but the ghost comes right back. Sam tells her to get iron instead. Somehow in the process, she puts down the phone or hangs up, as when we see her with the iron, she's no longer on the phone. Sam and Dean arrive at the house shortly after.
  • Dean is protecting Melanie when Sam calls to tell him he figured out the pawn shop owner Jimmy Tomorrow is sending the ghost Margaret Fox to kill the residents in Lily Dale. Dean tells him to hurry and find her bones before they hang up.

7.08 Season Seven, Time for a Wedding!

Dean gets a text from Sam to meet him in 7.08 Season Seven, Time for a Wedding!.
  • Dean is at a strip club when his phone goes off. It's a text from Sam with the address 348 Twain Ave. He adds, WEAR FED SUIT! below.
  • After Sam's shotgun wedding to Becky, Dean calls Bobby and leaves him a message, letting him know he's heading to Delaware to snoop around snd explains Sam is there with his wife. He asks Bobby to call him back, and hangs up.
  • As he leaves Becky's place, Dean calls Bobby again. He wants Bobby to come help him, but he can't, so he gives Dean the name of another hunter, which turns out to be Garth.

7.09 How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters

  • Dean is in the stakeout van with Sam while on the phone with Bobby who is watching from an adjacent roof. As Bobby is reporting what's happening inside, he's knocked out and captured, leaving Dean on the line.

7.11 Adventures in Babysitting

  • Dean immediately tells Sam him about the numbers from Bobby being coordinates when Sam calls him. They discuss their separate cases and hang up.
  • Later, Dean falls asleep and his phone goes off. Sam is trying to call him, but has to leave a message.
  • After Dean wakes up, his phone goes off again. He listens to Sam's message. During it, his phone rings. He answers, expecting Sam. Unfortunately it's Krissy Chambers, who tells Dean that Sam told her to call this number if she didn't hear back from him.

7.12 Time After Time

  • When Dean is being interrogated in 1944, his cell phone is seen on the table among his belongings, which a cop is going through. The cop picks it up and slides it open. He presses a button and the phone beeps, but he comments that it has no signal. Thinking its a piece of foreign technology, he asks Dean if he's "some kind of Jerry spy".

7.13 The Slice Girls

  • While at the new crime scene, Dean realizes he left Bobby's flask at Lydia's the night before. He pulls out his phone and calls her to ask. She's very short with him, says she'll call if she sees it, and hangs up on him.
  • After the meeting with Professor Morrison, Dean checks his phone and comments about Lydia having not called yet.
  • When Dean goes to pick up his flask at Lydia's place, Sam calls him, impatient. He tells Dean they're due at the crime lab and to get back. Dean overhears Lydia and baby Emma talking and asks Sam to hold. He eavesdrops, then tells Sam he needs to call him back, hanging up on him.
  • Dean is staking out Lydia's house when Sam calls again to tell him off for not showing up at the crime lab. Sam heckles him for not getting over Lydia, but Dean explains he's been "eating at the buffet of strange all afternoon". Sam fills him in on the cold cases and Dean hangs up on him with a quick "gotta go" when he sees Lydia and the other women come back outside.

7.14 Plucky Pennywhistle's Magical Menagerie

  • After checking the crime scene, and making the connection about Plucky Pennywhistle's, Dean calls Sam. Dean fills him in, and asks Sam to go check the place out. Sam is very reluctant and says he should go interview Billy instead. Dean heckles him about his fear of clowns, and tells him to go anyway, saying, "...if it bleeds, you can kill it."

7.15 Repo Man

  • As the boys enter their motel room in Idaho, Dean's phone rings. After a moment he lets us know it's Frank. Dean doesn't seem to get very good intel from Frank, which he implies is about luxury boats. Dean tells him to "call Kanye", before he hangs up on him.
  • Upon reaching the secret hideout with Jeffrey, Dean pulls out his phone. He sees he has no service and puts it away again, annoyed.

7.16 Out with the Old

  • After collecting the cursed porn, Dean calls Sam, who is collecting the phonograph. They agree to meet up and hang up.
  • Dean calls Sam from a cafe where he's doing research on Joyce Bicklebee. He explains his findings about the real estate to Sam, but Sam is so tired he's not paying attention. He explains his sleep deprivation and hangs up on Dean.
  • Shortly after, Dean tries to get the contact information for the real estate company, but when the link doesn't work, he calls Frank. He explains his findings and asks Frank to look up information on the company.
  • Later, Dean is still at the cafe and he's talking to Frank again, who has new information. He tells Dean it's all related to Dick Roman. He tells Dean they should get out of town, but Dean refuses. Frank says, "Fine, call me if you don't die" and hangs up on him.

7.17 The Born-Again Identity

  • In an effort to save Sam, Dean goes through Bobby's contacts and calls various people looking for help.
  • Later, one of the contacts calls Dean back, tells him about a guy named Emmanuel who has been healing the sick and crazy. He says he passed all the typical hunter tests, that the guy is the real deal. He tells Dean to look for him by contacting his wife, Daphne Allen.
  • Dean is in the road with Emmanuel and stops at a shop. In the convenience store, Dean takes his phone out and checks his watch, as if he's expecting a call. He's attacked by a demon and during the fight, his phone is crushed, rendering it useless.

7.18 Party On, Garth

  • We catch up with Sam and Dean in the car. Sam is driving while Dean is just finishing a phone call with, presumably, Meg, who is filling him in on how Cas is at the hospital.
  • Shortly after Dean hangs up with Meg, his phone rings. It's Garth, calling in a favor to get the boys' help on his case.
  • Dean and Garth are in the car when Dean's phone rings. He says "hey" to Sam and tells him they're on the way before hanging up.
  • Dean has just finished getting the sword prepared to kill the Shojo when Garth calls. Garth is frantic and drunk, telling Dean there's a secret love child and Randy Baxter could be next. Dean starts calling out to him on the phone, because Garth has put it under his arm while he breaks into the brewery. Garth apologizes and Dean asks where he is. Garth tells him, then sneaks in. Dean calls out to him again, and Garth whispers, "Dean, it's here", to which Dean hangs up and immediately calls Sam. He tells Sam it's at the brewery and to get a ride after Sam replies, "Uh..." to the question of his sobriety.

7.19 Of Grave Importance

  • The boys are having some fast food on the hood of the Impala when Dean's phone rings. It's another hunter by the name of Annie Hawkins. She gives her condolences about Bobby's passing, then she and Dean make plans to meet up for lunch the next day.
  • At the restaurant, Dean pulls out his phone to call Annie when she doesn't show up on time. It rings out and goes to voicemail.
  • The boys leave the restaurant shortly after, and Dean tries her phone again. He's frustrated when he only gets her voicemail.
  • At the mansion, Dean pulls out his phone and tries Annie again while they search. This time, they hear her phone ringing. They follow the sound and find her phone on the ground. Dean remarks that the last call was the one to him.

7.20 The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo

Dean helps Charlie flirt with a security guard to get past him in 7.20 The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo.
  • Dean's phone is used to talk to Charlie via Bluetooth, while she infiltrates Dick's office to get his emails.

Season Eight

8.01 We Need to Talk About Kevin

  • After arriving at the cabin in Whitefish, Montana, and assaulting, hugging, then arguing with Sam, Dean pulls out a box of their old phones and goes through the voicemails. The first phone he chooses is actually Sam's.
  • After leaving Kevin's hideout at the church, Dean's phone rings as they pull into a Gas n' Sip. He answers, but says it was a wrong number. He has a short conversation with Sam and Kevin, then Dean exits the car for somewhere secluded and makes a call. He dials back the number and we find out it was Benny that called. Dean suggests it's best they don't talk for awhile until they adjust. Dean tells him to call if he has an emergency and they hang up.

8.03 Heartache

Dean tries a translation app on his phone to decipher Arthur's ramblings in 8.03 Heartache.
  • Sam plays the recording of Arthur Swenson's rambling again for Dean at the motel. When he asks Dean what he thinks, Dean remembers he bought a translation app for his phone. He pulls it out and runs the app while same plays the recording. It comes back as language unknown.
  • The boys are on their way to Boulder, Colorado, when Dean's phone rings. It's Dr Hikashi calling him back with the donor list information. He finds out both victims got transplants from the same man, Brick Holmes.

8.05 Blood Brother

  • At their motel room, mid argument, Dean's phone rings. He says "hello" a couple times, and it seems the reception is poor. He moves away from Sam and takes the call outside. It's Benny, who tells Dean he messed up. Dean immediately accuses him of the worst and asks what he did. Benny explains he took on a nest of vampires, but he's hurt bad and needs Dean to come help him.
  • When Dean and Benny arrive at Prentiss Island, Dean takes out his phone and writes a text to Sam. He's going to tell him he's hunting vamps on the island and that he's not alone, but he stops and doubts himself. He deletes the message and puts his phone away.
  • As Dean is sneaking down a hallway to rescue Benny, his phone vibrates. Pulling it out, he sees it's Sam calling and he's says aloud, "I'm busy right now", and ignores the call, putting his phone away.
  • Shortly after he calls Sam back. Sam asks why he's whispering, and Dean explains he's cleaning out a vampire nest. They argue about what he's doing and who he's with. Dean tells Sam to stop talking and texts him his location. Sam continues anyway, after confirming he got the details. He keeps yelling out to Dean, but Dean has put his phone down to trick a vampire who was coming. In the scuffle, his phone falls and breaks, cutting off the call.

8.06 Southern Comfort

  • Dean gets a call from Sam while researching with Garth at the motel room. Sam fills them in on the details via speakerphone. As they talk, Garth finds information in Bobby's book about a Spectre. Sam asks how to hunt it and they learn it has to do with desecrated graves. Garth looks it up and we cut to them at the location.
  • As Sam and Garth enter the motel room, Sam is trying to call Dean, but Dean is sitting on the bed next to his ringing phone, blatantly ignoring Sam's call.

8.09 Citizen Fang

  • After meeting Elizabeth at the diner while looking for Benny, Dean tries to call him as he leaves. Benny doesn't answer, so Dean leaves him a message telling him the death and him running off don't make things look good.
  • After Dean wakes up and gets free of the handcuffs, he calls Benny. He tells him Sam and Martin will be coming for him. They make a plan to find Desmond, with Benny saying he won't tell Dean where unless he can come along too.
  • After saying goodbye to Benny, Dean calls Martin and lets him know there was another vampire and he's dead now. He tells Martin Benny is long gone and Martin should leave too. He goes so far as to tell Martin to find a new profession.
  • Deans driving out of town when he gets a call from Elizabeth, saying she's seen Benny. She sounds upset, and Dean pulls a u-turn and rushes back.
  • A phone in the glove compartment of the Impala starts ringing as Dean is driving. It's Sam, who realized where the distress message came from. They discuss Dean switching the number for Amelia's phone and the end result of Martin and Benny's confrontation. When Sam learns Martin is dead and Dean tries to justify Benny's actions, Sam hangs up on him.

8.10 Torn and Frayed

  • Dean is in the boat with Kevin, waiting for Castiel to return with the ingredients for demon bombs. His phone rings as he's picking on Kevin. It's Benny, looking for Dean to come get together with him. He seems to be struggling with being back on Earth. Dean says he's on the other side of the country, but as soon as he's done, he'll come see Benny.
  • Dean calls Benny after discussing Amelia with Sam, while Sam is out. He tells Benny he's not coming. They say their goodbyes and hang up.

8.11 LARP and the Real Girl

  • When Charlie is kidnapped, she has Dean's phone. We see it on the bed, but it has no signal where she is being held.

8.12 As Time Goes By

  • Henry has broken into the trunk and stolen an Angel feather for his spell. Dean says he will call Garth, but as he takes his phone out, the laptop starts playing a report about a death at the comic shop. The boys leave and we never see Dean make the call.
  • Dean is with Henry when his phone rings. He thinks it's Sam, but it's Abaddon calling to negotiate a trade: Sam's life for Henry and the key. She gives them a meeting place and they hang up.

8.13 Everybody Hates Hitler

  • After leaving the pub, Dean gets a call from Sam. Sam explains that Rabbi Bass' reading materials make no sense. He thinks he sees something and pauses, then tells Dean he has something stuck to his shoe. Dean realizes Sam thinks he's being followed. They agree on a quiet place to meet up and hang up.
  • The boys are researching at Aaron Bass' house and Dean has called Garth for assistance. He asks Garth if any hunters have heard of the Thule Society or know about Golems, but Garth has no helpful information. He asks Garth to call him if he finds anything and hangs up.

8.14 Trial and Error

  • Dean is having lunch in the Bunker with Sam when Kevin calls. He tells Dean to come quick, and the line goes dead.
  • Just as Sam is filling in Dean that Crowley owns the contracts at the farm, Kevin calls. He has helpful information from the tablets about hellhounds. He tells Dean how they can be seen. Dean spits up a quick plan, then Sam tells Kevin he's great and to rest, and Dean hangs up.

8.15 Man's Best Friend with Benefits

  • Dean is at a bar with Portia when Sam calls. Sam lets them know the blood on the scrap of fabric they found is a match to the third victim.

8.18 Freaks and Geeks

  • After Dean speaks to Connie, he calls Sam. Dean explains he believes the vampire, that he was freshly made and couldn't have killed Josephine Barnes' family. He also expresses his concern about the blue van. Sam tells him not to head back though, and he'll handle things at Victor Rogers' place.

8.19 Taxi Driver

  • After Dean finds Ajay dead, he calls Benny for a favor. Benny is really glad to hear from Dean, but Dean says he won't be. He wants Benny to reenter Purgatory to get Sam and Bobby's soul back out.

8.20 Pac-Man Fever

  • When Sam can't get ahold of Charlie, Dean pulls out his phone, explaining that when he used her phone to call Sam before, he turned on her GPS.

8.21 The Great Escapist

  • After getting Kevin's email, Dean calls other hunter contacts, looking for Garth. He tells them to have him call in if they hear from Garth.

8.23 Sacrifice

Dean tries to make a deal with Crowley to prevent Jody Mills' death in 8.23 Sacrifice.
  • Dean calls Crowley to tells him to call it off, saying they want to deal. They have 30 seconds to negotiate, because Crowley is already killing Jody. They come to an agreement: Angel tablet to the boys and the Demon tablet to Crowley. Crowley pushes it and says he must first hear them say, "I Surrender". The scene cuts.
  • After getting Cupid's bow, Dean is on the phone with Kevin. He asks about progress on the Angel tablet. Dean gets distracted when Naomi shows up and Kevin calls out to him, then eavesdrops on the conversation. After Naomi leaves, Dean gets back on the phone and asks Kevin to weigh in. Kevin says he's not sure if she's lying. Dean hangs up on him and demands Castiel take him to Sam.

Season Nine

9.01 I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here

  • Dean is in the hospital room with Sam and Ezekiel/Gadreel when his phone rings. He steps outside to answer and it's Castiel on the other end, calling from a gas station pay phone. This is the first time that Dean has spoken to Castiel since the angels fell. Castiel explains that Metatron tricked him and Dean explains that Sam is dying, also that Ezekiel is helping him, of which Castiel approves. Dean tells Castiel to make his way to the Bunker without helping the other angels, then he hangs up.

9.02 Devil May Care

Box of Cell Phones in 9.02 Devil May Care.
  • Upon arriving back at the Bunker, Kevin tells him that his cell lost signal and he was trapped in the Bunker. Dean takes out his cell to check if he has signal and he does.
  • Later at the Bunker, Dean is talking to a fellow hunter, Irv Franklin, about the angels , calling them, "...monsters with good PR". He tells Irv to torch any Angels he runs into with holy oil and to spread the word. They reminisce about Bobby and then hang up.
  • At the crime scene for the military deaths, Dean calls Kevin when it's requested they talk to his supervisor. Kevin panics at first, but ends up outsmarting the sergeant by finding blackmail material on his computer. When she asks how he found it, he says the now infamous line, "'Cause I'm Kevin freakin' Solo". Dean asks what he did and he admits to hacking a military server. Dean tells him good job and hangs up.
  • At the Bunker, one of Dean’s old cells rings in a box of old phones and Kevin answers it. Abaddon is on the other end looking for Dean. She immediately knows he's not a Winchester, but asks Kevin to pass them a message.
  • After rescuing Irv and Tracy Bell, Dean uses his phone to record and play back a message on loop saying, “Come and get it, you dicks!” to outsmart the demons after them.

9.06 Heaven Can't Wait

Dean talking to Sam while leaning on the Impala 9.06 Heaven Can't Wait.
  • Dean's phone rings, saving him from having to look through the Encyclopedias of Extinct Languages with Sam and Kevin. It is Castiel calling him from the Gas n' Sip where he is working, to inform Dean of a possible hunt. Dean gets the details, but as he's asking Castiel how he's been, Castiel rushes to hang up, because the slushie machine he's fixing starts spilling all over the floor.
  • After visiting the crime scene, Dean is by the Impala with a coffee on the phone with Sam. Sam gives him an update on the language situation and Dean suggests he talk to Crowley about it. Sam inquires how Castiel's lead is panning out, and Dean says he's got it covered and hangs up.
  • While visiting Castiel at the Gas n' Sip, Dean's phone rings. He answers as his alias Agent Lee Ermey and gets information about another kill. He says he'll be right there and hangs up.
  • As Dean is driving he takes another call from the Sheriff, who informs him that there was only one set of DNA at the first crime scene. Dean replies, "The husband's still out there" and hangs up.
  • While Dean is waiting in the Impala for Castiel to say goodbye to Nora outside her house, he's on the phone with Sam. Sam lets him know the spell that made the Angels fall can not be reversed. He asks if Dean will tell Castiel. When he hears Castiel approaching, Dean says he has to go and hangs up.

9.07 Bad Boys

  • Sam is about to relax and read when Dean’s phone, which is laying on the table nearby, starts ringing. Sam says hello and then, in response to the caller, “I’m sorry, there’s no, uh, there’s no D-Dawg, uh...”, but Dean grabs the phone before he can finish and says, “Hey Sonny, what's up?.” Dean listens to Sonny for a moment, then tells him to sit tight and Dean will come as soon as he can.
  • As Sam and Dean leave the restaurant, Dean’s phone rings. It's Sonny again, informing him that Ruth was murdered.

9.08 Rock and a Hard Place

  • While Dean is having a cup of coffee in the kitchen with a groggy Sam, his phone rings. It's Jody calling with a possible case near Sioux Falls. He says hi and puts her on speakerphone saying, "Sam's here too". She explains a witness claims someone lifted an SUV last night. The scene cuts and the boys head out.
  • Dean has just arrived at Suzy Lee's place and she's taken off her hoodie, leaving her in just a skimpy camisole, when his phone rings. When he sees it's Sam, he ignores the call and puts his phone away.
  • Suzy is in the other room, so Dean finally answers Sam's call, but is distracted, because he realizes he recognizes Suzy from Casa Erotica. Sam finally gets his attention and starts to tell him they aren't hunting dragons, but Dean replies, "Not yet" and swiftly hangs up on Sam.
  • Dean and Suzy wake up trapped with the other victims. After trying to get out, Dean goes to get his phone, but finds that it has been taken. We find out that he always has a concealed one stitched into his jacket, and he tries to get a signal with it. When Dean finally gets signal, it is weak, but the call gets through to Sam. They both talk over each other before it breaks up and dies, but Sam can tell Dean is in danger

Dean learning about Ezekiel in 9.09 Holy Terror.

9.09 Holy Terror

  • Dean is at the Bunker when Castiel calls to inform him about Malachi. Dean asks how he knows, and Castiel explains he was captured and tortured, but got away. Dean asks where he is, but Castiel tells him it's better he stay away and that he has grace again. He also tells Dean about Ezekiel dying when the angels fell and the scene cuts.

9.12 Sharp Teeth

  • Dean is just leaving the hospital where Garth was when Sam calls. Sam lets him know the cow was eviscerated. They presume Garth was hunting whatever killed it. Dean lies to Sam and says he has no lead from the hospital surveillance camera, but Sam knows better and is standing outside waiting for him. As Dean crosses the parking lot, Sam comes out from behind an ambulance and grabs the papers out of Dean's hand. Dean hangs up.
  • As Dean is getting out of the car at a new destination, he is on the phone. It's Sam, who asks if Dean is, "there" and Dean replies, "Yeah, just pulled up, nothing too sketchy yet." Sam seems hopeful things will be okay, but Dean is not so sure. Dean checks if Sam had any luck with the cops, and Sam tells him the Sheriff should roll up any second. Sam tells Dean to be careful; Dean dismisses it and hangs up.
  • Dean is at the church researching on the computer there when Sam calls. Sam was looking for Garth and Bess Fitzgerald at Bess's place, but lets Dean know the place is a wreck and it looks like they were taken. Dean shares more info about Ragnarok and tells him they want human extinction and that it's time for Reverend Jim Meyers to go down. Sam offers to help, but Dean says he doesn't need it. They hang up.
  • After talking to Jim in the church, Dean tries to call Sam again as he leaves. He can't get through and simply says, "Come on, Sam, pick up damn it!" He hangs up as he gets in the car.

9.13 The Purge

  • Dean is working in the kitchen, but instead of being productive, he's looking at something on his phone. Alonso throws a towel at him and tells him off, so he puts it away.
  • After eating the pudding, Dean passes out in the back of the kitchen. When he comes to, he's groggy, but calls Sam. He's able to ask for help, but when Sam asks where he is, he can only manage, "Sweet potatoes!" Then he passes out again, dropping his phone.

9.14 Captives

  • While waiting in the woods with Sam, Dean tries to call Crowley. He leaves a message telling him to call back and hangs up. Sam notes it's the third time Dean's tried.

9.16 Blade Runners

  • Sam is researching in the Bunker with Dean nearby. Dean's on the phone and as it's ringing he grumbles for Crowley to pick up. Sam asks if Dean is actually worried about Crowley. Dean avoids answering and gets voicemail. Annoyed, Dean hangs up. He puts the phone on the table and plays a voicemail from Crowley, which sounds like a drunk dial. Sam even asks if it is a drunk dial. Without answering, Dean grabs the phone and tries calling Crowley again.
  • Sam and Dean are at the Bunker discussing the First Blade when Dean's phone rings. They had been talking about the fact that there is nothing stopping them from using it on Crowley once he turns it over, so Dean says, "Speak of the devil", as he looks at his caller ID. Dean gets right to business and asks if he found the First Blade instead of answering the call. When Crowley says, "Not exactly", Dean asks "Then what, exactly?" Crowley says he's in a jam and asks them to help.

9.17 Mother's Little Helper

  • Dean is at a bar when Sam calls. Sam comments on how long it took him to answer and Dean claims to be working. Sam fills him in on his current case -- he believes people's souls are being taken. They discuss it and Sam asks for Dean's help, but Dean declines, saying he's close to finding Abaddon. Sam reluctantly forfeits and tells him to be safe. Dean hangs up.

9.18 Meta Fiction

  • Sam and Dean are in the Bunker when Castiel calls. They have him on speakerphone. (It's assumed he called Dean, because Sam's phone was just smashed, and Dean picks it up off the table and is the one to hang up). He informs them that Gadreel and Metatron are working together. They connect the dots about Kevin's death and Castiel explains that Metatron is promising Angels can return to heaven. Sam says they should just find Gadreel and beat the answers out of him, and Castiel responds that he has something to help with that. He sends them the photo he took of the symbol at the warehouse. He explains its acting as an 'Angel siren' and is some type of spell. Sam says he will research it. Randomly, Castiel asks what is honorable about a minibar, to which Dean replies, "Everything." Castiel smiles and segues into small talk, asking Dean how he is doing. Dean replies he's fine and asks how Castiel is doing. He tells Dean, "I miss my wings. Life in the road, smells..." Sam interjects with his findings. The symbol has been at multiple crime scenes in the last couple days. Castiel asks where and Sam lists them off. Castiel narrows down Gadreel's possible trajectory and they each take a town, with Castiel going to Auburn and Sam and Dean going to Ogden. Dean hangs up. Unfazed, Castiel hangs up too.
  • Dean seems to be feeling the pull of the Mark of Cain as he looks in the mirror in the bathroom at the warehouse. He picks up an Angel blade and heads out the door, as his phone vibrates, forgotten, on a shelf. The caller ID shows it's Sam trying to call him.

9.19 Alex Annie Alexis Ann

  • Dean tries to call Jody after learning the vampires know where Annie Jones went. Meanwhile Sam is making his own call. Dean doesn't get an answer from Jody and tries again. This time she answers, and Dean wastes no time telling her that the vampires are coming. He lets her know him and Sam are on their way too. The vampires pull up outside the cabin. Jody tells Dean and they hang up.

9.20 Bloodlines

  • As Sam and Dean drop off Ennis Ross, Dean's phone rings. He says, "Yeah. Okay. We're on our way. Yeah," while nodding to Sam. Then he hangs up. After, he tells Sam it was Castiel and they need to go after Metatron.

9.21 King of the Damned

  • Dean is in the Bunker under the spell of the Mark again, while his phone rings. Sam comes into the room and snaps him out of it. Dean answers to find it's Crowley, calling as agreed, because he found Abaddon. Dean asks where he is, but Crowley wants to talk out the plan first. He'll tell them where to get the blade, then they'll take her out.
  • Sam and Dean go to the grave and exhume the body as Crowley directed. A hellhound attacks them and Dean calls Crowley back. Panicking, Dean tells him to call it off. Crowley insists it was collected already, but Dean puts him on speakerphone. Crowley says, "Juliet, it's papa. Stand down", and the hellhound leaves, whimpering. Crowley says a snarky, "you're welcome", and Dean hangs up.
  • Dean calls Crowley back while driving to say they got the blade. Crowley tells them where he is and the plan to draw her out and skewer her. Dean says they're on the way, but Crowley tells him to hang on a sec, and uses the brothers' code word Poughkeepsie twice... cluing Dean in on the trap awaiting them.

9.22 Stairway to Heaven

  • Dean goes into Sam's room and plays music at top volume from his phone to wake Sam.
  • After securing Tessa in the Impala, Dean calls Sam. He first asks how Castiel is, then tells Sam to say hi to his old friend. Sam becomes concerned and asks what's going on. Dean replies, "You first" and the scene cuts.

Season Ten

10.01 Black

  • Dean is driving when his phone rings. Caller ID says it's Sam, but the voice on the other end isn't Sam's. Dean quickly figures out Sam is being held hostage and he asks if he's dead. Cole tells him, "not yet, and not if you go where I tell you". Dean doubts Sam is alive, but Cole holds out the phone and tells him to speak. When Sam refuses, he punches him. Dean still refuses to do anything Cole asks. He tells him Sam's problems are his own, but he will find whoever is on the phone and kill him. Dean then hangs up on him.

10.06 Ask Jeeves

  • As Dean is talking to Phillip, he gets a text message from Sam. He looks at it as Phillip turns to leave. It says, "I just found Phillip. Dead."
  • The shifter attacks Dean and then runs. When Dean recovers, he gets his phone back out and calls Sam. He tells him it's not a ghost, it's a shapeshifter.

10.07 Girls, Girls, Girls

Dean's chats on a dating app on his phone in 10.07 Girls, Girls, Girls.
  • Sam and Dean are out to eat when Dean's phone vibrates. Sam comments that his phone has been, "...blowing up..." and snatches it to check out why. Seems Dean has signed up for a dating app. Sam heckles him about it, making fun of his screen name, IMPALA67 and pointing out that the girl seems a little too available. As they debate, Sam hands the phone back and the girl he was texting with, Shaylene, shows up.

10.10 The Hunter Games

  • After interrogating Metatron, Dean calls Crowley from the hallway. The conversation is short and Dean tells him they need to meet.
  • Sam and Dean are talking in the Bunker, when they are interrupted by Dean's phone. His ring tone has returned to the old classic rock tune. It's Claire calling and she tells Dean, maybe she was wrong. Castiel seems to trust them, so maybe she should. Dean asks where she wants to meet.

10.11 There's No Place Like Home

  • When Sam finds a video of Charlie attacking someone in the news, Dean pulls out his phone and tries to call her. It rings a few times and Dean hangs up without getting voicemail.
  • We don't see Dean, but we know he calls Sam after Evil Charlie kills Russell Wellington. He lets Sam and Charlie know what's happened and then asks if they made any progress on getting back to Oz. Sam explains they are on their way to see the retired Man of Letters who had found the key originally. Sam says he will text the address and Dean agrees to meet them. They hang up.
  • When Dark Charlie steals the Impala, Dean calls Sam as he searches for a car to steal. He tells him she's taken the car, but she's going to the wrong town, because he lied to her. Dean says he'll be there as soon as he can jack a ride. Sam thanks him for the heads-up and they hang up.

10.12 About a Boy

  • Dean is at the bar where JP was killed, drinking with a woman named Tina, when Sam calls. He asks Sam how the case is going for him. Sam replies it's not great and fills him in on how bad JP was. Dean tells Sam maybe they should call it a night when he sees a strange man follow Tina out of the bar. He tells Sam he thinks he has something and hangs up.

10.13 Halt & Catch Fire

  • Dean and Delilah Marian are talking in her dorm room when Sam calls. He tells Dean Andrew Silver's ghost is traveling through WiFi. Sam tells him to disconnect all the routers at the college, but they know that's unrealistic. Sam tells him to stay safe and that he has an idea. They hang up.
  • When Andrew attacks Dean and Delilah, he takes out his cell phone and smashes it to stop the ghost.

10.14 The Executioner's Song

  • We don't see or hear Dean, but we do see Castiel's phone and know he calls him after viewing the prison security footage, because the caller ID says Dean calling.
  • As Sam and Dean have a meal in the Impala, Castiel calls Dean back. Dean puts him on speakerphone and asks where he is, to which Castiel replies, "Illinois." Sam tells him they have a lead, but is told the guy is dead. Dean asks where exactly Castiel is so they can come help, but he just tells them he will call them back and hangs up.
  • After Dean decides he's going after Cain, he calls Crowley to obtain the First Blade. Crowley answers with his usual snark. Dean informs him that Cain is back and coming for him. He wants Crowley in on his plan to kill Cain. Crowley is goes silent, so Dean asks, "Are you in?" Crowley says, "Yeah." And they hang up.

10.15 The Things They Carried

  • Dean calls Sam from the cabin and tells him the electrocution didn't work. Sam says he's on his way to Kit Verson's place and Dean tells him to hurry. They hang up.
  • Dean's in the kitchen at the cabin when Sam calls. Sam hears Cole coughing and realizes Dean is trying to dehydrate the parasite. Sam suggests the inevitable is killing them, but Dean asks him to hold out. Then he asks how the wife is doing and Sam says she's barely holding on. Sam asks after Cole and Dean replies he's going strong. Sam again reminds Dean that Kit will eventually wake up, but Dean holds to his plan, tells him to wait, and hangs up.
  • Later, Dean tries to call Sam again, but the line just rings out and Dean is attacked by Cole. He drops the phone.
  • After Cole pukes up the parasite, Dean picks his phone back up and calls Sam. He tells him they were successful and to bring Kit, but Sam wasn't so lucky and tells Dean, "It's too late."

10.17 Inside Man

  • While Dean sets up pranks in Sam's room at the Bunker, he talks to another hunter named Rudy. He asks if he needs any help with the Kitsune, but Rudy declines. Then it appears Rudy asks Dean how he's been, and when Dean says he's fine, he realizes he's not.
  • Dean heads to a local bar. Upon sitting down, he takes out his phone and debates calling Sam. He decides not to do it and puts his phone away instead.

10.18 Book of the Damned

Dean's phone is destroyed during a fight in 10.18 Book of the Damned.
  • After Dean fights Jacob Styne at the Gas n' Sip, he takes out his phone, probably to call and warn Sam and Charlie. Unfortunately, it was damaged in the fight and the screen is cracked and scrambled.

10.20 Angel Heart

  • After learning they're hunting a Grigori, Dean first tries to call Sam, then Castiel. When neither answer, he takes Claire and heads out to help them.

10.22 The Prisoner

  • Dean is walking back to his car, on the phone with another hunter named Rudy. He asks about information on a license plate he had Rudy look up for him. He gets Eldon Styne's name and the city of Shreveport, Louisiana. He thanks Rudy and hangs up.

10.23 Brother's Keeper

  • Dean wakes up on the floor of his motel room, looking hung over. Nearby, his phone goes off. When he gets up and looks at it, he has 12 missed messages from Sam.
  • After speaking to Death and formulating a plan, Dean calls Sam to say goodbye. They discuss what happened with Rudy. Sam tries to convince him there is still hope, but Dean says he's done. He tells Sam to grab a pen, because it's time to say goodbye.

Season Eleven

11.01 Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire

  • Just as Dean is about to attack the Rabids outside, his phone rings. It's Castiel and Dean immediately asks him where he is, to which Castiel replies he's okay. He tells Dean he can't help him with what he has. He demands Dean tell Sam that Rowena escaped with the Book of the Damned and the Codex. Dean asks him where he is again instead. Ignoring him, Castiel ask Dean if the Mark of Cain is gone. Dean tries to start an argument, but Castiel interrupts and asks again. Dean states yes, but he's not great, then puts Castiel on speakerphone. Dean says, "Okay, your turn. Talk to us about The Darkness." When Castiel asks why, Sam tells him it's free and Dean saw her. Castiel doesn't believe him, but then seems intrigued that the Darkness is a woman. Dean says he'd hoped Castiel could tell them how screwed they are, but Castiel doesn't reply. Dean calls his name, but Castiel just tells them goodbye. He says it may be some time before they see one another again. Dean calls out to him again, but Castiel hangs up on them.
  • Stopping at a gas station with Deputy Jenna Nickerson, Dean calls Sam as she leaves to change the baby. Sam answers by asking if Dean's good. Dean says he's about 40 miles out of town and the event seems to be isolated, then asks if aSam is okay. Sam tells him like it or not, he will find a cure. Dean says he's happy they got at least one win, and Sam halfheartedly agrees. Dean tells him his plan to drop off Jenna and the baby, then clean up the town and kick The Darkness' ass. Knowing he's sick, Sam just says, "Yeah, sounds like a plan." Dean hangs up.

11.02 Form and Void

  • Dean is driving back to Sam when he tries to call Castiel. The line rings and rings and, annoyed, Dean groans, "Come on, Cas."
  • Later, while Dean is still driving back to Sam, Jenna calls. Dean answers the phone, "Ghostbusters." Once Jenna tells him what's wrong, he slams on the brakes and turns around.
  • On his way back to Jenna, he calls Sam to let him know he's going. After filling Sam in, he tries to check in with Sam, but Sam tells him not to worry about him, he's going okay on his own.

11.03 The Bad Seed

  • At the Bunker, after Sam says they'll need Rowena to cure Castiel, Dean tries to call Crowley. When Crowley doesn't answer, Dean grumbles and hangs up.
  • When Sam finds the article about the killing at Cafe Elta and sees witches may have been there, Dean picks up his phone and calls the police force there without even replying to Sam.

11.04 Baby

Dean's phone on the Impala's dash in 11.04 Baby.
  • Dean is checking out a crime scene and we can see his phone on the Impala's dashboard. It's Castiel calling. When Dean answers and asks how he is, he says he's mostly confused. He "Doesn't understand how orange correlates with black in a way that is new." Dean tells him to step away from the Netflix and then asks if he got any information on what they might be hunting. Castiel tells him he found a creature that feeds on hearts and blood. Dean jokes that it's a werepyre and Castiel just ignores him. He explains that in lore it's referred to as a Whisper and silver will kill it, but he should decapitate it just to be sure. Dean tells Castiel he's at the crime scene and says it was staged. As he asks Castiel for more information about Whispers, Deputy Donelly pulls up, so he tells Castiel to hang on and throws the phone onto the dash of the car. Castiel appears to not hear him and continues to go over the lore about Whispers. He realizes this is not what Dean is hunting, because it's not a solar eclipse. Then, he hears a thump and calls out to Dean. When he hears gunshots, he starts to panic. Dean finally gets back in the car and jokes he did kill the deputy. When he assures Castiel he killed him with silver bullets, Castiel explains it's not a Whisper. Dean tells him to hang on again and this time Castiel hears, but calls out to him anyway. When Dean returns, Castiel reiterates that it's not a Whisper. Dean says he's starting to get that, since the deputy won't die. He puts Castiel on hold again, then sends him pictures of its fangs and asks him to look into it. Castiel replies, "I'm on it!" and they hang up.
  • After hanging up with Castiel, Dean sees the missed call and text from Sam and calls him back. Sam tells him he got jumped, but when Dean asks if he's okay, he says he thinks so, for now, and that they're dealing with a pack. Dean explains the deputy was one too and he's in two pieces, still alive. The he asks where Sam is now. Sam says after Lily Markham was knocked out, he carried her to a house near by. He tells Dean he will text him the address, so Dean says to sit tight and he's on his way. They hang up.
  • After he picks up Sam and Lily, Dean gets a call from Castiel while driving. Dean puts him on speakerphone. Castiel says they're hunting a Nachzehrer, a ghoul- and vampire-like creature. Dean immediately dubs it a ghoulpyre, to no one's amusement. Castiel explains a bit about them and, when Dean asks, how to kill them. He says since they are already dead, they need to be reminded that they are dead and they need a Charon's obol. Sam equates it to Ancient Greek stories of the river Styx for Dean. Castiel agrees: place a coin in a Nachzeher's mouth, then sever the head, and it will kill them. He continues to say if you kill the alpha, everyone they've turned will turn back to normal. The Men of Letters documents state it must be a copper coin, and Sam interjects again, stating it must be a pre-1982 penny in order to be copper and not copper-plated. Dean heckles Sam for being a nerd, then thanks Castiel. They tell him to get better and hang up.
  • When Dean comes to, the Nachzeher holds up Dean's phone and explains he used it to text Sam, sending him into a trap so the pack can turn him.

11.05 Thin Lizzie

  • After speaking to Len Fletcher, Dean calls Sam to tell him that Amara is in town, now looks twelve, and possibly sucked out Len's soul.

11.06 Our Little World

  • When Sam suggests that Castiel is their best bet at finding Amara, Dean protests, but then calls him. Dean asks how he is, and Castiel replies he's fine. Then Dean asks how the search for Metatron is going. Castiel says there has been nothing on Angel Radio. Dean becomes worried about Castiel's television-watching habit, asking when he last left the Bunker. Castiel responds by saying, "Why would I leave? I've got everything I need right here." Dean heckles him for watching Jenny Jones. Dean warns him against watching too much TV and hangs up.

11.07 Plush

  • The boys are at the Bunker when Dean gets a call from Donna with a possible case.
  • We don't see Dean, but we know he calls Donna just before Mike, who's possessed by the bunny mask, attacks her, because she says, "Hiya Dean!"
  • As Dean is leaving the widow's house, he's on the phone with Sam, who's telling him about the killer clown at the hospital. Dean fills him in on the information he learned about Chester Johnson and accusations of inappropriate behavior with kids. Sam suggests maybe he didn't commit suicide.

11.08 Just My Imagination

  • After capturing Dean, Reese uses his phone to text Sam and lure Sully into her trap. She writes, I found her and sends the address, 1534 George St. The text also says to bring Sully. Sam texts back, On our way.

11.09 O Brother Where Art Thou?

  • Outside the church, Dean calls Sam with an update. First, he apologizes for sticking him with witch duty, but Sam says the stuff they are looking for is definitely in the book. Sam asks if he found anything at the church. Dean tells him he just got there, but the cops said they were talking to some mystery woman who was not killed. Sam immediately realizes it was Amara. Dean asks if Sam is sure about the plan. Sam says, "No. Not even a little. But what choice do we have, you know?" Dean puts it on the record that he hates the plan and tells Sam not to do anything till he gets back. Sam replies, "Right now it’s just research, but, you got it, nothing without you". They hang up.
  • Dean is at a park when Sam calls. He pulls out his phone and looks at the caller ID. Just then, Amara appears and he ignores the call, instead mesmerized by her.

11.10 The Devil in the Details

  • Dean is driving to the site of the Angel smiting and tries to call Sam. The call goes to voicemail and he leaves an abrupt message just saying, "Call me, now!"
  • When he can't get through to Sam, Dean immediately tries Crowley. Unfortunately, he doesn't answer and the call goes to voicemail as well. Dean hangs up without leaving a message.
  • Dean arrives at the Bunker and calls out for Sam. There's no answer, but his phone rings. The caller ID says 666. Dean answers with, "You son of a bitch." Snarky as usual, Crowley replies, "Missed you too puddin'." Dean asks where Sam is and Crowley replies he's in Hell with Lucifer. The scene cuts.
  • As Dean arrives at the place Crowley sent him to enter Hell, he tries to call Castiel. Again, he gets voicemail. He leaves a message saying he needs him at Third and Pine, Kenesaw, Nebraska, because he's going to Hell.

11.11 Into the Mystic

  • Dean is at the Bunker with Castiel when Sam calls. He tells Dean to look up Eileen Leahy's grandfather, Edward Durban II, in the Men of Letters records. Dean confirms the information for Sam, then Sam tells Dean the plan to trap the Banshee. They discuss their discomfort about using Mildred Baker as bait, but Dean cuts Sam off, says he's on his way, and hangs up.

11.12 Don't You Forget About Me

  • Dean is in the Bunker showing Sam his glorious sandwich when his phone rings. It's Claire. He tells her, "Hey, long time, your Caddyshack review is way overdue." We don't hear what Claire says, but Dean replies, "Yeah, you got it, we're there."
  • As Sam and Dean leave the house where the janitor [Richard Beesome]] sent them, Jody calls Dean. She starts to tell him he needs to do something, but she's attacked and Dean can't make out what she meant. He calls out to her, but he can hear the attack happening and hangs up to drive there.
  • Upon reaching Jody's place and finding everyone missing, Dean's phone rings again. It's the local police, asking if he's seen Jody. He says he hasn't, but he's happy to pass on information. He finds out they identified the custodian -- he's been missing three years and his family was found with their throats ripped out. Dean hangs up.
  • When Dean gets to the meeting place to pick up Alex and sees she's not there, he tries to call her. He hears her phone ringing and finds it nearby on the ground.
  • After finding Alex's phone, Dean calls Sam. He tells him Alex is gone and Sam fills him in that there is an old building that used to be a pool that's closed down. He says this must be where they've been taken. They agree to meet there and hang up.

11.14 The Vessel

The crew on the USS Bluefin don't believe Dean has a phone in his pocket in 11.14 The Vessel.
  • We don't see or hear Dean, but we know he calls Castiel, because when Lucifer answers Castiel's phone he says, "Hello Dean."
  • When Dean is searched on the submarine, his phone is found in his pocket. A crewman takes it out and holds it up. The crew look at it astonished and don't believe that a phone could be in his pocket. Delphine Seydoux takes it and inspects it.

11.16 Safe House

  • After Naoki Himura is attacked and hospitalized, we see Dean peering through her window at her hospital bed. He's on the phone with someone. He confirms what they're saying to him with a couple yeahs, then thanks them and hangs up as Sam arrives.
  • We never see Dean's side of this call, but we know he calls Bobby in the past, because we see Bobby answer in the car. Dean gives him a mouthful for missing three calls and then tells him to get to Reno, because he has a lead on Lilith. Bobby doesn't get a chance to respond before Dean hangs up.

11.17 Red Meat

  • While walking to the car, Dean checks his phone for reception. We hear some beeps, but he tells Sam he doesn't have any signal yet.
  • After leaving the second cabin, at daybreak, Dean checks his phone for reception again. It beeps as if there is no signal again and he puts it away.
  • As Dean leaves the hospital, his phone rings. He's very relieved to hear Sam and asks what happened. Sam doesn't answer, instead asking where Dean is and Dean says the urgent care on fifty-four. Just then Sam loses reception and the line breaks up. They call out to each other, but it's no use. Dean hangs up.

11.18 Hell's Angel

  • Dean is at the Bunker talking to Crowley on the phone. Crowley tells Dean he has the solution to their collective problem. When Dean shows doubts that he even escaped Lucifer and questions his motives, Crowley retorts that Lucifer wouldn't make him call to discuss his own destruction. They discuss the search for a Hand of God and Crowley gives Dean an address as a reply, then hangs up.

11.19 The Chitters

  • After interviewing the girl who saw Coach Hollister attack a couple under a bridge, Dean's phone rings in the hallway. He answers with his FBI alias, and by his reaction, Cori is urgently trying to tell him something. He confirms her information and says he's on his way. He tells Sam that Cori saw her friend walk out of the woods and they split up.

11.20 Don't Call Me Shurley

  • In the police station after the fog rolls in, Sam holds his phone up to show it has no signal, so Dean pulls his phone from his pocket to check, too; he also has no signal.

11.23 Alpha and Omega

  • While driving with Castiel, Dean's phone rings. It's Sam. We don't see or hear him, but Dean answers with, "Yo." Then he says, "We're on our way," and tells Castiel that Sam has a plan.

Season Twelve

12.01 Keep Calm and Carry On

  • Dean has been transported by Amara to a wooded location. As he's standing there, we can see he is holding his cell phone. When he sees his mom, he puts it away in his pocket.

12.02 Mamma Mia

  • Dean calls Castiel from the Bunker to see if he has any leads on Sam. When Castiel answers, he tells him he didn't find any clues on the surveillance cameras. When Dean asks if Castiel has found anything with the locals, he says it's pretty rural where he is and after checking motels and abandoned buildings, he hasn't found Sam. Dean tells him to check real estate records for any recent purchases. Castiel says he will in the morning and goes to hang up, but Dean stops him. Dean tells him it's been awkward with his mother, her having missed so much time, and he doesn't want to overwhelm her. Castiel simply tells him not to make things needlessly complicated and says he'll call him later and hangs up.
  • Dean is researching with Mary in the Bunker when Castiel calls to tell him he thinks he found Sam's location. He tells Dean he's at a farm that appears empty which was rented two weeks ago to a woman with an English accent. When Dean asks if he's looked inside, Castiel explains he didn't because it's powerfully warded. Dean tells him, "Powerfully warded? Okay, see buddy that was your headline, right there", which confuses Castiel. He asks if Dean is still talking about the same topic. Dean ignores him and asks where he is instead. Castiel tells him he will text the address and they hang up.

12.03 The Foundry

Mary's not sure what to do with Dean's phone in 12.03 The Foundry.
  • After Mary has a vision and the boys tell her to stay at the motel while they go out to salt and burn, Dean gives her his cell phone. She puts it down and uses the room phone to make a call, most likely because she is still uncomfortable using a smart phone.
  • When Mary is in the basement of the Chamberlain house with Lucas' ghost, Dean's phone rings in her pocket. She pulls it out and answers. Sam is calling her on speakerphone in distress. He asks where she is and when she replies the Chamberlain house, Dean says they salted and burned all the remains. Mary tells them it didn't work, so Dean tells her to get out of the house and wait for them. The line starts to break up and crackle. They all call out to each other, but the call drops.

12.04 American Nightmare

  • After speaking to the priest, Dean says he'll, "make the call". Next we see him outside, leaning on the Impala talking to Castiel. We don't see or hear Castiel during this call. Castiel tells him something and Dean replies that it's weird, really weird. He thanks Castiel for the heads-up on something else and hangs up. Then he texts his mother, "Hi mom, just checking in. Is MOM still okay, or is it weird? Should I call you Mary?" He anxiously awaits a reply, but when Sam returns, he quickly puts his phone away. He tells Sam that Castiel told him Lucifer is inhabiting Vince Vincente.
  • After the delivery boy dies and Sam and Dean go to the crime scene, Dean calls Beth Roberts from the car. He puts her on speakerphone and they ask her about the Peterson family. She tells them they are "weird" and "off the charts religious". She explains that their oldest daughter died from pneumonia because the family wouldn't seek medical help, saying instead it would be God's will. Sam thanks her for her help and Dean hangs up. They agree to investigate the family.
  • When Dean finds out Beth hates her new job and probably isn't the cause of the deaths, he calls Sam from the Child Protective Services office. Dean tells Sam he was right, Beth isn't a witch. Sam answers by telling him that Magda Peterson is alive. A shotgun cocks and Sam stops talking. Dean calls out to him, but Sam tries to talk down Elijah Peterson instead. Presumably Dean hears him, but when Sam is knocked out by Abraham Peterson, Dean calls to him again. When he gets no response, Dean hangs up and gets in the Impala.
  • After wrapping things up, Dean's phone chimes as he and Sam are getting back in the car. He has two new texts from Mary. "Hey Dean, phone died, didn't have a charger. Things are good," and "I'll always be MOM. Tell Sam I love you boys." Dean puts his phone away. As he gets in the car Sam asks, "What?" but Dean says, "Nothing" and doesn't pass on the message from Mary.

12.05 The One You've Been Waiting For

  • Sam and Dean are in a diner with Dean's phone on the table. They have Aaron Bass, who is in Berlin, Germany, on speakerphone discussing the Thule Society. They discuss his work on the ledger and ask if he's seen any Thule activity in his neck of the woods. He explains they are jumpy and there is talk about Das Blut or, "The Blood". Dean asks him about the pocket watch, but Aaron doesn't know anything about it. Sam's laptop pops up a notification from the police scanner about a death and he says they have to go. Dean thanks Aaron and they hang up.

12.07 Rock Never Dies

  • Dean is in the Bunker on his phone playing a Scrabble-type word game against his mother, Mary. He plays "Twerking" for 57 points. Mary tells him through the game's chat feature that that can't be a word, but Dean tells her to check the dictionary. Just then, Sam enters the room and tells him off for slacking while he's been researching. When he subsequently finds out Dean is playing their mom, he tells him off, saying she won't know how to play. However, Dean turns his phone and shows him she just played "Squelch" for 98 points. As he goes to take his turn, his phone rings; the caller ID says "Cass". After some small talk, inquiring how he's going working with Crowley, they ask if there is any news on Lucifer. Castiel replies that there is and tells them to look at the news. They watch, then Castiel explains he can't confirm if Lucifer is still in Vince. Crowley takes the phone from Castiel and puts it on speakerphone on the bar top, so he can talk to Sam and Dean. Crowley explains that a comeback for Vince's band Ladyheart seems extremely unlikely, so it must be Lucifer. He tells them he'll be in Los Angeles and hangs up on them.

12.10 Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets

  • After speaking to Lily Sunder in the hallway of her hotel, Dean tells Sam he's going to call Castiel. He tries, but it only rings twice before Deans says, "Yeah, he's not answering" and hangs up.

12.11 Regarding Dean

  • After waking up in the woods, Dean pulls out his cellphone to try to make a call, only to find it's been damaged beyond repair.
  • Later, at Waldo's, after Sam meets up with him, Dean pulls out his busted phone and shows it to Sam to explain why Sam couldn't call him.

12.13 Family Feud

  • When they realize the shipwreck is the same ship Crowley's son Gavin was supposed to be on, Dean calls Crowley. When Crowley answers, Dean tells him he needs a favor, but Crowley calls them morons and tells them off for letting Lucifer's child live. Sam says it must be a bad time to ask to talk to Gavin to which Crowley replies, "Are you out of your minds?" Dean tells Crowley off about letting Gavin live and states their not coming after him was a favor, but Crowley refuses to help them until they fix the mess with Lucifer. Crowley hangs up on Dean.

12.15 Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell

  • When Sam and Dean arrive on the site of a new case, both are on their phones as they get out of the car. After they hang up, they both have news to share. Dean tells Sam to go first. Sam explains their mom just finished a case from the British Men of Letters. When Sam asks, "What about you?" Dean explains that Castiel called to tell him someone is killing Angels again.
  • After the Hellhound attacks Gwen Hernandez again and she claims she hasn't sold her soul, Dean calls Crowley about the problem. Dean puts him on speakerphone and they argue about how Crowley lost his son Gavin, because he went back to his own time. Crowley tries to hang up, but Dean tells him Hellhounds are the problem. Crowley confronts his cronies about it, but they explain one escaped. Dean wanders the room, making gestures that suggests he's annoyed to be on hold. Crowley tells his cronies to have the kennel guards killed, then teleports to Sam and Dean while still on the phone.
  • After finishing the Hellhound case, Sam and Dean are on speakerphone with Castiel, using Dean's phone. Castiel is telling them that he has a lead on Kelly Kline, that she's with Dagon. Castiel admits he's not sure where they've gone, so Dean says he'll spread word of her last-known location and asks Castiel to call them with any news. They hang up.

12.16 Ladies Drink Free

  • Dean calls Claire after obtaining her fake business card. We don't see him make the call, but he tries to play a prank on her, pretending to be a member of the public calling about a bear, which just turns into a Yogi bear dad joke. Claire immediately knows its him and says, "Hi Dean." We don't hear any further conversation, but she's at the lodge in the next scene, so it can be assumed he tells her to come meet them.

12.17 The British Invasion

  • Dean is pacing the library in the Bunker trying to contact Castiel. He looks exasperated as he gets Castiel's voicemail. He says he's called three times and asks Castiel to call him back, because they need help with their lead on Dagon.

12.18 The Memory Remains

  • Dean is walking down the hall of the Bunker, trying to call Castiel again. He has his voicemail and leaves him a message telling him they have a line on Dagon and that they need backup as they, "got their asses handed to them", even with The Colt.

12.20 Twigs & Twine & Tasha Banes

  • After they get a call from Alicia Banes on one of Mary's cellphones, Dean tries to call his mother. He gets her voicemail and tells her that he and Sam will be heading out to help her and her brother. He also tells her he'll send a text with the information and her help would be great, but even if she can't to please call him back anyway.
  • Later, at the bed and breakfast, when Sam returns with food he nods for Dean to leave the room with him. As Dean gets up, we see he leaves his phone on the table next to the couch.
  • Later on, Mary attempts to call Dean and we see his phone still on the table by the couch as it receives a new voicemail from her.
  • After the events at the bed and breakfast, Dean checks his voicemail while driving the Impala home. He tries to wake Sam and tell him something is wrong according to Mary's final voicemail.

12.21 There's Something About Mary

  • After Sam and Dean check the motel where Mary is supposed to be staying, Dean calls Ketch to see if he can get ahold of her through him. They have a short and crude conversation, but Dean fails to get any information. Ketch claims he hadn't seen her for a week, but according to the message left by Mary before, Dean knows he's lying.

Season Thirteen

13.01 Lost and Found

  • Dean declines going into Pirate Pete's Jolly Eats to look for Jack. Instead he pulls out his phone and tells Sam he will try to call Jody. Shortly after, we see him in the Impala hanging up after Jody doesn't answer her phone.

13.02 The Rising Son

  • Dean is sitting in a bar alone. He has his phone out and appears to be looking at the internet, playing a game or possibly writing a text. He chats with the bartender, then declines another drink, pays, and walks out, carrying his phone.

13.04 The Big Empty

  • We see Dean's phone on a table at the therapist Mia Vallen's office. The caller ID says Sam. He walks into scene and answers it, asking Sam, "What's up?" Sam informs him that he was too late, Driscoll is dead and the shifter, gone. Dean tells him to come back to the therapist's office and they hang up. After hanging up, Dean says, "Well, that was too easy." The scene pans down and we see the real Dean, unconscious on the floor.

13.05 Advanced Thanatology

  • Dean is driving back to the Bunker with Sam asleep in the passenger seat beside him when his phone rings. As he pulls it out, the ringing wakes Sam. Dean answers without looking at caller ID with a "Yeah?" He says nothing further, only looks at Sam incredulously.

13.07 War of the Worlds

  • Dean is at the Bunker with Sam and a shackled Ketch. He calls Castiel and asks if he has any news on Jack. Before Castiel can give a clear answer, Lucifer has come close to him so he switches gears, telling Dean, "Yes I would like to see you too, the sooner the better", possibly as a code to let Dean know something's wrong. The line disconnects as Lucifer hangs up Castiel's phone.
  • Dean and Sam are driving home to the Bunker. Dean is on the phone with Castiel. He immediately asks if Castiel is okay, and informs him that they ran into a bunch of Demons. We hear Castiel tell Dean he's fine, but when the scene cuts, we see it's actually Asmodeus mimicking Castiel's voice. He tells Dean he's following an interesting lead and will fill him in when he knows more. He hangs up on Dean.

13.08 The Scorpion and the Frog

  • Dean is in the Bunker kitchen cleaning guns when his phone rings. He answers with a "Yeah?" The voice on the other end simply replies with Dean's full name. Dean then asks "Who's this?", and the voice tells Dean he has something he'll want. Dean puts the call on speaker and, being a smart ass, tells him they're happy with their cable provider. The voice then brings up their missing nephilim, saying that the word on the street is he's gone rogue. When Dean asks, "What street", the voice replies, "Hell Street," prompting Sam to mouth Demon to Dean. The voice tells them he has a way for them to find Jack and gives them a time and place to meet before hanging up.

13.09 The Bad Place

  • Dean walks into the war room of the Bunker already on his phone. He is leaving a message for Patience. He tells her he and Sam are looking for someone and hopes she can help. He asks her to call him back and hangs up. A moment later his phone rings. It's Jody Mills. She fills them in on a lead regarding a local artist who died with his eyes burned out. Since it sounds like an Angel kill and a girl gave a description of Jack, they decide to check it out.

Season Fifteen

15.03 The Rupture

  • Posing as Arthur Ketch, Ardat texts Dean and tricks him into revealing the Winchesters' plans.

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