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Dean's Hair over the seasons by verkoka.

While Sam's Hair has been discussed a great deal over the course of the show, not much attention has been paid to Dean's do. Still, it has varied subtly over the seasons. Most notably, when Dean is living with Lisa at the beginning of Season Six, Dean's hair is a bit longer and is worn flattened down and with a part. His hair is also worn gelled down and with a part when he is Dean Smith.

The color of Dean's hair does provoke much discussion – blonde, dirty blonde, brown with blonde highlights or something else? This vexed question resulted in an appearance on Fandom Wank under "People who call him blond creep me out" in July 2010.

From Dad to Dean – 2013

Jensen has a habit of growing out his hair and beard between seasons. When filming for Season 9 commenced on July 11th 2013, and director Guy Bee posted a video of Jensen's transformation from his usual hiatus-grown beard to Dean.

During Season 9 and Dean's estrangement from Sam in the middle of the season, Dean's five o'çlock shadow grew longer into what fans budded the "Break-up Scruff" and the "Beard of Feels".

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Dean's hair in Season One.
Dean's hair at the beginning of Season 2, longer in the front.
Dean's hair at the end of Season 2, longer in the back and shorter in the front.
Dean's hair in Season 3, shorter in the back.
Dean's hair in Season 4, again longer in the back.
Dean Smith's hair gelled down and parted in Season 4.
Dean's hair in Season 5, worn a little longer than he wears it in Season 4.
Dean's hair at the beginning of Season 6, long and parted.
Dean's hair at the end of Season 7, kept very short in the front.
Season 8: Purgatory hair, long and sweaty.
Season 8: Early, still longer.
Season 8: Later, found a barber.
Season 8: Handmaiden of Moondoor.
Season 9
Season 9: pretty uniformly short...
Season 9: ...except when he's scruffy.
Season 10: Demon Dean
Season 10: Less demony.
Season 10
Season 11: Pretty short early season
Season 11
Season 11: A little longer on top close to the end
Season 12: Longer all around
Season 12: Fluffy, even!
Season 12: Unless it's slicked back Rockstar Style
Season 13: Starts out short in the back, longer on top...
Season 13: ...all through the season, except...
Season 13: ...when he's Scooby-fied!
Season 14: Michael. Longer, slicked back, hard part.
Season 14: As soon as Michael's gone, Dean ruffles his hair.
Season 14: Longer all around by season end.

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