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Name Del
Actor James Immekus
Dates  ???? – 2013 (killed by Linda Tran)
Location Wichita, Kansas
Occupation Demon
Episode(s) 9.14 Captives


Del was a young disgruntled demon put in charge of taking care of and protecting prisoners captured by Crowley in a Castle Storage facility in Wichita, Kansas. Del was placed at Castle Storage by Crowley, who told him to look at his new position as a sort of internship.


9.14 Captives

While searching for Linda Tran, Sam and Dean wind up at a Castle Storage facility where they meet Del. Posing as FBI agents, the Winchesters request to see the rental records, which Del provides for them. When they come across the name "D. Webster," they realized that is probably Crowley, and Del offers to show them a unit he D. Webster is leasing on the other side of the facility.

Dean and Del enter another storage unit, while Sam investigates corridor Q, as Dean slowly walks through the unit. He realizes Del has lied to him, but before he can do anything, Del knocks him out. When Dean regains consciousness, he sees Del slicing the throat of the other Castle Storage employee, Barry, to make a goblet of blood. Del begins to tell Dean how he grew to be frustrated with his job, as his urges for torturing and murder were denied as the captives held there were worth more alive than dead. After Dean tells Del that Crowley has been hanging around with him, Del decides to quit. Del then holds a knife to Dean's throat, happy that he is finally able to kill again. Del raises the knife and goes to stab Dean in the heart but at that second, Sam raises the door and rushes for Del. Dean kicks him away and though Del attacks Sam, he easily overpowers him and knocks him out.

Restrained and on his knees, Del tells the Winchesters to kill him, they however tell him they are saving his death for someone else, someone much worse than Crowley. When Sam hands the demon-killing knife to Linda Tran, Del nervously tries to explain that he was only following orders to her, but is cut off when Linda drives the knife into his heart, killing him.