Deputy Framingham

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Name Deputy Walt Framingham
Actor Peter Bryant
Location Waterville, Maine
Occupation Deputy Sheriff
Episode(s) 5.03 Free to Be You and Me


Deputy Framingham is a deputy sheriff in Waterville, Maine. He personally observed an incident at a Pump 'n Go gas station, involving thirty to forty angels and demons in kill-or-be-killed combat, with the ensuing archangel intervention having caused damage to his right ear.


5.03 Free to Be You and Me

When Castiel learns that Deputy Framingham laid eyes on an archangel and survived, he and Dean pose as FBI agents to learn where the angel is. In his office, Deputy Farmingham described the scene as a riot involving thirty to forty people in a full scale riot. In the midst of the violence there was an explosion of pure white, which leveled the gas station and killed everyone but one man, Donnie Finnerman, telling Dean he can be found at St. Pete's Hospital.