Deputy Linus

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Name Deputy Linus
Actor Darcy Cadman
Location Rock Ridge, Colorado
Occupation Deputy Sheriff
Episode(s) 4.06 Yellow Fever


Deputy Linus is a deputy sheriff in Rock Ridge, Colorado.


4.06 Yellow Fever

Sam and Dean first meet Deputy Linus in Rock Ridge Sherriff's station in Colorado when they're investigating the death of Frank O'Brien, a healthy 44-year-old marathon runner who died of a heart attack after two days of intense fear and paranoia -- the third such death in town. He works under Sheriff Al Britton who he introduces to Sam and Dean who are posing as federal agents.

Later, Deputy Linus gives Sam and Dean the case file for the death of Luther Garland. Sam asks him a question about the case, but Linus tells him, "The guy died 20 years ago, before my time." Sam then asks to speak to Sheriff Britton, but Deputy Linus lies and tells him that Britton is out of the office. He then has a humorous interaction with Dean who calls him "awesome" to which he returns the compliment.