Dexter O'Connell

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Dexter oconnell.jpg
Name Dexter O'Connell
Actor Derek Gilroy
Dates  ???? – ???? (shot by Whitman Van Ness)
2012 (absorbed by Whitman Van Ness)
Location Bodega Bay, California
Occupation Ghost (Death Omen)
Episode(s) 7.19 Of Grave Importance


Dexter was an ex-convict, employed by Whitman Van Ness as a groundskeeper at the Van Ness House. He was suspected of killing a number of women who worked at the house when it was a brothel, and also Whitman's fiancée, although all the murders were committed by Whitman. He fled and later returned to try and stop Whitman, who shot him.


7.19 Of Grave Importance

Dexter O'Connell tried to warn people who entered the Van Ness House that Whitman will kill them. After Annie Hawkins is killed despite Dexter trying to stop Whitman, Whitman warns him against further interference. However, when two more teenagers enter the house and are killed, Dexter tries to intervene and Whitman attacks him, absorbing his soul.