Donnie Finnerman

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Name Donnie Finnerman
Actor Demore Barnes
Dates possessed September ?, 2009
Location When Raphael left his body he was sent to Saint Pete's Hospital
Occupation Mechanic
Episode(s) 5.03 Free To Be You And Me
  • Donnie is Raphael's Vessel
  • Before he assented to Raphael, he was a mechanic for the state of Maine

After an demon-angel conflict at a "Pump 'n Go", a local gas station in Maine, Donnie Finnerman becomes the vessel for Raphael. Dean and Castiel find him at St Pete's Hospital. They used an Enochian Water Cup Ritual to summon Raphael to his vessel, and then they trap him in a circle of fire made by Holy Oil. After his encounter with the archangel Raphael, he was left in pretty bad condition, which ultimately left him in a catatonic state.