Dr Erica Cartwright

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Dr. Cartwright.jpg
Name Dr. Erica Cartwright
Actor Michelle Harrison
Dates 2010
Location Glenwood Springs Psychiatric Hospital
Occupation Doctor/Hallucination
Episode(s) 5.11 Sam, Interrupted


Dr. Cartwright appeared to be a staff member of Glenwood Springs Psychiatric Hospital assigned to Dean as his psychiatrist. In her last scene, she is a hallucination of Dean's, brought on through the effects of the wraith; in her previous scenes, there is no way to tell whether she is real or imagined.


  • She may be a reference to the character Dr. Allison from Hellraiser: Hellseeker, who is a hallucination of the main character, Trevor (as created by Pinhead in the Hell that he is in). Ironically, the janitor who makes Trevor realize she is a hallucination is portrayed by Alec Willows, who appeared in Supernatural as the Rakshasa Barry Papazian.