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Powers and Abilities
  • Blade forged with the blood of a dragon
Appearance Humanoid with scales under the skin, retractable bat-like wings, serpent eyes and talons.
Episode(s) 6.12 Like a Virgin

We can joke about them because they've disappeared. But they aren't funny. At all.

Dr. Eleanor Visyak, 6.12 Like a Virgin


Dragons had not been seen for around 700 years until 2011, when three dragons came out of hiding on the orders of Eve to find a virgin to act as a vessel for her arrival from Purgatory. Prior to their reemergence, dragons were not believed to be real, and only thought of as a myth amongst hunters.


Attracted to gold, dragons traditionally live in caves, but in an urban environment will seek out a dark secluded place like a sewer. They can fly, have talons, scales and bat-like wings when in their true form. However, they manifest themselves as humans when in small spaces.

Dragon tears hold special properties that allow them to be used in spells such as the blood sigil, which allows for time travel.

Powers and abilities

  • Enhanced senses – A dragon was able to sense that a woman, Melissa, was not a virgin.
  • Enhanced speed – Dragons can move with incredible speed, allowing them to suddenly appear, especially when flying.
  • Flight – While in their true form, dragons have bat-like wings which they use to fly and capture prey.
  • Pyrokinesis – Dragons can generate heat that can reach temperatures high enough to "flambé" humans and even melt metal with their touch. When engaged in combat in their human form, the heat they generate seems to be their primary weapon.
  • Shapeshifting – Dragons can freely switch between appearing human and a more monstrous form.
  • Super strength – Dragons possess incredible physical strength. Dragons can easily overpower humans through sheer physical force.


  • Sword forged in dragon's blood – The only object known to be able to kill a dragon. Dr. Eleanor Visyak speculated that there are only "5 or 6" such blades in existence, with the sword of St. George, Excalibur and the Sword of Bruncvik being known.


6.12 Like a Virgin

A woman, Penny, and her boyfriend Stan are flying in a two seater plane on a stormy night. Penny believes she saw something large flyby, but Stan tells her it must have been a bird. Soon after Stan is ripped out of the cockpit, leaving only Penny who screams as she is taken.

While investigating Penny's disappearance, Sam and Dean are alerted to an attempted abduction, where the victim described her attacker as look like a "giant bat" that took her gold promise ring along with her friend. Putting together the information they have acquired Sam comes to the conclusion that they are dealing with dragons who are abducting young women (all virgins).

While Dean obtains the Sword of Bruncvik from Dr. Eleanor Visyak, as a means to stop the dragon. Sam and Bobby realize that the dragon is most likely lairing in a sewer miles from all the abductions. Finding the dragon's lair, upon entering, Sam and Dean first find a pile of gold, which Dean starts to take from, while Sam notices a leather-bound book on an altar. They then hear cries for help and they follow the voices until they find the missing women, who are being kept together in a cage.

Before they can free them, two dragons appear. In the ensuing fight, Dean is able to injury a dragon by cutting it with the Sword of Bruncvik. the dragon knocks the sword out of Dean's hand, and falls between the grates, as the dragon approaches Dean, his hand glowing brightly, Sam is able to distract him allowing to try and grab the sword, which is just out of reach. Before he can get it, Dean is grabbed by another dragon, while Sam kicks away the dragon he has been fighting and grabs the sword from between the grates, and is able to stab the dragon going after Dean as the other dragon escapes.

The escaped dragon meets up with another dragon who has also captured a half dozen virgin women. They take one and use an incantation to open a door to Purgatory. They throw the woman in, and she rises from the fire, giving form to Mother.

A dragon's scales appear as it is slayed by Sam Winchester.
A dragons eyes upon death.
Dragons offering a virgin sacrifice for Eve.

9.08 Rock and a Hard Place

After apparent virgins get taken in Hartford, South Dakota, Sam and Dean believe they are dealing with a dragon, but it turns out to be Vesta, the Roman goddess of the hearth.

The Winchesters

1.04 Masters of War

While trying to figure out what could have killed World War II veteran Thomas Pasternak, based on the news of the singe marks on his body. Mary Campbell suggests they might be dealing with a dragon, before disregarding the suggestion as dragons typically only go after virgins.

Dragons in Lore

Dragons are mythical creatures that usually take the form of a winged reptilian creature, often with the ability to breath fire. They appear in a variety of forms in cultures around the world. The dragon featured in Supernatural relates to European traditions, where the typical dragon protects a cavern or castle filled with gold and treasure. Tales often feature a great hero who tries to slay the dragon and often rescue a princess or maiden the dragon has captured (or who has been offered to the dragon as a sacrifice).

Some interpretations of these myths read them as symbolizing the battle of patriarchal religions to defeat the old Mother Goddess religions (represented by the dragon), with women reduced to powerless women that need to be rescued (Source).

It is believed that the Slavic deity, Veles, was the origin for the dragon myth in the Proto-Indo-European religion. In the Slavic tradition, the dragon, or zmaj, are seen as protectors and can appear as humans or beasts. The zmaj is a chosen person, capable of travelling to other dimensions in their dreams, and will turn into a dragon during a time of great catastrophe.


  • Ilia Volok & Lee Tichon portrayed two of the dragons.
  • Originally in 6.12 Like a Virgin a line of dialogue was to explain why dragons looked the way they did, instead of how they are depicted in mythology. According to writer Adam Glass, a dragon would have told Dean:

"Your army was defeated and your kingdom burned to the ground - who are you going to tell your king did it? Me a man, or a sixty foot, fire-breathing serpent snake from Hell?"[1]

Dragons in Fandom