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Name Dylan
Actor Brett Dier
Dates  ???? – 2010 (killed by a demon)
Location Blue Earth, Minnesota
Occupation Hunter
Episode(s) 5.17 99 Problems


Dylan was a resident of Blue Earth, Minnesota and the son of Rob & Jane. When the Apocalypse began, Dylan became a member of the Sacrament Lutheran Militia -- a militia the townspeople formed to fight the demon threat prophesized by the local pastor's daughter, Leah Gideon.


5.17 99 Problems

When Sam and Dean are fleeing from a mass demon attack, Paul, Rob, and Dylan turn up to rescue them.

Later, back in the town church, Pastor Gideon relays Leah's latest prophecy that there are demons congregating nearby and he asks for volunteers to join him in hunting them. Dylan's parents volunteer the three of them to go. During the fight, Dylan saves Dean from a demon that had snuck up on him.

After fighting off the demon horde, the group made their way back to their vehicles. As there was no space for Dylan in the militia's truck, he asked Sam and Dean for a ride back to town in the Impala. Dean agrees since Dylan had saved him twice already. When the other townspeople drive off, Dean offers Dylan a beer and tells him not to tell his mom. Just as Dylan takes a sip of his beer, a demon that had been hiding under the Impala pulls him under and slices his throat. Sam quickly kills the demon with the demon-killing knife as Dylan dies in Dean's arms.