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Name Eliah
Actor Dustin Schwartz
Dates Before humanity – 2013 (killed by Bartholomew)
Occupation Angel
Episode(s) 9.14 Captives


Eliah was a member of a faction of angels known as Penitents who lived humbly among the humans. Eliah was the last of the Penitents to be captured, tortured and finally killed by Bartholomew.


9.14 Captives

Castiel approaches Eliah at the funeral of Darlene Foster who had been the vessel of the angel Rebecca — leader of the Penitents. It is then that Castiel is told of the peaceful angel faction, and how they have all been killed by Bartholomew. Some time later, Eliah is captured by Bartholomew's followers and tortured for information regarding the location of any other Penitents, for which Eliah reveals to him that they are all dead and he is the last surviving member. Bartholomew than orders Castiel to kill him, but he refuses, forcing Bartholomew to deliver the killing blow to Eliah.